Gold Powder Making Machine

SuperbMelt Powder Making Machine assists customers in manufacturing metal powders such as gold powder, silver powder, platinum powder, copper powder, and more to enhance the casting process.

SuperbMelt Gold Powder Making Machine utilizes a vacuum melting process followed by high-pressure water atomization to produce finely and uniformly graded powder. This machine has the capacity to manufacture 2-50kg of metal powders such as platinum, palladium, gold, alloys, silver, and copper in a single operation.

The Gold Powder Making Machine adjusts nozzle shapes and process parameters, assisting customers in producing powders ranging from 50 to 200 mesh, ensuring particle consistency and precision. This technology enables large-scale production, enhancing the yield of metal powders.

The high-pressure water atomization method in the metal powder preparation process offers several advantages, including energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, high precision in preparation, adjustable mesh sizes, and applicability to a wide range of metals.

If you require a metal powder making machine with higher production capacity, please contact SuperbMelt immediately for a customized solution!

Why SuperbMelt Gold Powder Making Machine

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

    Any Question About SuperbMelt Gold Powder Making Machine

    About Gold Powder Making Machine Guide

    Chapter 1:

    Metal Powder Production Method

    Mechanical Alloying:

    Preparation of Materials: Mix metal blocks and powder, then place them into a high-energy ball mill.

    Ball Milling Process: The metal particles experience repeated collisions and compression in the rapidly rotating ball mill.

    Milling Duration: After several hours to days of mechanical alloying, fine metal powder is obtained.

    Chemical Reduction:

    Ionic Dissolution: Dissolve metal ions in a solution, forming a metal salt solution.

    Adding Reducing Agent: Introduce a reducing agent to initiate the reduction reaction.

    Separation and Treatment: Separate metal particles through precipitation or filtration. After washing and drying, obtain the final metal powder.

    Gas Atomization:

    Metal Melting: Heat the metal to a liquid state.

    High-Pressure Atomization: Use high-pressure gas or water to atomize the molten metal.

    Rapid Cooling: The atomized metal particles rapidly solidify through a cooling system, forming metal powder.

    Plasma Atomization:

    Plasma Spark: Melt the metal using plasma sparks.

    Airflow Atomization: Use airflow to quickly cool the molten metal into particles.

    Sieving and Processing: Process the particles through steps like sieving to obtain metal powder of a specific particle size.

    High-Pressure Water Atomization:

    Vacuum Melting: Melt the metal in a vacuum environment.

    High-Pressure Water Atomization: Use high-pressure water to atomize the molten metal.

    Rapid Cooling: During water atomization, metal particles quickly cool, forming metal powder.


    Dissolving in Electrolyte: Dissolve metal salt in an electrolyte.

    Electrodeposition: Apply electric current to deposit metal onto electrodes.

    Treatment of Deposits: Process the deposited metal to obtain metal powder.

    Centrifugal Atomization:

    Liquid Jetting: Heat the metal to a liquid state.

    Rotational Cooling: Use centrifugal force to spray molten metal onto a rotating cooling surface.

    Formation of Powder: After cooling, uniform and fine metal powder is formed.

    Chapter 2:

    SuperbMelt Gold Powder Making Machine

    2.1, How does the SuperbMelt Gold Powder Making Machine work?

    Vacuum Melting: First, the metal is heated to a liquid state and then melted in a vacuum environment. This ensures that the metal is processed without the presence of oxygen, preventing adverse effects such as oxidation.

    High-Pressure Water Atomization: The molten metal is atomized using a high-pressure water jet. High-pressure water impacts the molten metal at an extremely high speed, rapidly dispersing it into tiny particles.

    Rapid Cooling: During water atomization, metal particles undergo rapid cooling in a very short time. This helps ensure the fineness and uniformity of the metal powder, preventing particles from being too large or forming clumps.

    Particle Collection: The cooled metal powder is collected and can be graded using specific systems to achieve the desired particle size.

    Final Product: After these steps, the obtained metal powder can be used to manufacture various metal products, including jewelry, electronic components, and more.

    Through this efficient high-pressure water atomization process, the SuperbMelt Gold Powder Making Machine can quickly and accurately prepare fine and uniform metal powder, providing a reliable solution for various industries.

    2.2,How many metal pulverizers does SuperbMelt offer?

    1.2kg Powder Making Machine

    Efficient Exhaust and Pressure Reduction: The machine is equipped for effective exhaust and pressure reduction, eliminating excess gases within the cylinder. This process maintains balanced pressure within the cylinder, ensuring high-quality powder.

