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    Do you have many metal scraps to deal with?
    Do you wanna build a foundry or steel plant?
    Do you wanna cast your precious metal in your shop?
    Superb can help solve above problems.
    Superb is committed to providing the professional solution for your metal melting and heating . As the top induction furnace manufacturer in China, our most efficiently designed equipments will meet your requirements, whatever it is Iron, Steel,Aluminum, Copper, Gold, Silver or other metals.

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    You will be offered professional one-stop-solution to boost your business

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    Induction Furnace

    This induction furnace is based on KGPS technology. They are applied in steel plant and foundry’s melting shop for iron, steel, aluminum and copper melting.[...]

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    Small Metal Melting Furnace

    The various types of these induction melting furnaces can meet different weight requirement of precious metal and other non-ferrous metal melting.[...]

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    Auxillary Facilities

    The all necessary equipments for the whole system building will be elaborately designed by Superb team like transformer, cooling system,CCM, Rolling mill and So on.[...]

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    Lots of successful projects are not published on website

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    If you are interested to be our agent in your market, we will be your strong backup.

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    1 ton induction melting furnace in Iran casting factory
    150KG aluminum melting onsite
    CCM continuous casting machine 4 strands
    Small induction melting furnace for 50kg copper
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    If you have questions, our quick-response customer support is here for you.