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Gold Analyzer
Gold Analyzer

The XRF Gold Analyzer is widely used for the analysis of precious metal purity, authenticity and metallization thickness.

The XRF Gold Analyzer can accurately analyze the purity of four precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, palladium etc, analytical tolerance range is 0.01% to 0.3%.

It can also test Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu, Ni, Zn, Mo, Ir, Rh, Os, Ru, Cr, Fe, etc, and show over 25 elements at the same time.

The whole process only needs to put the precious metal to the test area and analyze it without destroying the original precious metal to avoid the loss of precious metals.

Gold testing machine features
Analyze the percentage of all metal purity
Gold Analyzer feature
Analysis of gold, silver, platinum, palladium purity
Gold Analyzer feature
Testing the thickness of metal coating

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Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
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Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
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    Ultimate Gold Testing Machine Buying Guide

    Gold is a precious metal that commands some respect in all cultures and places because of its various uses. You can have a gold necklace, bracelet, and jewelry. You can see some luxury items such as wristwatches, cups, swords, tables or chairs plated or coated with gold. In addition to all these, gold also possesses some electrical and chemical properties.

    To enjoy using your gold, it is advisable that it should be in its purest form. Since gold is rarely found alone (it comes in alloys and compounds), you will have to, first of all, extract and purify it utilizing some appropriate methods.

    So, what happens to your piece of refined or purified gold? Are you sure it is 100% in its purest state? That is, are you sure you have successfully removed other elements or alloys that might have attached themselves to your piece of gold?

    This guide explains how you can test whether your gold is pure or what the purity of the gold alloy is. You can accomplish this by using a gold analyzer. You will discover the different types of gold analyzers in the market and learn about their specific usefulness.

    SuperbMelt manufactures an XRF gold analyzer, and you will see how it is different from other types of gold testing machines in the market. You will discover the features, principles, benefits, and applications of XRF Gold Analyzer.

    There is also a gold analyzer buying guide/advice for you; and you will also learn how to maintain your XRF Gold Analyzer so that you can use it for a long time.

    Chapter 1:

    Do You Really Know that Gold Is Real?

    Not many people believe that gold is real. You cannot blame them for their belief because there are many pieces of fake or counterfeited gold in the market. This has been the case for centuries. Since the real gold is more expensive and valuable than the fake one, you must pay serious attention to the type of gold you are buying or using.

    1.1, The Karat gold

    The K gold has a high degree of pure gold in it. This indicates that after refining a piece of gold, the impurities have already been removed. This can be achieved by using some gold-cleaning chemicals such as borax and soda ash.

    They are usually added to the molten metal (gold) while it is still hot; this helps to separate the pure gold from other metals that can be described as precious or less precious metals. Gold can also be purified through the use of gold-melting furnaces.

    Gold purity is measured in Karatage, which indicates the percentage of gold purity. When compared with other metals, it is very important to know how much pure gold is present in a particular gold material (for example, a jewelry or gold wristwatch) when compared with another alloy.

    The higher the Karatage of your jewelry, the larger the amount or proportion of pure gold in it.

    1.2, Different gold Karatage

    As indicated below, the higher the number of gold Karatage, the larger the quantity of pure gold in the material.

    24 Karats = 100 percent gold (it simply means a 24 Karat gold necklace, for instance, is made of 100% of pure gold)
    22 Karats = 91.75 percent gold
    21 Karats = 87.5 percent gold
    18 Karats = 75 percent gold
    14 Karats = 58.5 percent gold
    12 Karats = 50.25 percent gold
    10 Karats = 42 percent gold
    9 Karats = 37.8 percent gold
    8 Karats = 33. 75 percent gold

    1.3, The dangers and economic losses of impure gold

    Using a large amount of impure gold to make jewelry has some disadvantages. Pay attention to the following points described below:

    I. Economic losses:

    Gold jewelry or coins made from low Karatage gold are generally cheap to buy. For example, a genuine 1 oz gold coil may cost a little over $1000.

    But you may get a counterfeit gold coin in the market a lot less than that, maybe around $700 or $850. Do you know what?

    Even though it is cheaper than the original gold coin, you have just wasted your $700 or $850 buying a counterfeit gold coin you don’t need or cannot sell for a better value.

