SuperbMelt After-sales Service

SuperbMelt After-Sales Service Process

At Superbmelt, great importance is attached to dedicated customer support following machine delivery.

Superbmelt Post-sales engineers are trained professionally to respond in a proactive manner to the needs of customer whenever operational guidance,repairs and maintenance are requested.

Over 95% of challenges on installation, operation and repairs that may arise can be solved quickly and cooperatively by remote assistance via live chat,illustrative images or real-time videos.

Any malfunctional spare parts within warranty that require replacement can be couriered free of charge by express within 24 hours.

Superbmelt, with its responsive customer support, wins extensive trust by many global customers.

Contact the after-sales team


    Any questions about our machine and pre-sale notice

    Superbmelt’s professional technical team and sales team are at your service

    (7/24hours service)

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