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SuperbMelt Brand Story

SuperbMelt Story

Smelting ferrous or non-ferrous metal is a tedious job—casting a piece of fine jewellery is even harder. But the pride, stories and longevity that comes with a beautifully designed masterpiece make it one of the few means of livelihood that attracts due admiration. Your work matters. Not just to you but the community at large. Its relevance goes beyond cultural, ethnical or traditional backgrounds. Mastery can encapsulate a sphere of influence that transcends time and space. Though, to be a master of the craft—raw passion alone wouldn’t suffice—you need to back your art with the right tools and equipment.

That’s Why We Are Here

At SuperbMelt, we believe smelting precious metal or casting jewellery isn’t supposed to be a tedious task. From the bench & retail jeweller who works tirelessly to craft the masterpiece customers desire, to companies and laboratories tasked with smelting tons of gold to keep up with the ever-increasing demand—we exist to serve you better.

SuperbMelt got you covered with simple, cost-efficient and easy to use induction melting furnace, precious metal casting machines and auxiliary facilities of different size and shape. Our machines are suitable for breaking down the everyday chore involved in using ferrous or non-ferrous metals in Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Rapid Prototyping, Jewelry, and Artistic Sculpture. We are a major distributor of smelting and casting machines in over 30 countries.

SuperbMelt Goals

Keeping Innovation in-line with Satisfaction

Without you at the other end of the bargain, our machines would be worth nothing. We are the innovators who take pride in working behind the scene to help you excel. We put the hours required to ensure you operate at a preferred pace ahead of the competition.

Our machines efficiency determines your satisfaction, so we make no compromises. If an innovation doesn’t provide our customers with the satisfaction desired, we take it off the table—our goal is to tune our machines with innovations that serve our customers better.  

Superbmelt CEO, Mr. Liao

SuperbMelt Brand Value


SuperbMelt values a workforce that loves what they do. Structuring and designing machines is a tedious and boring task. Without employees or technicians with an energic interest in the task; delivering quality services to our customers is impossible. Enthusiasm plays a crucial role in our brand identity.


Creativity births ideas vital to growth. Every member of our workforce has his/her strength and week points. Banking on each other’s creative talent, we navigate paths leading to the amazing ideas our machines bring to the global market.


At SuperbMelt, no individuals or workforce is too important. In everyone's field of specialization, optimal operation is required. We can’t work with an empty cup mentality, the same way we can’t have you overflowing with flammable ideas—we all keep a learning heart.


Everything gets complicated at some point. If we only knew how to stick to textbook answers, we don’t think our machines would have passed the evaluation phase. Theories and abstract principles are essential, but practicality always takes the lead.


We keep an open mind. Communicate in easy to understand terms. Operate with given instructions when necessary, keep a grateful and sincere heart and above all celebrate every win.

A Service Worth Every Penny

Our machines take times and lots of efforts to design. They are not cheap, but they are no better than your feedback. What you say matters to us. Ensuring that your feedback is in line with product expectation makes our service worth every penny.

SuperbMelt Corporate Vision

Technology advances daily. What worked in yesterday’s environment might not seem probable for today’s endeavours. With SuperbMelt—you can worry less and impact more.

We possess technicians and experts skilled at keeping our operations in check with the endless innovations technology brings to the table. At SuperbMelt, we aim to provide end-users with equipment capable of standing the test of time. Our smelting and casting machines are manufactured in line with future trends.

While we have simplified the task of coupling and using our machines in forms suitable to a non-techy, complications are still set to arise—Our well-trained technicians are ever ready to lend a helping hand. SuperbMelt is focused on practising intelligent manufacturing by creating innovative designs that stamp our authority as a leading casting and smelting equipment manufacturer within and outside China.

superbmelt vision
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