XRF Analyzer for Jewelry

The most popular SuperbMelt precious metal testing machine on the market

XRF Analyzer for Jewelry
XRF Analyzer for Jewelry

Superbmelt XRF analyzer for jewellery is used to analyze precious metal purity and authenticity. The best XRF analyzer can perform a quick and accurate analysis of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper.

Superbmelt XRF analyzer for jewellery can be used by customers in pawn shops, jewellery making industries, scrap recycling, laboratory testing, etc.

As an XRF analyzer manufacturer, Superbmelt has a research and development team that is innovative and ensure all products are high quality to meet all requirements. Contact us today for the best XRF analyzer. 

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Why SuperbMelt XRF Analyzer for Jewelry

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

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    Jewelry XRF Analyzer Buying Guide

    Chapter 1:

    Do You Really Know That Gold Is Real?

    Not everyone is 100% convinced that gold exists. This is because there are so many counterfeit pieces of gold out there by fake dealers. It is a case that has spoilt the market for genuine dealers and has been going on for centuries. Note that you need to make wise decisions since real gold is known to be more expensive than fake ones.

    Gold is a sort of precious metal that commands respect in almost all parts of the globe. Today, it is used to make some luxury items such as cups, wristwatches, swords; chairs or tables can also be plated or coated with gold. Besides all that, gold also has amazing chemical and electrical properties that make it ideal in various industrial applications.

    1.1, Karat Gold

    The K gold is the best because it has a higher degree of pure gold compared to the rest. It implies that once the gold has been refined, all the impurities have been gotten rid of, so you have something pure and valuable. The process can be completed using a range of gold-cleaning chemicals like soda ash and borax.

    Such gold-cleaning chemicals are always added to the molten form of the precious metals (gold, in this case) when still hot. This is done to make it possible to separate pure gold from other types of metals, which can either be less precious or equally precious. It is also possible to use gold-melting furnaces to purify gold.

    Not so many people are aware that the purity of gold is always measured in karatage, which is a representation of the level of purity of a given piece of gold. In each gold material, it is important to identify the amount of gold available as that can be used to estimate its value.

    For instance, we can choose to test the amount of gold in a piece of jewelry or a wristwatch against other alloys. This might seem like a complex process, but it can be done very fast and with accurate results.

    1.2, Different Gold Karatage

    Up to this stage, you already know that the higher the karatage, the higher the quantity of pure gold in that particular material.

    Note that 24 Karats means 100% gold. For instance, a 24 karat gold watch is made of 100% pure gold). Now let us take a look at other gold karatage.

    • 22 Karats = 91.75% gold
    • 21 Karats = 87.5% gold
    • 18 karats = 75% gold
    • 14 Karats = 58.5% gold
    • 12 Karats = 50.25% gold
    • 10 Karats = 42% gold
    • 9 Karats = 37.8% gold
    • 8 Karats = 33.75% gold

    1.3, The Dangers And Economic Losses Of Impure Gold

    It is not entirely good to use a large percentage of gold to make a single piece of jewelry. Look at the crucial points shared below;

    1. Economic Losses

    Jewelry made of a low percentage of gold is cheap. For instance, one 0z gold will cost around $1000. But the counterfeit gold of the same size will cost around $700 or $850. It might seem cheap, but you just wasted your money to purchase a fake product.

    This explains why you should learn how to spot fake gold and avoid them. That way, you will avoid wasting resources on purchasing them.

    1. Bad Business Reputation

    For example, if you run a business specializing in making gold jewelry and accidentally using fake gold to make your products, your business will lose its good reputation. You might experience a range of problems when you accidentally use low karatage gold to make your products. Some of them are mentioned below;

    1. Colour Failure

    Fake gold products will give a gold-like appearance for some time. But this feature will not last long enough, even if the product is well taken care of. It is impossible for a plating material to possess the original color for a longer duration.

    1. Inability To Pass Quality Standard Tests

    Fake dealers try their best to make counterfeit gold look pure, but they are far from getting there. The thing is, if you use their products, your jewelry will not pass the quality standard tests. This means that you shall have wasted your capital by investing in fake gold.

