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SuperbMelt gold testing machine can be used to measure the content of gold and other metal elements such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium. Gold purity will also get easily. Suitable for jewelry stores, precious metal laboratories, banks and precious metal recycling shops, etc.

The more common equipment on the market are electronic gold spectrometer, XRF gold testing machine, and fire assay. In contrast, the SuperbMelt XRF gold analyzer is more cost-effective, and it can achieve rapid detection without contact and without damaging the sample. Measurement results and accuracy can meet the verification needs of most jewelry, pawn and auction industries.

SuperbMelt Gold Testing Machine List

XRF (X-ray fluorescence) technology is a non-destructive analytical technique that uses X-rays to determine the elemental composition of a material. It works by bombarding a sample with high-energy X-rays, which causes the atoms in the material to emit characteristic fluorescent X-rays. These X-rays are then detected and analyzed to determine the elemental composition of the sample.

SuperbMelt gold meter can measure 5-72 kinds of metal elements, and there are two kinds of portable and handheld models to choose from. The measurement accuracy is 0.03%-0.1%, and the measurement speed is 5-120 seconds. According to the measure requirement, we will give you better recommendations.

gold testing machine

XR1200 Desktop Gold Testing Machine

XR1200 gold testing machine is a desktop device with a weight of 38kg. It can measure five elements of gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium. The accuracy can reach 0.1%, and the measurement speed is 5-60 seconds. The integrated design is very user-friendly. It is more suitable for testing gold jewelry, used in pawn industry, jewelry recycling and other industries.


desktop xrf gold analyzer

XR2800 Desktop Gold Analyzer

XR2800 is a measuring device that integrates a computer with a weight of only 36kg, which is relatively lighter. It can realize the measurement of gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, iridium and other precious metals. The biggest feature is that it can detect iridium element, which can ensure the accuracy and authenticity of jewelry components.


XRA3800 desktop xrf gold purity testing machine

XR3800 Desktop Gold Tester

XR3800 Desktop Gold Analyzer is a desktop device that needs to be used with a computer. It can measure 72 elements, from sodium (Na) to uranium (U) except Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, Ar, K, Ca. It can achieve a measurement speed of 3-60 seconds, and the accuracy can reach 0.03%. It is more suitable for industries with fixed measurement departments and more elements to be detected besides gold, such as mineral purification, refinery and so on.


XRA5000gold tester gun

XR5000 Gold Testing Gun

XR5000 gold testing gun is a handheld device, it uses high-quality sdd detector, and the performance of the machine is higher. It can analyze up to 80 elements, of which 40 elements can be read simultaneously at a time. The accuracy can reach 0.05-0.1%, which is basically applicable to most precious metal industries.


XRA5800 handheld gold testing machine

XR5800 Handheld Gold Purity Tester

XR5800 is also a handheld device, which can realize the measurement of 72 elements, and the measurement speed can reach 3-30 seconds to obtain the results quickly. The weight is only 1.58kg, which is suitable for carrying out as an identification tool for gold and other precious metals.


1. How Far Can the Gold Analyzer Detect the Metal?

The detection area of the gold analyzer must cling to the metal.

2. Can your Machine be Used for Preliminary Ore Testing?

The purified metal mixture can be detected. But if there is non-metal in it, it cannot be detected.

3. Does you Analyzer use a Source or is it Using an X-ray Tube?

Our gold analyzer using an x-ray tube.

4. How Long Must the User Wait between Tests?(XR5000)

When measuring different items, there is no need to wait, you could detect directly after clicking to switch programs.

5. How is The Machine Calibrated and how Often Must This be Done?(XR5000)

We will calibrate it for you before delivery according to the metal you need to detect. In normal use, no recalibration is required. If there is any problem, we will provide remote technical service to help you calibrate the analyzer without you dealing with it.

6. Can this Device Switch between Multiple Languages?

XR1200: The language editing window is open and you can translate English into the language you want yourself, but the workload is a bit heavy, requiring several hundred words to be translated.

XR5000: Yes,you can convert to the desired language yourself, it’s easy to operate.

7. How to Calibrate your Analyzer?

We will provide free samples for calibration, and we are able to have remote technical support.
XR1200/3800/5800: pure silver
XR 5000: 316 stainless steel

8. The Customer Uses It for The Manufacture of Climate Control Equipment, mainly Aluminium and Stainless Steel Alloys, Can it be Measured?(1200/3800/5800)

No, aluminium is too light, stainless steel alloys can be measured.

