Crucible for Melting Gold

As a top crucible supplier, Superbmelt provides various crucibles for gold smelting

Crucibles for melting gold are usually made from superior garde graphite material and can be widely used in different kinds of furnaces . The gold melting crucible can be used to melt gold as well as silver and other metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, iron, zinc, lead, etc. Crucible for melting gold can be loaded with gold ingots and melting is done between 5 to 10 minutes. A crucible for melting gold can be properly maintained and can last a very long time without any form of crack. 

The graphite crucible used for melting gold comes in different sizes from 1kg and more. 

Crucible for melting gold has a thermal shock resistance, a high thermal stability and a high mechanical strength. The gold melting graphite crucible has a good oxidation resistance capability. The crucible for melting gold is also able to withstand a temperature reaching 2000 degree celsius. The melting temperature can be reached with a short length of time, hence, melting time is reduced to save energy.

NameΦ1 (cm)Φ2 (cm)Φ3 (cm)
H (cm)
Weight (g)
1KG Graphite Crucible5846.53588170
2KG Graphite Crucible685743108280
2.5KG Graphite Crucible685843.5120310
3KG Graphite Crucible726651110390
4KG Graphite Crucible857760130380
5KG Graphite Crucible1008869132680
5.5KG Graphite Crucible1049269155860
6KG Graphite Crucible112100791781050
8KG Graphite Crucible125112901601000
12KG Graphite Crucible1501341002101600
16KG Graphite Crucible1601381102202000
25KG Graphite Crucible1651651352201600
30KG Graphite Crucible2152151752504700
  • The crucible for melting gold in its process of high temperature use, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small and it has a certain strain resistance to quench and heat.
  • The corrosion resistance of acid and alkaline solution is strong, it also has a high chemical stability and there is no chemical reaction during the melting process.
  • The inner wall of the crucible for melting gold is smooth which makes all metals to have a smooth finishing after casting and adhere to the inner wall of the crucible, so that molten liquid has a good fluidity and is suitable for casting into various molds. 
  • Crucible for melting gold can also be used in smelting alloy tool steel and smelting nonferrous metals and alloys because of its superior properties. 
  • The high density of the crucible for melting gold has the best thermal conductivity and its thermal conductivity makes it superior to other imported crucibles.
  • The crucible for melting gold has a special glaze layer and compact molding material that greatly improves the corrosion resistance and prolongs the lifespan of the crucible.
  • All the graphite components in a crucible for melting gold are made of natural graphite which makes the thermal conductivity very good. Crucible users should bear in mind that graphite crucibles should not be placed on the cold metal table immediately after melting so as to prevent rupture due to rapid cooling.
  • Other types of metals can go through the process of melting in a crucible for melting gold. Such metals are silver, copper, aluminium, lead, zinc, brass, and other nonferrous metals. 
  • The graphite crucible for melting gold can adapt to inert atmosphere furnaces, therefore making it suitable for high quality melting.
  • Superbmelt crucibles for melting gold for sale come in various sizes that can meet all ranges of melting, from 1kg to 5kg and above. The various sizes can be used for different categories of users, from small jewelry melting business to a large industrial melting use.  
  • Gold melted in a Superbmelt crucible for melting gold is usually of high quality simply because the graphite crucible does not release any form of impurities despite its frequent use of melting.
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