    1. Technical Problems Associated With The Production

    If you ignore the quality standard check stage, you are likely to face some serious challenges if you go ahead with the jewelry production. Mold volume calculation will be hugely affected since fake and genuine gold have different densities.

    Regardless of the part of the market you are focusing on, you are supposed to always work with genuine gold. It might be hard to spot the fake ones because they look real at fast. However, you can take your time and learn from experts how you can tell fake gold from pure gold, and your business will be saved from a bad reputation.

    Note that there are many other problems you can face when you use fake gold jewelry that we have not mentioned in this section, but the hints shared should help you forecast the possible damage.

    Chapter 2:

    Why Do You Need A Professional XRF Analyser?

    The primary reason you need a gold testing machine is to help you determine the purity of your gold. Unless you do these things, your business is likely to run into problems already mentioned in the previous chapter.

    Just to remind you, you will face problems such as bad business image, loss of money, poor-quality gold products, and color issues. In that case, you are supposed to work closely with a professional XRF analyzer.

    2.1, Impure Gold Types That Cannot Be Identified By Simple Methods

    It is unfortunate to state that there are some types of fake golds that cannot be identified by some or even all the methods that we have already hinted at in the previous sections. Most pawnshop owners and gold shop owners are mostly confused when asked to differentiate between products made from pure gold and those that only have layers of pure gold on them.

    The first thing you must have in mind is that Tungsten jewelry is brighter compared to jewelry made of gold. And if a simple method is used for the testing process, it is hard to tell whether the material is made of pure gold or a fake one.

    Aside from tungsten, other precious metal that could serve in place of pure gold is copper. Actually, copper, when polished, will look way brighter than gold, and you won’t be able to tell the difference. Platinum, palladium, and zinc have also been widely used in place of gold.

    One of the best ways to tell the colors of these precious metals is by cutting them into cross-sections. Thus, jewelry made from copper and tungsten will always look as if they are made of gold. They are even more confusing to gold and pawnshop owners, so you should know how to detect them effectively.

    2.2, An Introduction To Gold Testing Equipment

    With advanced gold purity machines, you won’t struggle to tell fake gold from pure ones. Below, we have mentioned some of the most common modern gold-analyzing technologies.

    1. Melting And Sampling Spectrum Detection:

    The idea behind this technology is that the melting and sampling detection spectrum makes use of the thermos-analytical method known as the Differential Scanning Calorimeter. Besides being rigorous, this is an expensive test. It is the best option if you are looking for the best results compared to the much simpler methods.

    To begin the process, you want to place your gold sample in the Differential Scanning Calorimeter. Be sure to have a reference gold sample. You will apply the same temperature to the sample and reference gold sample.

    You will then record the heat required to enhance the temperature of your sample compared to the reference gold. Based on the heat difference, you will easily tell if the gold sample is genuine.

    1. Metallographic Analysis

    Each precious metal comes with different metalogical properties, and you should be aware of them. Thus, based on this assumption, you can easily tell counterfeit gold from real ones.

    To commence and complete this process, you are supposed to conduct metallographic analysis to help you point out the pure and impure gold. The process involves the use of microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and optical microscopy.

    The person who will be doing the test already knows the property of pure gold under microscopy. It is the same knowledge that the expert will use to tell pure gold from fake ones.

    • Smelting Identification

    Using this technique, you will be able to tell whether what you are dealing with is fake gold or a pure one. You already know that by smelting, you will be able to separate gold from other elements.

    Using gold melting equipment from Superbmelt, you can supply high levels of heat to melt the alloy or ore. Once you have done that, the material will be tested. This can tell you the originality of the gold you are dealing with. For precious results, you should be aware of the melting point of gold.

    Copper and zinc always have higher melting points, so they will melt later. This will help you tell if there is any impure gold in the alloy or ore you have been smelting.