9. What is the Accuracy if the Gold Content is Only 36%?

If it is gold in a metal mixture, the accuracy of 36% gold is not affected; if it is 36% gold in a mineral powder, it will be affected.

10. Will 3800 and 5800 work for testing ores? The customer wants to buy a gold detector for preliminary ore testing.

The purified metal mixture can be tested, but not if there are non-metals in it. It cannot be used for preliminary testing, only after smelting and without non-metals, to measure the metal and composition.
( Note:Metal mixtures need to be tested with either the Sipin or SDD

11. How many Elements can the XR1200 Analysis?

XR1200 can give quantitative analysis of Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Cu. Zn and Ni will calculate in Cu,Cd in Ag

12. What is the Time Setting for Analysis?

According to XRF technology, longer time realize better result. Usually we set 120 seconds for analysis. You could decide the testing time following based on your experience.

13. What is the Initialization Used for?

Initialization is used to adjust the peak value to 0. It is the same as the scale. When we use the scale, we need to adjust to 0 first, then we can weigh any weight of the goods. Since each element has its signature, each spectrum will show a different position on the X-axis of the software. So we need to fix the reference spectrum to 0, then the spectral position of the other elements will be fixed. Here, we set the Au spectrum to 0. Then the software will know where the Cu spectrum is and where the Ag spectrum is, and so on.
Initialization is a process of automatically adjusting the Au peak value to zero. If the Au peak is not 0, the machine will display an incorrect report.

14. What are Standard Samples?

Standard samples are used for calibration to build up the working curve.

15. Is your Machine Accurate?

There is no doubt that our machine is accurate. But it has a lot to do with the sample itself. The tester must make sure that the sample is free of plating or other chemical pickling substances. If the sample is small, you can polish it. If the sample is large, you can flatten it, or cut it, and test its parts.

16. How Long is your Warranty?

Our warranty is one year. Light could hold 5 years warranty. Usually customer use the machine for many years with no quality problems.

17. What Kinds of Precious Metals can your Machine Test?

Our machine can test solid, liquid and powder precious metals.

18. Will your X-Ray Analyzer Harm to Body Health?

Certainly not. The X-Ray is weak and we design protecting function. If you open the chamber cover carelessly when the power is operating, the machine will switch off the X-Ray automatically.

19. Can Machine Test the Fake Gold?

As we know, the XRF analyzer is testing the point of the material surface to read gold purity. There are three quickest ways to avoid fake gold inside when you buy from market.
1st way is to melt and mix it evenly with induction melting furnace. Then use our gold analyzer to test the purity.
2nd way is to drill different parts of the material like four corners, middle and back for machine analyzing. It could avoid to buy fake gold well.
3rd, Take use of the water density device to check the material density to define if it is pure gold. Then use analyzer to check the purity to buy.

20. Can it Analyze Gold Ore?

No, if there are some nonmetal elements in sample, there will be some background noise. We will recommend you a gold ore testing machine.(XR7900)

21. We Test Gold Nuggets and Bars Mostly. What do you Recommend?

You should be doing gold deal business.Our XR 1200 is most suitable for you. Our customers who are gold traders or jewelry business prefer XR1200. It could read Au, Ag, Pd and Pt. It will not need extra computer to equip, compact size and with high accuracy. 
Please check attached offer for reference.

22. What is the Difference Between XR1200 and XR3800?

XR1200 can give a quantitative analysis of Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Cu.It can qualitatively analyze Fe,Co, Zr, Mo, Zn, Ni, Ru, Rh, Cd, Os, Ir,W, etc., exceeding 20 elements (Recognize metals) .
XR3800 could do Simultaneous detection of 72 elements ranges Fram Na to U like Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ga, Ge, Zr, Nb, Mo, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, In, Sn, Sb,Hf, Ta, W, Re, Pt, Au, Pb, Bi, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, and so on.
If you wanna measure the gold content, there is no need to use the si-pin detector.In fact, our detector can also measure Zn and Ni in gold. I delivered such a machine to a customer last time. He paid more, and I made another software for him. But mainly we still measure gold, platinum, silver and palladium.

23. What is the Depth of Analysis?

Max depth is 30μm.

24. What is the Accuracy of Your Machine?

The precision of XR1200 is 0.1%. XR3800 is 0.03%

25. How often Does the XR5800 Unit Need to be Calibrated?

It is automatically calibrated every time while it is turned on. The protective case of the machine is the calibration sheet. Every time it is turned off and restarted, it is a new automatic calibration for the maachine.

