Wire Drawing Machine

wire drawing machine for gold silver wire wire drawing machine for gold silver wire

Wire Drawing Machine

Wire drawing machine draws the thick wire into the thin wire after drawing processing, the wire diameter, roundness, internal microstructure, surface roughness, and straightening degree achieve the required standards for raw materials production/processing.

Therefore, the wire drawing machine is directly related to the quality of wire pretreatment, and it can be used in jewelry industry.

Wire drawing machine details

Wire Drawing Machine Parameter

Power source3 phase 380V, 50/60Hz3 phase 380V, 50/60Hz
ApplicationAu, Ag, Cu wire shrinkageAu, Ag, Cu wire shrinkage
Dies capacity6 pcs per time12 pcs per time
Wire diameter range2.2mm→0.2mm2.2mm→0.2mm
Drawing speed0-50 m/min0-50 m/min
Cooling wayAutomatic liquid coolingAutomatic liquid cooling

Features of wire drawing machine

  1. The machine has high working efficiency. Line wheel is made precisely of imported materials and the carburization on its wheel surface improves abrasive resistance.
  2. The motor adopts step less speed modulation design and is equipped with automatic winding displacement and rewinding machine.
  3. The whole machine is equipped with automatic cooling system which can automatically stop the machine when the work is finished.

Operation process of wire drawing machine for gold, silver and copper

Application of wire drawing machine

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