    1. Fire Assay

    This technique has been available from the beginning of time. Fortunately, it is just as accurate as it used to be back then. With this method, you will be able to evaluate the gold content available in a given sample by melting it in a furnace.

    Throughout the process, you will be weighing your gold content. You will pour your molten gold into the cupel. This will be heated further so that any available impurity can leave the crucible so that you are only left with pure gold.

    The remaining gold will be cooled down. It will then be weighed to find out the percentage of the sample that is actually gold.

    1. X-RAY Fluorescence (XRF)

    There are many ways to identify pure gold, but this one is the most advanced method of testing purity. Despite being very complicated, it is also the easiest to operate. The XRF works by emitting a beam of X-ray photon that hits the atom of the sample you are trying to analyze.

    After the release of the beam, the electrons of elements available in the sample will emit different energy. If gold is available, it can be identified based on the amount and type of energy emitted by its electron. This is the most reliable and accurate way to detect counterfeit gold.

    Chapter 3:

    What Are The Gold Testing Equipment In The Market?

    In the modern market, there are different types of gold analyzers. They include portable gold-testers, acid gold-testing kits, and sophisticated gold-testing equipment. It is worth noting that each tester comes with its pros and cons. Some of them are also way more reliable than the rest.

    In this chapter, we will take a keen look at some of them.

    3.1, Gold Spectrometer

    There are many forms of the gold spectrometer, and they are used for different functions. At the time of writing this, there were two types of gold spectrometer that can be used to detect whether a sample of gold is pure or counterfeit. They include:

    • Optical Spectrometer

    It is a spectrometer that detects and reveals the light intensity as the function of frequency or wavelength. In case a given amount of light goes through metal, it gets to the other side in form of a band of lines of lights. This will then be studied to reveal the actual properties of that particular metal.

    • Mass Spectrometer

    This spectrometer helps estimate the amount of a given substance in a particular mixture. It does this by leveraging the concept of mass-to-charge ratio as well as the quantity of gas-phase ions. The fact is that pure gold contains gold and shreds of other elements, and impure gold contains little quantity of gold and more elements.

    Therefore, by using a mass spectrometer, it is easy to tell whether a given sample is pure of impure gold. The two types of spectrometer include magnetic spectrometer and time-of-flight spectrometer.

    3.2, XRF Gold Analyser

    XRF has become a very common tool used for testing and analyzing gold purity. The reason it is common is that it works very fast and gives accurate results. It has been applied in the industry for many years, and accuracy increases by the day.

    Now, it is possible to use XRF when you want to tell the karat of your gold. It is even exciting to note that such tests can be completed between 3 and 10 seconds. Though it comes in different forms, the handheld XRF is the most common and easiest to use.

    Suppose you are a gold refiner, analytical essay researcher, or recycler, you will need to leverage the benefits that come with the XRF gold refiner. Since fake gold and gold materials keep flooding the market, the XRF is worth your time and money.

    1-2kg gold smelting furnace

    Would you like to look at some of the main benefits you stand to enjoy when you choose to invest in the XRF gold analyzer? We have mentioned some of them below.

    • It ensures 100% non-destructive analysis; it will not alter the quality of your gold amid the analysis
    • It is very portable, so location is not a problem when you need to have your gold tested for purity
    • The machine is very fast with the utmost accuracy and will provide analysis result in a maximum of 10 seconds
    • The machine can be used to determine the purity of gold in a range of gold compounds such as gold jewelry, gold ore, gold bars, gold nuggets, alloys with gold content, white and rose gold

    3.3, Comparisons Of These Gold Analyzers

    The market has a plethora of gold measuring equipment, and it is vital to have an idea of how each one of them works. Some of them include handheld gold measuring instrument, a gold measuring kit, a desktop gold measuring instrument, and on the list goes.

    FeatureChemical MethodHandheld Gold Measuring InstrumentDesktop Gold Measuring Instrument
    LocationIn the labPortableOn the desk
    SafetyPartially safeLess safeSafe and fixed
    TrainingNeeds substantial trainingNeeds simple trainingRequires substantial training
    Chapter 4:

    How Does The Superbmelt XRF Analyser Work?

