Graphite Mold for Silver

As a top graphite molds supplier, Superbmelt provides various molds for silver casting

Graphite mold for silver can be used to hold molten silver, gold or any other precious metals into shapes. Graphite mold for silver is made up of 99.9% of silver and ash content that is less than 0.1%. This composition of material ensures that precious metal is not contaminated. 

Graphite mold for silver has a wide application; used for holding molten gold, silver or other precious metals. It can be used for testing or ingot casting. 

The mold for silver has an excellent thermal stability for fast cooling and it has a proper corrosion resistance to acid and alkali. The graphite mold has  good thermal conductivity properties which highly shortens casting time and saves energy. The graphite mold keeps its original natural graphite physical and chemical properties. 

There are also graphite molds for silver that are designed for making several bars at the same time for fast and quality casting. 

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    As a professional graphite mold manufacturer, it is our responsibility to provide you with the highest quality graphite mold

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