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SuperbMelt white wax 3D printer can achieve 100% ashless combustion, suitable for high-demand precision jewelry design, using Castable 50% Wax Resin is a mixture of wax and photosensitive resin, with similar performance and texture to wax. Due to the high wax content, this machine can be cast directly, and the effect is equivalent to that of wax.

It is more suitable for jewelry styles with large size and smooth and perfect surface. The printed products can be directly used for casting of jewelry, gold, karat gold, platinum, silver copper and other materials.

100% Lost Wax Casting

Burns cleanly and without residue for smoother, high-quality jewelry.

Efficiency and Ease-of-Use

SuperbMelt 3D jewelry printer has simple structure, integrated computer design, easy operation, one-key printing, and material replacement takes less than 2 minutes.

Printing Speed

Equipped with an oxygen supply system, aerobic printing is 3 times faster than traditional printing.

Best 3d Wax Printer For Jewelry

The 3D wax printer for jewelry from SuperbMelt is created to satisfy the expanding needs of the jewelry production sector. Our wax printer produces products of remarkable quality and accuracy using cutting-edge technology and precise engineering. Jewelry designers who want to easily produce intricate and sophisticated designs should choose the Castable 50% Wax Resin.

Our 3D wax printer is simple to operate thanks to its user-friendly software and intuitive user interface. It can create high-resolution wax models that can be utilized for casting right away, which will save you time and effort during the production process.

The 3D wax printer from SuperbMelt is also made to last, with a robust design that guarantees dependable performance for years to come. For jewelry producers looking to cut costs and increase production efficiency, it is a great investment.

Look no further than SuperbMelt if you’re seeking for the best 3D wax printer for jewelry. The ideal method for producing elaborate jewelry designs is to use our Castable 50% Wax Resin along with our cutting-edge 3D printer.

Why SuperbMelt Jewelry Wax 3D Printer

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

    Any Question About SuperbMelt Jewelry Wax 3D Printer

    Why You Could Choose Superbmelt

    2 years warranty

    The warranty for our machine is one year longer than the warranty provided by other factories.

    ISO CE SGS approved

    Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality.

    Strong service team

    We will give response within 24 hours against your problem by our professional engineer.

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    3D Resin Wax Printer Maintenance Tips


    To Clean

    Clean the printer after each use: Use a soft cloth or tissue to remove any excess resin from the resin tank, build plate, and other areas of the printer.

    3D printer resin tank

    3D Printer Resin Tank

    Change the resin tank regularly: Over time, the resin tank may develop scratches or other damage that can negatively affect print quality. Change the resin tank every few prints or whenever you notice any damage.

    3D Printer Base Plate

    3D Printer Base Plate

    Check and clean the build plate: Before each print, make sure the build plate is clean and free of any debris or residue. Use isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth to clean the build plate if necessary.

    FAQ about Wax 3D Printer​

    A unique kind of wax known as “investment casting wax” or “lost wax casting wax” with a castable 50% wax resin composition is typically utilized in 3D printing. This kind of wax is made specifically for casting jewelry, a procedure that entails creating molds from wax designs and then using the molds to pour molten metal into to create the finished metal portion. Investment casting waxes are designed to have a low melting point, excellent flexibility, and a good surface finish, which makes them perfect for producing complex and elaborate wax patterns for premium metal components and jewelry. A clean, exact mold cavity is left behind for casting the finished piece of jewelry or metal thanks to the ease with which investment casting wax can be readily melted and burned away from the mold.

    No, the materials used in wax and resin 3D printers are not interchangeable. To produce finished items, resin 3D printers use liquid photopolymer resins that are ultraviolet light cured. varied varieties of resin may need varied curing times and light intensities, and resins are particularly made to match the printer’s light source and curing procedure. Additionally, resin tanks that are compatible with the particular resin type being used are frequently needed for usage with resin 3D printers.

    On the other hand, wax 3D printers employ wax materials made specifically for investment casting. Because of the wax’s low melting point, high flexibility, and fine surface polish, it is perfect for making intricate and detailed wax patterns that may be utilized in the investment casting process to manufacture high-quality jewelry.

    Even though certain 3D printers could be able to work with a variety of materials, it’s crucial to make sure the material is appropriate for the hardware and software of the printer. Using mismatched materials can lead to print errors, poor print quality, and even printer damage. It is therefore best to always use the supplies advised by the printer’s producer.

    If you design and cast some high-precision jewelry, the most suitable 3D printer to buy is a wax printer. If you design and cast some ordinary jewelry, then you are more suitable to buy a 3D resin printer

    It is perfect for jewelry or metal casting due to its excellent wax burn off qualities. A cavity is left after the wax design is burned off, and this cavity can be filled with molten precious metal.

    Detail and Accuracy: Wax printing can create complex patterns and minute details with a high level of accuracy and detail. This makes it a well-liked option for jewelry making and other applications where accuracy is essential.

    The wax is simple to use and may be heated and reused as needed. It is also a cheap substance that makes it possible to produce goods in small quantities.

    Wax can be used as a sacrifice material in investment casting, where it is melted out of the mold and replaced with metal or ceramic, therefore it is compatible with a wide range of materials.

    In addition to jewelry, wax can also be used to create dental and medical models, as well as sculptures and other works of art.

    A 3D wax printer is a type of 3D printer that creates elaborate, realistic wax objects using wax ingredients. The jewelry industry then uses these patterns for investment casting, in addition to a variety of other uses in fields like engineering and dentistry. To create a 3D model, the procedure often entails melting wax and extruding it into thin layers. The finished wax patterns can be used to make investment casting molds, enabling the fabrication of extremely precise and fine metal jewelry or parts.

    Print quality: Choose a printer that generates crisp, detailed prints with a smooth finish.
    The 3D wax printer from SuperbMelt is created using high-precision technology and German-imported components.

    Resolution: For greater precision and detail in your jewelry designs, choose a printer with a high resolution.
    The resolution of SuperbMelt’s printer is 1920 x 1080.

    Build Volume: Select a printer with an acceptable build volume based on the size of the object to be produced.
    The SuperbMelt printer can print up to (96mm*54mm*120mm) in size.

    Usefulness: Look for printers with simple controls, user-friendly features, and intuitive software.The printer from SuperbMelt is touch-activated, simple to use, and straightforward to run.

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