    Superbmelt is still one of the most popular and prominent manufacturers of premium gold testing equipment in the world. The XRF gold analyzer brand is widely used in analyzing gold and many other types of precious metals such as platinum, copper, palladium, and copper.

    4.1, Introduction

    The Superbmelt’s gold analyzer is already very popular in the foundry industry today. It also keeps getting prevalent in all parts of the globe. This is caused by the fact that it has a wide range of applications.

    The x-ray technology that it uses ensures a fast, non-destructive, and accurate testing of precious metals for business owners. It is also used in many precious metal labs, universities, jewelry retailers, metallurgical centers, government quality assurance departments, etc.

    Here are some of the ways in which our XRF analyzer can be used;

    • To measure concentrations of metal solutions
    • To analyze and detect the thickness of a metal coating or plating
    • To detect many other metals like radium, nickel, cadmium, zinc, etc
    • To detect and analyze various contents of metals such as palladium, platinum, silver, and gold

    Our gold and silver testing machine will not give you a headache trying to operate, and if you want, you can print the result of your analysis right from the equipment. You should understand that this equipment comes with an analytical tolerance range of 0.01% and 0.03%.

    There is one thing that many users might be scared of. When other items are used to analyze metals, they interfere with their overall quality. However, XRF will leave your precious metal as it is, so its quality will remain the same even after the analysis.

    4.2, The Features Of Superbmelt Gold XRF Analyzer

    The features that this equipment comes with make it the best thing you can ever have as someone who deals with precious metals. The features that it comes with include but are not limited to;

    • Portability: You will be able to carry this machine from one location to the next without breaking a sweat
    • Compact design: This also means that the machine only requires little space. Even if your factory is a small one, you won’t need a lot of space to install this machine from Superbmelt
    • All in one Wireless Access: This machine features a controlling machine, which makes it simple and concise. Its compact design makes it very durable, and you will be able to use it with minimum maintenance to keep you ahead of the competition
    • Multilevel protection from X-ray: This machine can be easily integrated with external equipment via USB interface, such as keyboard, mouse, printer
    • Completely intelligent analysis: The operation of this machine is quite simple. As an operator, there is no need for special skills. All you have to do is place your sample right on the measurement window and hit the “measurement start” button. The intelligent analysis system will do it work and provide you with comprehensive feedback
    • Sample shapes and sizes not restricted: With this machine, you can test samples of different sizes and shapes without any problem. You can even test bigger samples such as gold bars and nuggets
    • Unique parts protection system: It comes with unique technology to ensure that the delicate parts of the machine are kept safe at all times
    • Rapid analysis: This machine will only need a few seconds to give you the best results
    • Visible: In the gold identification machine, there is a camera, which means users can x-ray spot various positions from the monitors of their computers

    4.3, The Benefits Of Superbmelt Gold XRF Analyzer

    The Superbmelt gold analyzer has a range of benefits that you are not supposed to miss out on. They include:

    • Peace of Mind: When using this machine, you can be sure that the measurements and analysis results are 100% accurate
    • Cost Efficiency: Due to its great technology, amazing parts, and full warranty, the users of this machine don’t have to dole out huge sums of money to access various accessories of the machine. They will save a lot of money in the long run
    • Environmentally friendly: The Superbmelt XRF analyzer is highly environmentally friendly. This implies that when using the machine, it will not release any form of pollutants to the environment
    • Durability: Provided you properly maintain the machine, you will use it for many years to come without losing its efficiency
    Chapter 5:

    The Applications Of The Superbmelt XRF Analyzer

    In this section, we are going to look at the details regarding how you can apply the XRF analyzer when determining the purity of the precious metals. In chapter four, we looked at the crucial information about the parameters and features of the Superbmelt XRF Gold Testing Machine.

    5.1, How To Apply The Superbmelt XRF Gold Analyzer

    While this is one of the most precious metal testers you will ever come across, it won’t give you accurate results if you just taste the surface of your sample. This is true since some jewelry has been coated and or plated with other precious metals. Therefore, you won’t get the best result by just testing a given section of your sample.

