3D Printer for Jewelry Wax Casting (50% Wax)

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SuperbMelt Castable 50% Wax Resin is a mixture of wax and photosensitive resin, which has similar properties and texture as wax. Due to its high wax content, this machine can be directly cast, and the effect is equivalent to that of wax. It can achieve 100% ashless combustion and is suitable for precision jewelry designs with high detail requirements.

It is more suitable for models with large and perfectly smooth surface jewelry and the printed products can be directly used for casting jewelry, gold, k gold, platinum, silver copper and other materials.

We also have a 3D Resin Printer for direct casting at a low price.

Wax Mold Making By Jewelry 3D Wax Printer

100% Lost Wax Casting

Burns cleanly and is residue-free for a smoother finished jewelry.

Jewelry 3D Wax Printer

Efficiency and Ease-of-Use

The SuperbMelt 3D jewelry printer has a simple machine structure, an integrated computer design, easy operation, one-click printing, and material replacement in less than 2 minutes.

Oxygen Supply System of Jewelry 3D Wax Printer

Fast Printing Speed

Equipped with an oxygen supply system, aerobic printing is 3 times faster than traditional printing.

Why SuperbMelt Jewelry Wax 3D Printer

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

    Any Question About SuperbMelt Jewelry Wax 3D Printer

    SuperbMelt Jewelry Wax 3D Printer Guide

    Chapter 1:

    SuperbMelt 3D Wax Printing Process

    The basic principle of DLP3D printing technology is that the digital light source projects layer by layer on the surface of the liquid castable wax material in the form of surface light, and the layers are cured and formed.

    When used with CAD and castable wax materials, it can help jewelers to print complex and delicate jewelry models faster than hand engraving.

    3D Model Design:

    The customer can design an ideal jewelry model through 3D modeling software, or tell the jewelry designer the idea, and the designer will design the model according to the customer’s idea, and finally generate a three-dimensional rendering, which can be modified until the style is confirmed.

    3D Printing Wax Model:

    Import the designed 3D digital model into the 3D printer, and the wax model can be printed quickly and accurately.

    Using 3D resin and wax as printing materials, it can be continuously exposed and formed in the resin liquid, and the printing speed is very fast. It can print dozens of wax patterns with smooth surfaces and high precision at one time. And then use for Lost wax casting.

    Chapter 2:

    Post-processing of 3D Wax Printer


    • Put the printed wax model into 95% denatured alcohol for cleaning.
    • Requires full coverage of the model when cleaning.
    • Clean it properly to avoid over-cleaning causing the size of the model to change.


    • After natural drying, put it into the curing oven to bake.
    • Check if it is completely dry and cured, the uncured part needs to be cleaned again.
    • If there is any uncured part, it needs to be cleaned with fresh alcohol and dried again.

    Part Removal:

    • Collect the remaining material and wash the platform and tank immediately.
    • Avoid direct contact of material with skin.
    • Store materials in a dark, dry place.
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