Gold Smelting Furnace

Your premier SuperbMelt 20-30kg gold (Ag, Cu, Al etc) smelting furnace

SuperbMelt gold smelting furnace unlike any other product on the market comes with awesome specifications. It has the capability of melting 20-30kg of non-ferrous metals like gold, silver, copper, aluminum. It can melt any metal up to a temperature of about 1800℃ based on an induction power supply of 25-35kw. All within a short time frame of 6 to 8 minutes.

Induction gold smelting furnace split design enhances easy tilting. This feature which gives the room for pouring of liquefied metal without splashing or spillage.

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Induction gold melting furnace is equipped with a full range protection to ensure the safety of the machine and the operator.

Integrated compact design, no need to disassemble it when you meet problem, we support the set replacement.

With tilting furnace design to prevents spillage which reduces the risk of operator damage from hot liquid metal splashes.

Why SuperbMelt Induction Gold Smelting Kit

2 Years Warranty:

One year longer than the warranty provided by other factories

High Quality:

Only choose famous brand main electric components for production

Strong Service Team:

We will give response within 24 hours against your problem by our professional engineer

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