    That said, there are two main approaches that can be used to test the purity of gold, and they can both give you impressive results.

    • Melting Gold Ahead of Detection: In a standard gold laboratory, you should always use pure gold. This means that before you make any move, you must test your piece of gold to determine that it is pure enough. To ascertain that you are using the XRDF analyzer the right way, you should begin by obtaining the gold in its purest form.

    You can do this by first melting your gold using a recommended melting machine or furnace. From there, take the sample from the melting furnace and test its purity with the XRF analyzer.

    • Four cross-sectional testing: A jewelry store has the duty of recycling gold. However, most of them are always unsure of the purity of gold they use. If this explains your situation, it is vital that you have the purity of your gold tested. The other way to use the XRF analyzer is by using the four cross-sectional testings.

    What do we mean by this? It implies that instead of testing the surface of the jewelry, you cut it into four cross-sectional pieces to test its purity. You will use the average value of the four cross-sections to determine the purity of your gold.

    5.2, Some Factors Influencing The Efficiency Of Superbmelt XRF Analyzer

    Aside from clearly understanding the principle behind the Superbmelt gold analyzer, there are many other important factors you are supposed to have in mind. They will help you make rational decisions once you have acquired the XRF gold analyzer. Here are some of the things you are supposed to pay very close attention to:

    1. It is important to use the best gold melting machine that will test your samples in their pure forms
    2. You are supposed to cut the pated or coated gold jewelry into four equal cross-sections so that you get the most accurate results from your gold analyzer
    3. When using your XRF in the factory, you must always adhere to the guideline put in place by the manufacturing company
    4. Despite the fact that this XRF analyzer is very easy to use and is highly suitable for the environment, and doesn’t need any special training, it is advisable to ensure that it is only handled by well-trained, experienced experts
    5. To keep the machine in its best condition at all times, you should always keep it in the best environment. Unless you do that, some of its features will be affected
    6. Before you begin using the analyzer, check its parts to ascertain that everything is working perfectly

    5.3, Comparison

    Compared to other machines produced by other companies that are trying to rival Superbmelt, our XRF analyzer comes with arrange of features that make it do the best job. Besides being cost-effective, the analyzer doesn’t come with too many delicate features that might end up affecting its overall lifespan.

    Our experts will make sure that you receive your package alongside a user manual to help you know how best to handle the machine. If you like, you can hire one of our experts to provide you with live video training to remove the guesswork from the entire process.

    Also, compared to the products from other companies, our analyzer is highly durable and doesn’t produce pollutants to the environment. This means you will use it for an extended duration without reporting any degradation of the quality of air around the workplace.

    Chapter 6:

    How to Choose the Right XRF Analyzer

    Each time you see some precious metal analyzer on sale before you make a purchase; there are important things you are supposed to have in mind. For instance, the points you are supposed to consider include the average price of the product, its durability, ease of maintenance of the need for service, and other important factors you need to pay attention to when purchasing your ideal analyzer.

    In this guide, we have made sure that you have the best answers to all the questions you might ask yourself when trying to buy the right analyzer. Albeit it is good to have enough money to buy the right XRF analyzer, you also want to be certain that your hard-earned money is not being wasted.

    By purchasing the wrong analyzer, you will be more like someone throwing away money, but that is not what we want to encourage you to do. Therefore, go through this section in its entirety and learn everything you want to know when buying the right XRF analyzer.

    6.1, Why Use XRF?

    Before you choose to buy a machine, ask yourself why you need to use it in the first place. In this case, you are going to use the XRF to test the purity of your gold and other precious metals. This decision can also be made based on the amount of gold and precious metals you want to test their purity.

    There is no need to choose a machine that is going to use a lot of power when you only need to have a small amount of work done. Thus, take your time and figure out why you need the XRF machine in the first place.