26. How often Does the XR1200/3800 Unit Need to be Calibrated

It’s not complicated, the customer can operate it by himself, put in the calibration sheet that we provided, and then click the initialization button, it will calibrate itself . The calibration time is 100 seconds。Pay attention it needs to be calibrated every time while it is turned on the machine power

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    Guide of SuperbMelt XRF Gold Testing Machine

    Chapter 1:

    The Necessity of Choosing the Correct Gold Testing Machine

    gold testing machine

    You need a professional gold gold testing machine so that you will be able to test gold purity and also identify impure gold.

    Because if you fail to do so, you and your jewelry business will face some of the problems described in Chapter One. Some of these problems include:

    • Loss of money: The money you spent on buying impure gold is nothing but a waste.
    • Bad business image:Selling counterfeit gold coins or jewelry to your customers will ruin your business reputation once your customers discovered that you have been deceiving them with impure gold products.
    • Poor-quality gold products: Since they are made of counterfeit gold, your jewelry will not pass most of the standardized quality tests.
    • Color issues:Some other precious metals used instead of genuine gold in counterfeit gold jewelry do not possess similar shining color of gold. Even though some of them may shine brightly at first, but they will soon lose their sheen because they are not durable—they cannot stand the stress and pressure that the genuine gold can withstand.

    If you are very careful about saving your business, you will do everything you can to have a professional gold analyzer and save yourself and business from irredeemable destruction that may arise by mistakenly selling impure gold products to your customers.

    If you need some simple methods to identify fake gold, click here to see some simple ways to test fake gold

    1.1, Do You Really Know That Precious Metals are Real?

    Now that there are more and more kinds of gold jewelry and other precious metal products on the market, it is no longer possible to know their authenticity, purity, content, etc. by simple observation and touch. Therefore, professional experimental methods or instruments must be used to achieve accurate evaluation.

    So what are the ways to verify gold now?

    Fire Assay

    Fire assay is a method used to determine the purity and content of precious metals, such as gold and silver. It involves the use of high temperatures to melt and separate the metal from the ore or sample being tested.

    People have been using this technique since the ancient times. Using Fire assay, you will evaluate the gold content in a sample by melting it in a furnace.

    You will need to carefully measure its weight all along the process. The molten gold is then poured into a kind of crucible known as a cupel. This will be further heated to allow other impure metals to leave the crucible, leaving the gold alone.

    You will then need to cool down the remaining gold and weigh it to determine the amount of the sample which is actually gold.


    If you use this technique, you can obtain clear results that differential a pure gold material from a fake one. Smelting, as you know, indicates that you will need to melt an ore or alloy of various elements in order to separate the base elements or metals of interest from the other constituents of the alloy.

    You can carry out the smelting using a machine such as Superbmelt gold melting equipment that supplies very high heat which is hot enough to melt the ore or alloy. After smelting the ore or alloy of the material to be tested, you can prove the originality of gold it melts out first.

    Other metals such as copper and zinc with different melting temperatures or points will melt later, and this can indicate the availability of impure gold.

    X-RAY Fluorescence

    Out of all the different types of advanced methods of identifying impure and pure gold, XRF is the most complicated but the easiest to operate.

    XRF technology works by emitting a beam of X-ray photons, which then strike sample atoms. The two interact, and electrons of different elements release different amounts of energy to analyze their elements.

    You can easily spot a counterfeit gold material because they will definitely give off different amounts of energy, revealing their counterfeiting nature. XRF technique is fast he doesn’t need to damage the metal, at the same time the XRF spectrometer is highly portable.

    1.2, Benefits of SuperbMelt Gold Testing Machine

    Some of the great benefits of using Superbmelt gold analyzer are that it gives users:


    XRF gold testers are highly accurate and provide precise readings of the purity and composition of the metal being tested.Superbmelt gold testing machine have accuracy in  0.03-0.1%, and the accuracy can be selected according to the application requirements.


    XRF gold testing machine are non-destructive, meaning that they do not damage or alter the piece of metal being tested. This is particularly important for jewelry, where the integrity and value of the piece may be affected if it is damaged during testing.


    XRF gold testers provide fast and efficient results, allowing for quick and easy analysis of multiple items in a short amount of time.The measurement time of our gold detector is 3-120 seconds, which can meet the simple verification requirements in a short time, and the longer detection time can also display all the metals contained in the metal sample at the same time.


