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4K 3D Printer
3D resin 4k printer

The 4k 3d printer realizes the molding of castable and discastable resins, mainly used in jewelry, dentistry, precision parts processing and other industries. DLP photo-curing printing technology projects product design graphics onto the surface of a special liquid resin through a UV projection device, and solidifies the liquid resin layer by layer under the irradiation of blue light.

Based on the common desktop 3d printers on the market, the SuperbMelt vertical 4k resin printer has a larger printing format and 4k high resolution than most small printers. This means that the details of the finished products are more precise and of higher quality. which is very suitable for the production of complex and diverse jewelry styles, such as pendants, rings, bracelets, etc., as well as the customization of dental molds that require high precision.

The printing speed has also been upgraded, each layer speeds up the molding time by 2-3 seconds, and the printing efficiency is greatly improved.

Equipped with a high-definition screen, and the touch screen operation is easier. After setting the parameters, it can be printed automatically.

Ultra-high-definition 4k printing technology to achieve more detailed and complex product models.

Large-format printing area realizes more printing quantity and wider application range of workpieces.

Why SuperbMelt 4K Resin 3D Printer

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

    Any Question About SuperbMelt 4K Resin 3D Printer

    Any Question About SuperbMelt 4k Resin 3D Printer

    Chapter 1:

    How to Choose a Suitable HD Printer?

    With the development of high-definition technology in the field of 3D printing, there are already 2k, 4K, 6K, 8k and other high-definition printing technologies on the market. Even though 2K resin 3D printers can already produce smooth and high-quality models, 4K is undoubtedly the most cost-effective compared to the problems of efficiency and mass production. So when we choose a 3d printer, what factors need to be considered?

    3D Printing Technology

    Currently 3d printing technologies include DLP, FDM, LOM, SLA, 3DP, SLS. Different printing technologies will be more professional in corresponding fields, such as medical products, industrial parts, jewelry, animation models and so on. Like DLP technology, the photosensitive resin material is formed by light curing, which provides great convenience for the later inverted casting, so if you are a jewelry manufacturer, then the machine of DLP printing technology is the most suitable.

    Suitable Resolution

    Resolution affects the clarity of the model, which together with screen size affects pixel density. The resolution of the 4k resin printer reaches 3840×2160. Its xy pixels are between 50-100 microns, and the pixels can be customized and adjusted, just need to match the appropriate lens. So whether you are in the jewelry industry or other industries such as dentistry, you need to consider the level of sophistication required for your products.

    Print Size

    The printing area is an important consideration. The printing area determines the size of your product. When your product is a large handicraft, you need to know the length, width and height clearly to avoid choosing a machine that is too small to work. Second, if you have mass production needs, the printing area is the most straightforward solution. The area range of this 4k 3d printer is: 192mm*108mm*120mm, which can easily realize mass production while meeting the volume requirements of most products.

    Taking rings and bangles as an example, a version can produce about 100 pieces.

    Machine Life

    As a long-term production tool, the life of the machine is also worth considering. Especially in the jewelry manufacturing industry, it needs to be put into production almost every day, so the machine must be stable enough to work continuously and have a longer lifespan. UV light source is one of the important components of 4k 3d printers, its lifespan can reach 20,000 hours, twice that of 1080p and 2k printers.

    Chapter 2:

    What Is the Difference between a 4k 3D Printer and other Printers?

    Compared with SLA Printer:

    In fact, the molding process of these two methods is the same, both use light source to cure liquid resin, but the light source used is different, SLA works by laser. In terms of printing time, SLA will be shorter. However, under the comparison of several important factors, 4k printers are significantly more cost-effective, and almost affordable SLA printers are available on the market.

    Compared with 1080p DLP Printer

    Under the same printing technology, the advantages of 4K resin printers are more obvious. It uses a 4k LCD high-definition screen with a resolution of 3040*2160, while the resolution of 1080p is only 1920*1080.It indicates that the definition of the 4k printer will be higher. and the finished product printed by 4k under the same thickness layer will be more detailed and It takes less time.

    Secondly, its large-format printing size is also larger than that of 1080p, meeting the needs of more product shapes and sizes. The same style of 1080p can produce up to 15-20 pieces at a time, while 4k printers can reach 80-100 pieces, which can easily achieve mass production and is more efficient.

    Chapter 3:

    Technology and Software

    4K HD DLP Projection Technology

    4K large-size LCD screen is used to provide ultra-high resolution, while achieving large-size printing area and 50-100 micron pixels; the light energy transmittance is 5 times that of ordinary printers, and the precision is super high. And can have a clearer understanding of the printing process, which can be monitored remotely.

    FEP Release Technology

    Using FEP release film is a special release process, which can be released easily and easily. Users can also easily replace it by themselves, saving more time and labor costs.

    Digital Mask Technology

    This technology has the advantages of high resolution and gray scale, and the digital micromirror chip is its core device. It is the key to make the light engine keep the light uniform.

    Apply Our Best Quotation

      1. Can We Change the Light Source here Onsite? Does it Require any Special Calibration?

       The light source can be replaced on site. There is a calibration label card for light source adjustment.

      2. What is The Function for “Trough"?

      The Trough is for placing printing materials. The bottom of the tank is equipped with a release film. The material tank with the release film is placed on the transparent glass. The membrane and glass should be kept clean.

      3. What is The Function for Release Film?

       The release film is a transparent film. Its function is to separate each printed layer until the model is printed. Release film is a consumable. If it is used frequently, it should be replaced in about a month.

      4. How often We Need to Replace the Resin Tank? or Just Replace the Release Film?

      Only replace the release film. There is no need to replace the trough.

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