    Imagine the amount of economic losses you will sustain if you pack your gold bullion full of hundreds or thousands of low-Karatage gold coins!

    This is why it is very important to know how to detect counterfeit gold materials and save yourself from wasting your scarce resources on buying them.

    II. II. Bad reputation in business:

    If you are running a jewelry business and mistakenly use counterfeit gold for the production of your jewelry, your business may lose it good reputation if your customers eventually detect that your jewelry are made from low-Karatage gold. Your business operations may be affected in the following ways:

    1. Pure Gold Processing plant: You may experience these problems when unknowingly using gold with very low Karatage to produce your jewelry:
      • Color failure: Counterfeit gold may be able to give a product a temporary golden look or appearance. However, such a sheen or shining feature cannot last for a long time.This is because no plating material can possess the same color and endurance qualities of gold. In no time, the color will begin to peel off and eventually show the original color of the metals used instead of the genuine gold.
      • Not passing quality standard tests: Despite efforts by counterfeiters to make impure gold look like the real thing, it is impossible for counterfeit gold to pass the quality standard tests required for gold jewelry production. This means that the low-Karatage gold you mistakenly bought and used will result in a massive waste of your capital.
      • Technical problems associated with gold jewelry production: There are going to be some technical issues if the producer skips or ignores doing the required standard quality tests and continues with jewelry production.It is a fact that the differences in density between the actual gold and the counterfeit product will affect mold volume calculations. This will result in mismatched sizes and volumes.Since the melting point of the impure gold is different from that of the genuine gold, there are going to be problems when the impure raw gold is fed into a gold jewelry vacuum casting machine.This may cause either under-heating or over-heating of the counterfeit gold material. The jewelry vacuum casting machine only works perfectly with the genuine gold melting point or temperature.
    2. K gold processing plant: You can also run into some problems while processing K gold if you are using (intentionally or unintentionally) some low-Karatage gold. Though the issues you have to deal with are similar to that associated with the processing of pure gold, but with slight differences.
      • Color failure: The impure K gold seriously has a color issue because its shining appearance will fade within months or even weeks! And no buyer would be happy to see their expensive “gold jewelry” lose its sheen after two months.It is observed that this fading coloration occurs when low-Karatage gold is used in the gold jewelry vacuum coating machine for the production of jewelry. As you can see, this outcome is absolutely undesirable.And the owner of the jewelry business will find himself/herself in a big problem with his/her customers.
      • Quality Issues: Real (or original) gold products possess good qualities such as high durability and ability to withstand stress and pressure.Counterfeit gold jewelries are made from non-gold metals which do not necessarily have the same shining appearance as genuine gold. And they also have poor quality when compared with the jewelries made from genuine gold.Hence, this apparent lack of durability makes them bend, break, and can have a scratch easily. The counterfeit gold products are not also strong enough to withstand pressure and stress.
    3. Lost Wax Casting:Pay attention to this: When impure gold is used for lost wax casting, modelling and polishing, you will have to struggle with some technical issues.These include having minor issues like a “sand hole” appearing on the products. The sand hole occurs due to a certain discontinuity in the layer of “counterfeit gold” that was used for the lost wax casting.Though, it is possible to repair this minor problem, but it shows that low-Karatage gold is not as good as the genuine one with 100 percent gold.Other serious concerns are that the sand hole may lead to some other irreparable problems such as grit or Fujin. The only way to handle such a mess is to completely scrap the impure gold products.

      As it turns out, that is a complete waste of resources—all the money spent on acquiring impure gold often ends up being a wasteful spending! You need to discard them immediately if you want to retain your business’ good brand or reputation.

    Chapter 2:

    Why Do You Need A Professional Gold Analyzer?

    You need a professional gold gold testing machine so that you will be able to test gold purity and also identify impure gold.