    6.2, Identify The Materials You Want To Analyze

    You know your company better than anyone else. You also know the level of demand at hand. Therefore, the next thing you want to consider when choosing the best XRF machine is the material you would like to analyze. The machine comes in a range of types, and some of them test gold better than zinc, copper, or palladium.

    However, you should go with a machine that can test all sorts of precious metals, such as the ones manufactured by Superbmelt. If you are not sure about any of these things, then you are likely to make the wrong purchase decision. You will be more like someone wasting money.

    6.3, Choose The Detector Type

    The machine can come in either SDD or PIN type. You should be able to know the one that would best suit your needs. If you are not sure whether to go for the PIN or SDD type, talk to our experts, and you will be advised accordingly.

    Each one of them comes with pros and cons. Therefore, without enough knowledge, the chances are that you will make the wrong choice. Since our mission is to protect you from going for the wrong thing, be sure to talk to our experts.

    6.4, Select a Detector Size

    This point might seem mundane, but the detector size matters more than anything else. As a result, it is one of the most important factors you are supposed to consider. The size of the detector can be determined by the size of materials whose purity you would like to measure.

    If you deal with a large size of precious metals, then you want to go for a bigger detector size and vice versa. Again, if you are stuck with this important decision, we are always here to keep you on the right track, so be sure to get in touch with us.

    6.5, Choose an Anode Material

    An anode material will affect how effective the machine is, which is why this is something you must never take lightly. Choose the best anode material, and you will be happy with the precision of the analyzer you choose to buy.

    6.6, Understanding the Specifications for Your Environment

    You should be able to choose the right XRF analyzer based on the type of environment you intend to use it. Suppose the workspace is small and there are many other things around, then going for the smaller one might be the best decision you can make.

    Chapter 7:

    FAQ Guide of Gold Testing Equipment

    How many elements can the XR1200 analyser analyse?

    The XR1200 analyzer will give you the best quantitative analysis of Pt, Ag, Au, Pd, Zn, and Cu. These are some of the essential elements you are supposed to analyze with the XRF analyzer, so you will have all your needs served under one roof. Most importantly, you can get it at Superbmelt at the best rate.

    What is the initialization used for?

    With initialization, you will be able to adjust your peak value to 0. It works the same way as the scale. Each time we are using the scale, we are supposed to adjust it back to 0 first before we can weigh anything that we want. It is worth noting that each element comes with its signature, which is why every spectrum will indicate a different position on the analyzer. With initialization, you can automatically adjust the Au peak value back to zero.

    What jewelleries can do the initialization?

    Your software will need to use pure gold to complete the initialization process. Note that no other jewelry can be used for this procedure.

    How often do we do calibration?

    If you thought that calibration is a necessity, then you might not be very right. In real sense, calibration is not a process that is necessary, so you don’t have to do it regularly.

    What are standard samples?

    The standard samples are what are used for calibration in order to build up your working curve.

    Could XR1200 analyse plating jewellery?

    It should be known that XR1200 can be used to analyze the plating jewelry as long as the required procedure is used. If the plating jewelry is too thick, then the process could be hard to complete because of the penetration of the X-ray. Note that the machine can be used by adjusting it so that it can measure and analyze coating jewellery with a thickness of between 5-15 microns. Though the machine is not hard to adjust, it should only be handled by experienced and knowledgeable experts.

    How long is your warranty?

    Superbmelt gives you a full warranty of twelve months. Light can hold up to 5 years warranty. Note that most of our customers will be able to use the machine for so many years without complaining about quality problems. Our warranty comes with terms and conditions you should be aware of, so be sure to check the label or even contact our customer care agents.

    What kinds of precious metals can your machine test?

    Our machine leverages the best technology and can test a wide range of things such as liquids, solids, and powder precious metals. You can be sure of accurate results despite the nature of the material you analyze.

    Will your x-ray analyzer harm to body health?

    It is true that some machines out there when used, might cause some sort of health complication to the body. However, you will be safe when using our machine. It uses an x-ray that is very weak, and we have ensured a protective design. Suppose to carelessly open the chamber cover when the power is on, the machine will automatically turn off the ray so that you are safe at all times.

