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video of gold coin packing machine

Gold Coin Packing Card Machine

Gold Coin Packing Card Machine Introduction of Gold Coin Packing Card Machine The gold coin packaging card machine is used for square, round and other shapes of coins card packaging such as gold, silver, copper and platinum. Blister card packaging can protect gold coins and nuggets during transportation, and can also print supplier and product …

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Upsetting Mill for Gold Coin

Upsetting Mill for Gold Coin Introduction of SuperbMelt Upsetting Mill for Gold Coin An upsetting mill for gold coin is a tool used in coins working to create a raised rim or edge on a flat coin. This technique is commonly used in  the production of gold coins, where the raised edge serves as a …

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application of automatic wax injector machine

Automatic Wax Injector Machine

Automatic Wax Injector Machine Introduction of Automatic Wax Injector Machine SuperbMelt automatic wax injector machine is for wax mold making of gold, silver, copper, platinum and other jewelry, various styles can be realized, such as bracelets with diamond holes, rings, smooth handicrafts, etc. Automatic wax injection machine adopts fully automatic intelligent identification technology, each film …

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coin die maker

Coin Stamping Die

Gold Coin Stamping Die Introduction of Coin Stamping Die As an experienced supplier of professional gold coin production solutions, SuperbMelt has designed and produced various coin stamping die for customers. Our coin die are used for stamping and cutting of gold, silver, copper and other coins, bars stamping, logo text embossing and various customized shapes, …

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Jewelry 3D Scanner Fully automatic scanning 360 angle

3D Scanner for Jewelry

Best 3D Scanner for Jewelry Introduction of SuperbMelt 3D Scanner for Jewelry SuperbMelt Jewelry 3D scanners  are used to scan existing jewelry styles, like pendants, bracelets, rings, etc. Precious metal products such as gold coins and bullion can also be scanned. In addition, this device is also often used in the reproduction of precision electronics, …

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Manual Reduction of jewelry stone setting machine

Wax Stone Setting Machine

Wax Stone Setting Machine Introduction of Wax Stone Setting Machine The above video is the introduction of SuperbMelt wax stone setting machine. This equipment is mainly used in the wax setting process in the jewelry manufacturing industry. It can complete diamond setting of different colors and sizes. Highly automated and intelligent technology completely replaces manual …

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XRF Analyzer for Jewelry

XRA1200 XRF Gold Analyzer

XRA1200 XRF Gold Analyzer More Details of XRA1200 XRF Gold Analyzer Superbmelt XRF analyzer for jewellery is used to analyze precious metal purity and authenticity. The best XRF analyzer can perform a quick and accurate analysis of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper. Superbmelt XRF analyzer for jewellery can be used …

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hollow bead making line

Hollow Bead Making Machine

Hollow Bead Making Machine More Detals of Hollow Bead Making Machine This video shows the production process of jewelry gold beads. We start with block metal. The first step is to pass through a rolling mill. After several rolling processes, they are rolled into thin slices until the thickness reaches the required thickness. Then enter …

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xrf precious metal analyzer

XRA3800 XRF Gold Analyzer

XRA3800 XRF Gold Analyzer More Details of XRA3800 XRF Gold Analyzer SuperbMelt XRF analyzer XRA3800 is a rapid and high accurate Gold Testing machine for Precious Metals Purity Testing. It could read over 70 metal element content including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, Copper, Zinc, and so on. It is popularly applied in the industry of …

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box chain machine machine

Box Chain Making Machine

Box Chain Making Machine More Detals of Box Chain Making Machine Superbmelt box chain making machine is designed for making box chains from thin precious metal sheets. Materials such as silver, stainless steel, gold, karat gold, platinum and so on are suitable for making jewellery chains. The jewellery chain making machine is able to make …

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Rope Chain Making Machine

Rope Chain Making Machine

Rope Chain Making Machine More Detals of Rope Chain Making Machine Superbmelt rope chain making machines can make the snail chains in gold, copper, karat gold, silver as well as copper. They are built rapidly as the rope chain making machine generally comes equipped with the additional motor being fixed with the main divider in …

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ball diamond cutting machine

Ball Diamond Cutting Machine

Ball Diamond Cutting Machine More Detals of Ball Diamond Cutting Machine SuperbMelt automatic ball diamond cutting machine cut materials through 360-degree rotation, giving special shiny shapes in a fully automatic system. Many models can be applied by changing the 8 axes of a cylindrical diamond knife-feed rate, or any model can be reselected in the …

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