    Water Atomization for Precision Forming: Utilizing water atomization, the machine employs a four-sided conical spray pattern with adjustable water pressure, resulting in finely detailed and uniform particle sizes.

    2.6kg Powder Making Machine

    The machine is manual dumping and can make 6kg of platinum powder in 15 minutes and 25kg of metal powder in one hour.

    3.50kg Powder Making Machine

    50kg of powder at one time, mesh can be adjusted.

    Chapter 3:

    High-pressure water atomization

    3.1, Why is high-pressure water atomization needed?

    With several benefits, high-pressure water atomization is an important process in the manufacturing of metal powder. Particle size uniformity is ensured by this method, which is essential for many applications. Fast cooling during atomization keeps the metal particles’ thin, homogeneous structure intact and avoids agglomeration. Compared to conventional techniques, it is more energy-efficient, which lowers overall energy usage. Furthermore, the ability to modify particle size offers versatility in customizing metal powders to meet particular needs. High-pressure water atomization is a versatile and effective method that may be applied to a wide range of metals, such as copper, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, to produce finely split metal powders that are used in a variety of industries.

    3.2, Conclusion: How to Choose the Right Metal Powder Making Machine

    Choosing the right metal powder making machine is crucial for producing high-quality metal powders. SuperbMelt’s Gold Powder Making Machine, employing vacuum melting and high-pressure water atomization processes, can rapidly and precisely produce finely and uniformly graded metal powders. This product series includes the Vacuum Powder Making Machine, 2kg Powder Making Machine, 6kg Powder Making Machine, and 50kg Powder Making Machine, catering to various production scales and requirements.

    These machines feature advanced automatic PLC systems for easy operation, ensuring metal melting in a vacuum environment with multiple safety protections to prevent oxidation and ensure high-quality powder with uniform particles. The high-pressure water atomization method employed in these machines demonstrates outstanding performance in metal powder preparation, offering advantages such as energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, precise adjustability, and applicability to a wide range of metals.

    Therefore, choosing the appropriate Gold Powder Making Machine based on production scale and specific requirements will contribute to increased production efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and the assurance of quality and consistency in the final product. SuperbMelt’s series of metal powder making machines provide diverse options to meet the needs of different industries, making it a reliable partner in the field of metal powder production.

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      1. What is a Gold Powder Making Machine?

      A Gold Powder Making Machine is a specialized equipment designed to produce finely graded metal powders, including gold, through advanced processes like vacuum melting and high-pressure water atomization.

      2. How does a Gold Powder Making Machine work?

      The machine operates by heating metal to a liquid state, then employing processes like vacuum melting and high-pressure water atomization to create fine and uniform metal powders.

      3. What metals can be processed with a Gold Powder Making Machine?

      Gold Powder Making Machines can process various metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and other alloys, offering versatility in powder production.

      4. What are the advantages of using a Gold Powder Making Machine?

      The advantages include rapid production, precise control over particle size, energy efficiency, and the ability to produce high-quality, uniform metal powders.

      5. Can a Gold Powder Making Machine be used for large-scale production?

      Yes, Gold Powder Making Machines, especially those from SuperbMelt, are designed for scalability, allowing for both small-scale and large-scale production.

      6. How long does it take to produce metal powder with a Gold Powder Making Machine?

      The production time varies depending on the machine and desired powder quantity but can often be achieved within a short timeframe, such as 15 minutes for certain capacities.

      7. What industries can benefit from using Gold Powder Making Machines?

      Industries like jewelry manufacturing, electronics, aerospace, and medical equipment can benefit from the high-quality metal powders produced by these machines.

      8. Is the process of making gold powder with this machine environmentally friendly?

      Yes, the processes involved, especially high-pressure water atomization, are known for their energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

      9. Can the particle size of the metal powder be adjusted?

      Yes, Gold Powder Making Machines offer the capability to adjust the particle size, providing flexibility for different applications.

      10. Are these machines user-friendly?

      Yes, Gold Powder Making Machines, especially those equipped with advanced PLC systems, feature user-friendly interfaces for easy operation.

      11. What safety features do Gold Powder Making Machines typically have?

      These machines often incorporate multiple safety features to prevent issues like oxidation, ensuring a safe and reliable production process.

      12. Can Gold Powder Making Machines be customized for specific production needs?

      Yes, manufacturers like SuperbMelt often offer customization options to tailor the machine’s specifications to meet specific production requirements.

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