    We have developed a hand-held gold meter specially for outdoor and gold buyers, etc. The machine is compact and portable. XRF gold testers are relatively small and portable, making them easy to transport and use in a variety of settings.


    Compared with other traditional gold detection equipment, the price of the xrf gold testing machine may be relatively high, but for long-term use, it is the most cost-effective, and it can well solve the gold authenticity and purity detection in most industries. And it does not need to buy too many expensive accessories and chemical reagents, it can be put into work directly after assembly, which is simple and convenient.


    In addition to the most basic gold detection, we can realize the detection of 5-80 kinds of elements, which can be applied to most precious metal industries, such as jewelry, precious metal laboratories, banks, precious metal refining industries, etc. XRF gold testers can be used to test a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

    1.3, Comparison between SuperbMelt Gold Testing Machine and Fire Test

    When compared with fire assay, the Superbmelt XRF Analyzer comes with some advantages over this method.

    Let’s see what’s the difference between these two methods:


    XRF testing is a non-destructive analytical technique that uses X-rays to determine the elemental composition of a material, including gold. Fire assay, on the other hand, is a destructive method that involves melting the gold sample and separating the precious metals from impurities.


    XRF testing is typically faster than fire assay. XRF can provide results within seconds, whereas fire assay can take several hours or even days.


    XRF testing is usually less expensive than fire assay because it requires less equipment and fewer chemicals. Fire assay is a more complex and time-consuming process that requires a range of specialized equipment and chemicals.

    Sample Size

    XRF testing requires a small sample size, usually less than a gram, whereas fire assay requires a larger sample size, typically between 10 and 50 grams.


    Fire assay gold is more suitable for refineries, ore purification and metallurgical industries, where precious metals are separated from other components by smelting.

    This also determines that it is smart to work in a fixed scene. The xrf gold testing machine is easy to transport and can realize changes in usage scenarios. It is more suitable for some gold buyers and the jewelry industry.

    Chapter 2:

    What Are the Gold Testing Machines in the Market?

    There are different types of gold analyzers in the market. They range from the acid gold-testing kits to portable gold-testers and sophisticated gold-testing equipment. It is important to state that each tester has its own usefulness or capabilities. However, at the industrial or commercial level, sophisticated gold-testing tools or equipment like gold spectrometer and XRF gold analyzer are utilized.

    2.1, Gold Spectrometer

    Gold spectrometer comes in different forms and they carry out different functions. As a matter of fact, there are two distinct types of spectrometers that can be used to identify whether a certain piece of gold is genuine or fake. These include:

    Optical Spectrometer

    This spectrometer reveals the intensity of light as a function of wavelength or frequency. When a ray of light passes through a noble metal, for example, it emerges as a spectrum (band) of lights or lines that can be studied to reveal the actual composition of that particular metal.So, if a ray of light passes through a genuine piece of gold, it produces some distinct lines that are different from when the same ray passes through a fake piece of gold. In the case of fake gold, its components will produce a band of lines that are obviously different from those obtainable from the real gold. Gold Tester Gun

    Mass Spectrometer

    This kind of spectrometer estimates the amount of certain substance in a mixture (compound) using the concept of mass-to-charge ratio and the quantity of the gas-phase ions. In other words, it is a fact that even pure gold consists of gold and other noble elements in small proportions.And fake gold, on the other hand, has very little amount of gold but containing large amounts of other metals. So, using a mass spectrometer, it is possible to estimate the percentage (amount) of purity a piece of gold is.There are two types of mass spectrometer: You can either choose to use a magnetic spectrometer or a time-of-flight spectrometer. The principle behind a magnetic spectrometer is that when a charged particle (a piece of gold, genuine or fake) passes through a constant magnetic field at right angles, it moves in a circle based on its charged property and mass. Real gold will produce different circular path of radius from fake gold. Gold Purity Testing Machine