    Because if you fail to do so, you and your jewelry business will face some of the problems described in Chapter One. Some of these problems include:

    • Loss of money: The money you spent on buying impure gold is nothing but a waste.
    • Bad business image: Selling counterfeit gold coins or jewelry to your customers will ruin your business reputation once your customers discovered that you have been deceiving them with impure gold products.
    • Poor-quality gold products: Since they are made of counterfeit gold, your jewelry will not pass most of the standardized quality tests.
    • Color issues: Some other precious metals used instead of genuine gold in counterfeit gold jewelry do not possess similar shining color of gold. Even though some of them may shine brightly at first, but they will soon lose their sheen because they are not durable—they cannot stand the stress and pressure that the genuine gold can withstand.

    If you are very careful about saving your business, you will do everything you can to have a professional gold analyzer and save yourself and business from irredeemable destruction that may arise by mistakenly selling impure gold products to your customers.

    If you need some simple methods to identify fake gold, click here to see some simple ways to test fake gold

    2.1, Impure gold types that cannot be identified by simple methods

    There are some impure gold types that cannot be easily identified using some or all of the simple methods highlighted above. This is because the precious metals used as the base materials have properties or qualities that resemble that of gold.

    It is totally confusing to gold shop owners and pawnshop owners to differentiate between jewelries made from the pure gold and Tungsten that has layers of pure gold on it. As a matter of fact, Tungsten jewelries are somehow brighter than some gold jewelry. And when tested with some simple methods, it may be difficult to confidently say that it wasn’t a pure gold jewelry.

    Other precious metals that can stand in the place of pure gold are copper, which is indeed brighter than gold in color when polished. Precious metals such as palladium, platinum, and zinc can also be used. But when they are cut in cross-sections, you can detect their colors.

    So, jewelries made from Tungsten and Copper are the most confusing to gold shop owners and pawnshop owners.

    2.2, An introduction to gold analyzers

    Advanced gold purity machines produce better results of separating fake gold from genuine gold. Highlighted below are some examples of modern gold-analyzing technologies:

    I.Melting and Sampling spectrum detection:

    The concept behind this test is that melting and sampling spectrum detection utilizes a thermo-analytical method referred to as Differential Scanning Calorimeter. It is a more rigorous and expensive test, but it produces much better results than simple methods.

    All you need to do is to place a sample of the gold to be analyzed in a Differential Scanning Calorimeter alongside a reference gold sample. This requires the same temperature intensity being applied to both the sample and the reference gold materials.

    Hence, you will need to record the difference in the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of the sample when compared with the reference material. You will be able to easily detect which of the two gold materials is genuine based on this heat difference.

    II. Metallographic Analysis:

    Every precious metal has its unique metalogical properties. So, based on this assumption, it is possible to use this technique to separate counterfeit gold from the genuine one.

    All you are expected to do is to conduct some metallographic analyses that will assist you in identifying impure gold. This entails using microscopy. And the two typical types of microscopy in use are optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy with energy-dispersive x-ray analysis (SEM/EDX).

    Since the properties of real gold through microscopy are already known to person doing the test, they can use that knowledge to separate pure gold from an impure one.

    III. Smelting Identification:

    If you use this technique, you can obtain clear results that differential a pure gold material from a fake one. Smelting, as you know, indicates that you will need to melt an ore or alloy of various elements in order to separate the base elements or metals of interest from the other constituents of the alloy.

    You can carry out the smelting using a machine such as Superbmelt gold melting equipment that supplies very high heat which is hot enough to melt the ore or alloy. After smelting the ore or alloy of the material to be tested, you can prove the originality of gold it melts out first.

    Other metals such as copper and zinc with different melting temperatures or points will melt later, and this can indicate the availability of impure gold.


    IV. Fire Assay: People have been using this technique since the ancient times. The good news is that it is still as effective as it was many years before. Using Fire assay, you will evaluate the gold content in a sample by melting it in a furnace.

    You will need to carefully measure its weight all along the process. The molten gold is then poured into a kind of crucible known as a cupel. This will be further heated to allow other impure metals to leave the crucible, leaving the gold alone.

    You will then need to cool down the remaining gold and weigh it to determine the amount of the sample which is actually gold.

    V. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS):

    In chemistry laboratory, AAS is commonly used to do spectro-analytical evaluation of the components of an element. This technology (AAS) works via the principle of absorption of optical radiation.

