Gold Bar Mold

As a top graphite molds supplier, Superbmelt provides various molds for gold/silver/copper casting

Gold bar molds are used to cast gold ingots or bullion in different sizes. Superbmelt gold bar mold is made from a high density fine grain graphite machined from solid graphite extruded bar that has a smooth cavity finish. Molds made of high grade machined graphite are self-releasing and produce smooth, clean and bright ingots. The graphite mold can be used in making bar form with precious metals like gold silver, copper and more. Gold bar molds come in different shapes and sizes that are suitable for all small, medium and large ingot productions.

Gold bar molds are designed to provide higher durability while remaining cost effective, which makes them applicable in foundries and other mechanical industries. 

The gold bar mold has an excellent thermal stability, corrosion resistant, and impact resistance. It also has a good thermal conductivity, resistance to acid and alkali. Metals do not stick in when cooled and it lasts a long time.

100g graphite ingot moldG.GI.Y0100554020352010
200g graphite ingot moldG.GI.Y0200704520///
250g graphite ingot moldG.GI.Y0250675026472516
300g graphite ingot moldG.GI.Y0300705720///
400g graphite ingot moldG.GI.Y0400756720///
500g graphite ingot moldG.GI.Y0500706726504716
1kg graphite ingot moldG.GI.Y100013542321152222
2kg graphite ingot moldG.GI.Y200016048381402828
3kg graphite ingot moldG.GI.Y300017552421553232
  • Superbmelt gold bar mold has a good thermal stability and it is suitable for emergency heat and cold usage conditions.
  • The mold has a good corrosion resistance, acid and alkaline resistance. This means that the gold bar mold is capable of casting whatever metal irrespective of its chemical properties.
  • Precious metals are not contaminated when cast with a gold bar mold because all physical and chemical properties of the mold are tightly fused together. 
  • The smooth cavity finish of the gold bar mold makes it very convenient to remove gold ingots after casting. 
  • The gold bar mold has a good thermal stability that can withstand high temperature of molten metals that needs to be cas. The mold does not expand or shrink in size when it comes in contact with heat.
  •  Gold bar molds are widely used in foundries, metallurgy, chemical, mechanical and electrical power industries. It is also applicable in continuous casting mold, pressure foundry mold, glass molding with die, sintering mold, centrifugal casting mold, smelting gold and silver.
  • Gold bar molds are made from high density fine grain graphite that makes it suitable for multiple casting capacity in one mold. 
  • The ashes of graphite (i.e. the components of the gold bar mold) is less than 0.1%, which means that your precious metals do not get contaminated during the casting process.
  • Superbmelt gold bar mold can be used as graphite crucible melting into nonferrous metals, test analysis and as ingot mold.
  • Our gold bar molds are one of the most heat resistant materials that have a good thermal shock, no cracks will occur on your mold when the temperature is hot or cold. 
  • Excellent thermal conductivity and conductive properties are topnotch features of the gold bar mold.
  • The mold good self lubrication that makes the gold bars easily removable after casting and abrasion resistance.

Melting gold dust into molten gold with a propane torch can be done in a gold bar mold. This is a common practice among small makers of jewelries. Melting of gold in a gold bar mold is only possible because the mold is able to withstand high temperature.

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