Auxiliary Facilities

In order to better run our core business of precious metal jewelry making, we build a wide cooperation with many science and technology institutes in both home and abroad. Superb’s technical team will elaborately configure out the highly efficient and complete systems for your jewelry shop and jewelry foundry. The main auxiliary facilities are shown below:

If you have more requirements for your factory, please feel free to contact us.

The XRF Gold Analyzer is widely used for the analysis of precious metal purity, authenticity and metallization thickness.

The XRF Gold Analyzer can accurately analyze the purity of four precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and palladium, analytical tolerance range is 0.01% to 0.3%.

The handheld XRF analyzer is a non-destructive analytical tool that is used to detect the elements present in materials.

The handheld XRF analyzer can identify the components of metals and alloys such as stainless steel, cobalt alloys, bronze, zinc, zinc alloy, nickel alloys, tungsten alloys, etc.

Laser marking machines are commonly used in stationery, electronic components, nameplate, glass, jewelry, watch, clock, plastic, equipment, knives, instruments, medical equipment, IC card, kitchen and toilet, automotive, aerospace, etc.

It can mark all kinds of metals and certain non-metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, rubber, ABS, PVC, etc.

Superbmelt laser welding machine is designed for the jewelry market, which is by far the most powerful in the industry.

Superbmelt laser welding machine is ideal for working with all precious alloys as well as titanium, stainless steel, and other space age metals.

Superbmelt dot peen marking machine is software-controlled marking peen that moves according to a specific guide rail in the X, Y two-dimensional plane. The marking peen performs high-frequency impact motion under the action of electric power, thereby engraving a mark with a certain depth on your product surface.

Jewelry rolling mill is mainly composed of up and down roller, roller support bearing and shaft sleeve, compaction and adjusting device, digital display system and drive components.

Add metal through extrusion, the metal thickness thinning, the surface is smooth.Pressure wheel surface is smooth, the product surface is smooth. Pressure roller surface is mirror effect, and then, the product surface is also a mirror effect.

Jewelry rolling mill for wire, it grinds groove corresponding to the circular, square shape in the upper and down pressure wheel surface , extrusion with different shape and size of the metal lines. It can also be in the upper and lower pressure wheel processing of the corresponding text and trademark patterns and other patterns, to get the desired effect.

Wire drawing machine draws the thick wire into the thin wire after drawing processing, the wire diameter, roundness, internal microstructure, surface roughness and straightening degree reach standard parts for the production of raw materials processing requirements.

Therefore, the wire drawing machine is directly related to the quality of wire pretreatment, and it can be used in jewelry industry.

SuperbMelt Hollow Tube Forming machine is a motorised pipe making machine designed for making gold tubes from gold/silver strip.

This is a motorised variable speed control Hollow Tube making machine ideal for making Gold hollow pipes for Gold Jewelry making and other applications. It can also handle silver, copper and other soft metal for making hollow pipes.

The coin press machine comes with a steel fabricated body that is hydraulically operated and is specifically designed to mint gold and silver coins, as well as medals and bars.

It leverages a force strong enough to press up to 150 tons of metal. It is best described as an upstroke coining press that delivers a RAM travel speed and features an extra hydraulic cylinder for return stroke.

Coin dies are important stamping tools in the production of gold, silver, copper, zinc or other types of metal coins. Various customized logos, texts and shapes are embossed on coin dies which will in turn appear on both sides of the metal coins.

The coin dies are set up in the Superbmelt hydraulic logo stamping machine for effective and efficient stamping on coins. Lubricants are not used in coining as they are incompressible.

Superbmelt logo stamping machine is specially developed for the matching of gold ingot production line. It is mainly used for the embossing of various sizes of gold ingots.

Superbmelt Logo stamping machine is a hydraulic stamping machine that works by applying hydraulic or fluid pressure to a cylinder that is pressed against the object being pressed.

This equipment is widely used in jewelry, hardware industry, and can automatically hammer 2mm to 14mm balls, olive balls, abacus balls, and special-shaped balls.

When the equipment is working, it can automatically complete the process of feeding, stamping, and so on. It is convenient and practical.

Making balls is fast and efficient; maximum, can produce 120 pieces per minute.

The chiller for cooling induction furnace and casting machine. This serial unit applies to Europe- and America-imported, full-closed, low-noise, high-efficiency scroll compressor with imported digital thermostat.

Unit with one, two or three refrigerating loop circuits, which are interchangeable and run independently.

Perfect safety protection system and failure electronic signal assure that unit operates without any damage and run safely.

Easy installation: All units have been completed and adjusted well, including frozen oil cooling added.

Users can directly put it into use by connecting the pipe and circuits, saving debugging time.

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