Graphite Mold for Silver

As a top graphite molds supplier, Superbmelt provides various molds for silver casting

Graphite mold for silver can be used to hold molten silver, gold or any other precious metals into shapes. Graphite mold for silver is made up of 99.9% of silver and ash content that is less than 0.1%. This composition of material ensures that precious metal is not contaminated. 

Graphite mold for silver has a wide application; used for holding molten gold, silver or other precious metals. It can be used for testing or ingot casting. 

The mold for silver has an excellent thermal stability for fast cooling and it has a proper corrosion resistance to acid and alkali. The graphite mold has  good thermal conductivity properties which highly shortens casting time and saves energy. The graphite mold keeps its original natural graphite physical and chemical properties. 

There are also graphite molds for silver that are designed for making several bars at the same time for fast and quality casting. 

Description Model Size
L1 W1 H1 L2 W2 H2
100g graphite ingot mold G.GI.Y0100 55 40 20 35 20 10
200g graphite ingot mold G.GI.Y0200 70 45 20 / / /
250g graphite ingot mold G.GI.Y0250 67 50 26 47 25 16
300g graphite ingot mold G.GI.Y0300 70 57 20 / / /
400g graphite ingot mold G.GI.Y0400 75 67 20 / / /
500g graphite ingot mold G.GI.Y0500 70 67 26 50 47 16
1kg graphite ingot mold G.GI.Y1000 135 42 32 115 22 22
2kg graphite ingot mold G.GI.Y2000 160 48 38 140 28 28
3kg graphite ingot mold G.GI.Y3000 175 52 42 155 32 32
  • Graphite mold for silver is commonly used in aluminium, gold, silver casting because of its best quality for intricate mold design and high volume runs. 
  • Graphite mold for silver is extremely stable, it does not twist or crack when molten metal is poured into the mold. The mold does not deteriorate even when used constantly. The life expectancy of a graphite mold for silver is relatively short.
  • The graphite mold for silver has an excellent thermal conductivity considering the sudden heat and cold conditions; oxidation resistance and high corrosion resistance. It is the best mold for refining purposes.
  • All metals cast with the graphite mold for silver are always pure as they are not exposed to impurities and contamination in the mold.
  • The smooth cavity finish allows for easy removal of cast metals and is non sticky once cooled. 
  • Superbmelt graphite mold for silver is made from only fine graphite particle structure with high graphitization degree. That makes the mold to have a dense structure ( the dense structure of the graphite mold for silver makes the mold to be less porous); a fine surface and a low rate of heat deformity; a high mechanical strength (tensile strength of graphite mold increases with the increasing temperature compared to other materials).
  • Superbmelt graphite mold for silver has an excellent thermal shock resistance, therefore can be used in any process; thermal conductivity and good oxidation resistance. 
  • In order to prevent metal casting that is removed from the mold from sticking to the mold surface, the material (graphite) has a good adhesion to the solidified metal. This is achieved by low wetting of the mold by liquid metal. 
  • The graphite mold for silver is self lubricating. The low friction between the mold surface and the solidified metal ensures that the casting is easily removed without cracks and minimizes the thickness of the defective skin.
  • Graphite mold for silver casting is easy to process with graphite. Through milling, grinding, turning, the surface finish, complex shape mold with tight tolerances are available. The finishing of the inner mold surface is made to reduce the wet and friction of cast material.
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