    This follows the assumption that different elements have varying ways of interacting with light. In essence, some elements are better absorbers of light than the others. more. According to literature, gold has the maximum light absorption at wavelengths 400nm and 320nm in the violet and nearby ultra-violet regions of the spectrum respectively.

    So, if an AAS test reveals results varying too widely from the pure gold standards, that will be a proof that what you are dealing with is fake gold. Atomic Absorption Spectrometers can either be medium range Line source AAS or high range Continuum Source AAS.

    VI. Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP):

    You can use this kind of spectrometry to detect a fake gold material from an original one. Unlike AAS, you can use a very small sample for ICP. This is another form of spectrometry which is similar but different from AAS.

    All you need to do is to ionize the sample with an inductively coupled plasma. You will then use mass spectrometry to separate and measure the ions in the ionized sample. Through this technique, you can also measure the percentage composition of pure gold in a given sample.

    Finally, you will need to compare the amount of gold obtained from the ICP-MS test with the specified amount. This can help you determine whether the gold is genuine or not.

    VII. X-RAY Fluorescence (XRF): Out of all the different types of advanced methods of identifying impure and pure gold, XRF is the most complicated but the easiest to operate.

    XRF functions by emitting a beam of X-ray photon which hits the atom of the sample to be analyzed. After the collision with the x-ray photon, electrons of different elements release varying amounts of energy.

    Therefore, specific elements like gold can be readily observed considering the energy released by its electron. You can easily spot a counterfeit gold material because they will definitely give off different amounts of energy, revealing their counterfeiting nature. XRF technique is fast and the XRF spectrometer is highly portable.

    Chapter 3:

    What Are the Gold Testing Machines in the Market?

    There are different types of gold analyzers in the market. They range from the acid gold-testing kits to portable gold-testers and sophisticated gold-testing equipment. It is important to state that each tester has its own usefulness or capabilities.

    However, at the industrial or commercial level, sophisticated gold-testing tools or equipment like gold spectrometer and XRF gold analyzer are utilized.

    3.1, Gold Spectrometer

    Gold spectrometer comes in different forms and they carry out different functions. As a matter of fact, there are two distinct types of spectrometers that can be used to identify whether a certain piece of gold is genuine or fake. These include:

    • Optical spectrometer: This spectrometer reveals the intensity of light as a function of wavelength or frequency. When a ray of light passes through a noble metal, for example, it emerges as a spectrum (band) of lights or lines that can be studied to reveal the actual composition of that particular metal.So, if a ray of light passes through a genuine piece of gold, it produces some distinct lines that are different from when the same ray passes through a fake piece of gold. In the case of fake gold, its components will produce a band of lines that are obviously different from those obtainable from the real gold.

      How optical spectrometer works, picture obtained from CCC Maker

    • Mass Spectrometer:This kind of spectrometer estimates the amount of certain substance in a mixture (compound) using the concept of mass-to-charge ratio and the quantity of the gas-phase ions. In other words, it is a fact that even pure gold consists of gold and other noble elements in small proportions.And fake gold, on the other hand, has very little amount of gold but containing large amounts of other metals. So, using a mass spectrometer, it is possible to estimate the percentage (amount) of purity a piece of gold is.There are two types of mass spectrometer: You can either choose to use a magnetic spectrometer or a time-of-flight spectrometer. The principle behind a magnetic spectrometer is that when a charged particle (a piece of gold, genuine or fake) passes through a constant magnetic field at right angles, it moves in a circle based on its charged property and mass. Real gold will produce different circular path of radius from fake gold.

      How Mass Spectrometer works, picture obtained from ResearchGate

    In general, spectrometers depends largely on the following properties of noble metals: Wavelengths, or frequencies, or masses, and these properties are useful for separating genuine gold from their fake counterparts through the actions of light or magnetic intensity.

    3.2, XRF gold analyzer

    XRF gold testing machine is a very popular tool for analyzing gold purity within a short period of it. Over the years its precision and reliability has increased. Today, you can even use XRF Gold Analyzer to determine the Karat of your gold. The good news is that such an analysis can be completed between 3 and 10 seconds.

    There are different kinds of XRF Gold Analyzers, but the most common one is the handheld XRF Gold Tester.