    Can I detect exact percentage of the gold? Like 18kg is 75% gold?

    You can easily do this with our machine. The machine has the capacity to detect and report the gold percentage in the sample you are trying to test. It will show Pd, Ag, Au, and Cu. Note that all other types of metal will add in the Cu element. The machine features a printer, which means you will have copies of the results to share with your customers.

    What are the benefits of using a portable XRF machine?

    Albeit you might have a single workspace, at times, you will need to move with your machine from one place to another. However, you won’t be able to do that if your machine is not portable or rather hard to carry around. The portable one is great because you can even transport it to a different location and use it to analyze gold and other precious metals there. In the long run, it will save you money and time.

    How accurate is an XRF gold analyzer?

    You can be 100% sure that our machine is one of the most accurate in the world. However, the level of accuracy can be affected by the nature of the sample you are testing. You are supposed to make certain that your sample is not merely plated or rather chemically pickled, and you won’t have to worry about the accuracy. But it is okay to polish your sample if it is too small. The large sample can be flattened or cut and then tested in parts.

    Are XRF gold testing equipment safe?

    We understand that each time you are using a machine, safety is the first thing that comes to mind. As such, we would like to assure you that Superbmelt has some of the safest machines, including our XRF analyzer. It is entirely safe for your health and the environment alike. Therefore, use it with the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that nothing can ever go wrong.

    Can XRF detect aluminium?

    Yes, our machine can detect aluminum, and if you would like to test its purity, it can also do that for you with high accuracy. The machine has a printer that will print copies of results that can be shared with customers, so there is nothing to worry about.

    How does the XRF analyzer work?

    In a standard gold laboratory, you should always use pure gold. This means that before you make any move, you must test your piece of gold to determine that it is pure enough. To ascertain that you are using the XRDF analyzer the right way, you should begin by obtaining the gold in its purest form. You can do this by first melting your gold using a recommended melting machine or furnace. From there, take the sample from the melting furnace and test its purity with the XRF analyzer.

    Is XRF a surface technique?

    No, the XRF is not a surface technique. The machine can also be used to detect what is lying inside the sample. However, there will be a need to use the four cross-sectional methods in this case.

    Why can XRF detect light elements?

    This is because the machine comes with features that can be regulated based on the deepness of the lightness of the thickness of the material that is being tested.

    What is an XRF instrument?

    XRF has become a very common tool used for testing and analyzing gold purity. The reason it is common is that it works very fast and gives accurate results. It has been applied in the industry for many years, and accuracy increases by the day. Now, it is possible to use XRF when you want to tell the karat of your gold. It is even exciting to note that such tests can be completed between 3 and 10 seconds. Though it comes in different forms, the handheld XRF is the most common and easiest to use.

    How does an XRF measure thickness?

    The machine is an makes use of the non-destructive analytical technique that can be used to measure the fluorescent x-ray that is emitted from the sample that is being tested. It is the strength of the signal that will be used to measure the thickness of the material being tested and analyzed.

    Can machine test the fake gold?

    At this stage, we all know that the XRF machine is mainly used to test the purity of gold. It focuses on the surface of the material to determine its purity. The first method of telling the purity of gold is by melting and mixing it with an induction furnace before using the XRF analyzer to test its purity. The second method is by drilling different sections of the material and then testing them to tell if the gold is pure or fake.

    Chapter 8:


    The K gold is the best because it has a higher degree of pure gold compared to the rest. It implies that once the gold has been refined, all the impurities have been gotten rid of, so you have something pure and valuable. The Superbmelt’s gold analyzer is already very popular in the foundry industry today. It also keeps getting prevalent in all parts of the globe.

    This is caused by the fact that it has a wide range of applications. The x-ray technology that it uses ensures a fast, non-destructive, and accurate testing of precious metals for business owners. It is also used in many precious metal labs, universities, jewelry retailers, metallurgical centers, and government quality assurance departments. Be sure to talk to us for more information.

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