Dot Peen Marking Machine

dot peen marking machine
dot peen marking machine

Superbmelt dot peen marking machine is software-controlled marking peen that moves according to a specific guide rail in the X, Y two-dimensional plane. The marking peen performs high-frequency impact motion under the action of electric power, thereby engraving a mark with a certain depth on your product surface.

Superbmelt desktop metal marking machine is integrated design, extremely stable and easy to use, a good engraving depth, high speed direct parts marking, marking result clear, support some uneven surface marking.

The dot peen marking machine (SPB-DE) is mainly used for metal parts, cars and motorcycle parts, instrumentation, machinery, metal tag engraving, and other industries small and medium parts engraving and marking.

1. Integrated industrial 5-inch touch screen with software for increased machine stability and ease of operation.

2. Superbmelt dot peen marking machine series adopt HEF technology, which can support some uneven surface marking.

3. This device does not need to be connected to a computer or to an air compressor, greatly reducing your later use costs.

4. The equipment complies with the EMC electromagnetic compatibility specification and has an independent EMC processing module to filter the power system interference effectively. It can let the electrical system runs more stable.

5. Powerful software can mark any characters,numbers,logo, vin code, 2D datamatrix code, graphic outline, variable data and so on.

Model numberSPB-DE01
Standard Marking Area140mm x 90mm
Marking Speed40mm~50mm/s
Impact Frequency300 times/s
Precise Repeatability0.02mm
Marking Depth0.05mm~1 mm(per material)
Power SupplyAC 100V~240V 50HZ60HZ
Energy Consumption125W
Controller TypeIntegrated 5 inch touch screen and powerful software
Marking TypeAutomation
Marking Machine TypeDesktop, Tabletop
Marked contentAll English Characters, All Numbers,Variety of Graphics outlines, Logos, Dot Matrix 2D codes, Circle Letters, Serial Numbers, etc.
UsageMetal machine for etching, marking, engraving – Stylus printer, dot peen header
Marking MaterialsMetal or nonmetals with hardness under HRC 60
HEF TechnologySupport some uneven surface marking(height differ within 3mm)
Other device requestNo need connect other outside device like computer or air compressor, just plug and play.

1. Engraving Marking on engines, pistons, bodies, frames, chassis, vin, connecting rods, engines, cylinders, etc. for numbers, names, trademarks, and production dates;

2.Electric car, bicycle, motorcycle and other additional number marking;

3. nameplate engraving of various commodities, vehicles and equipment products marking;

4. It can mark on all kinds of mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware, metal tubes, gears, pumps, pipes,valves, fasteners, steel parts, flanges etc.

5. It can do various metal marking such as engraving on stainless steel equipment parts;

Why SuperbMelt Dot Peen Marking Machine

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

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