    2.2, XRF Gold Analyzer

    XRF gold testing machine is a very popular tool for analyzing gold purity within a short period of it. Over the years its precision and reliability has increased. Today, you can even use XRF Gold Analyzer to determine the Karat of your gold. The good news is that such an analysis can be completed between 3 and 10 seconds. There are different kinds of XRF Gold Analyzers, but the most common one is the handheld XRF Gold Tester. You need a handheld XRF Gold Analyzer if you are a gold refiner, recycler, or analytical assay researcher. As the amount of fake gold objects that are flooding the market increases, it becomes imperative that gold storeowners and pawnshop owners invest in buying an XRF Gold Analyzer. Here are some benefits you can derive from using this very useful tool (XRF Gold Analyzer):
    • It provides 100 percent non-destructive analysis, in the sense that it will not affect the quality of the gold during analysis
    • It is portable and can be easily conveyed from one location to another
    • It is fast and accurate—you can obtain the analysis results in as little as 5 seconds
    • It doesn’t require elaborate trainings before you can use it
    It can be used to detect pure gold in all types of gold compounds (substances), such as gold jewelry, gold bars, gold pins, gold ore, gold plating, alloys with gold content, gold nuggets, and yellow, white, and rose gold

    2.3, Comparisons of these gold analyzers

    There are many kinds of gold measuring equipment on the market, and you need to know roughly each one, such as gold measuring kit (chemical method), hand-held gold measuring instrument, and desktop gold measuring instrument. The desktop gold measuring instruments are placed on the desks and can be operated manually or with an automation. The table below shows the comparisons between the three forms of gold-measuring equipment:
    Feature Chemical method Handheld gold measuring instrument Desktop gold measuring instrument
    Location In the lab Portable On the desk
    Safety Partially safe Less safe Safe (and fixed)
    Training Requires substantial training Requires simple training Requires substantial training
    Chapter 3:

    How Many Types of Gold Analyzer in SuperbMelt?

    SuperbMeltThere are a variety of styles of gold measuring instruments, including basic equipment electronic water density meter, handheld gold measuring instrument, desktop gold measuring instrument.

    Electronic Water Density Meter

    It can realize the most basic gold density measurement, which is used for simple verification of gold. By measuring the specific gravity of water, it can read the K number and density of gold to judge whether the sample is real gold.

    It is very small and relatively cheap, so this device is used in many small pawn shops and gold jewelry shops.

    Gold Water Density Meter

    Desktop Gold Testing Machine

    SuperbMelt has 3 type desktop gold analyzer, all of which are suitable for fixed office areas.

    The shape and state of the metal are not limited, solid, liquid, and powder can be detected.

    This device uses different detectors to meet the corresponding application requirements. There are three options: Proportional Counter, si pin, and sdd. The price of the device will also vary depending on the detector.

    Measurable elements range from basic gold, silver, copper and platinum to more rare and precious metals, with up to 72 kinds of measured elements.

    Desktop gold testing machine

    Handheld Gold Testing Gun

    There are two models of Superbmelt handheld gold tester, both of which are the best choice for outdoor and workers who need to carry equipment, such as some professional gold buyers, precious metal experimenters, jewelry appraisers, etc.

    It can be connected to Bluetooth, and the measurement results can be quickly transmitted to the mobile phone, and the test results can be obtained easily, which is very convenient to use. Handheld models are the lightest in weight, but they have more measurement elements, up to 80 elements, so they are almost suitable for most metal industries.

    Handheld Gold Testing Machine

    Chapter 4:


    After reading this helpful guide, you may have discovered some important facts about gold-testing machines for sale. The idea of having a self-explanatory guide like this is to make the process of buying, using, and maintaining or servicing your XRF Gold Analyzer easier.

    There are other important pieces of information that you should be aware of:

    1. Buy a gold purity testing machine that is only useful for your purpose
    2. You should always remember that gold quality testing machines come in different prices based on the different functions they can perform. So, choose the gold testing machine price that suits your budget. You cannot risk your hard-earned money on a single xrf gold analyzer price
    3. Do not buy a gold quality checking machine from a manufacturer that doesn’t offer any warranty
    4. When bought, put your x ray fluorescence machine to a good use so that it can last for a long time
    5. If you eventually need to service it, consult your manufacturer or use the service of a reliable expert

    This guide has provided all the necessary information you need to know about how to successfully use a silver and gold testing machine for sale, whether it is an electric/electronic gold tester or not.

    Superbmelt, a long-term manufacturer and supplier of gold analyzers have clients all over the world. The company understands the importance of providing the most appropriate information about its products to it customers worldwide. This guide is an attempt to provide customers with adequate instructions and assistance they will every required in running their gold analyzers.

    If you have any questions after reading this comprehensive guide, do not hesitate to ask. You can get all our contact details via our website. Feel free to email, call, or visit us. Superbmelt is considered a very friendly supplier because we put the interests of our customers first.

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