    You need a handheld XRF Gold Analyzer if you are a gold refiner, recycler, or analytical assay researcher. As the amount of fake gold objects that are flooding the market increases, it becomes imperative that gold storeowners and pawnshop owners invest in buying an XRF Gold Analyzer.

    Here are some benefits you can derive from using this very useful tool (XRF Gold Analyzer):

    • It provides 100 percent non-destructive analysis, in the sense that it will not affect the quality of the gold during analysis
    • It is portable and can be easily conveyed from one location to another
    • It is fast and accurate—you can obtain the analysis results in as little as 5 seconds
    • It doesn’t require elaborate trainings before you can use it
    • It can be used to detect pure gold in all types of gold compounds (substances), such as gold jewelry, gold bars, gold pins, gold ore, gold plating, alloys with gold content, gold nuggets, and yellow, white, and rose gold

    3.3, Comparisons of these gold analyzers

    There are many kinds of gold measuring equipment on the market, and you need to know roughly each one, such as gold measuring kit (chemical method), hand-held gold measuring instrument, and desktop gold measuring instrument.

    The desktop gold measuring instruments are placed on the desks and can be operated manually or with an automation. The table below shows the comparisons between the three forms of gold-measuring equipment:

    FeatureChemical methodHandheld gold measuring instrumentDesktop gold measuring instrument
    LocationIn the labPortableOn the desk
    SafetyPartially safeLess safeSafe (and fixed)
    TrainingRequires substantial trainingRequires simple trainingRequires substantial training

    3.4, Questions and answers about SuperbMelt XRF gold analyzer

      1. How many elements can the XRA2000 analysis?XRA2000 can give quantitative analysis of Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Cu. Zn and Ni will calculate in Cu. It can qualitative analyze Fe, Co, Zr, Mo, Zn, Ni, Ru, Rh, Cd, Os, Ir, W, etc. It exceeds 20 elements.
      2. What is the time setting for analysis?According to XRF technology, the longer the time is, the better the result is. Usually we set 40-120 seconds for analysis. After customer use this machine and have experience.
      3. What is used for Initialization?Initialization is used to adjust the peak to 0. It likes a scale. When we use scale, we need adjust to 0 firstly, then we can weigh any goods.As every element has its characteristic spectrum, its difference of every spectrum will show different position on X-axis of the software. So, we need fix a reference spectrum to 0, then other elements spectrum position will be fixed. At here, we set Au spectrum at 0. Then software will know where Cu spectrum is and where Ag spectrum is, and so on.Initialization is an automatic process to adjust Au peak to 0. If Au peak not at 0, machine will show wrong report.
      4. What jewelries could do the Initialization?Software requires to use pure gold for initialization.
      5. How often could we do the calibration?Calibration is not necessary and needn’t doing often. Calibration is only done when the testing results are inaccurate. Calibration should be done by professional staffs.
      6. What are standard samples?Standard samples are used for calibration to build up the working curve.
      7. What is the solution if the results are not satisfactory?XRA2000 is based on advanced technology of XRF (X-ray Fluorescence). The testing error is below ±0.3%.When the testing results are not satisfactory: First, check the peak of Au. If the peak is far away from 0, perform an initialization. Secondly, check the sample’s placement to see if it is put on the right place on the testing window. Thirdly, check the jewelry samples.As explained above, XRA2000 could analyze well-proportioned samples. If the samples are not flat and inhomogeneous, you need to polish the surface of the jewelry samples to analyze.
      8. Could XRA2000 analyze plating jewelry? XRA2000 could analyze plating jewelry. The plating surface should not be too thick due to the penetration of X-ray. For different element thicknesses, ranging from 5-15 microns, we can also adjust the machine according to requirements.
      9. How long should we warm up the machine at the beginning of using every day?We suggest 15-30 minutes for warming up every day.
      10. Is your machine accurate?There is no doubt that our machine is accurate. But it still has close relationship with the sample itself. The corner must ensure the sample is not electroplated or some other chemical acid pickled. If the sample is small, you can polish it. If the sample is a little big, you can planish or cut it and test its section.
      11. How long is your warranty?Our warranty is one year. Usually customer use the machine for many years with no quality problems.
      12. What kinds of precious metals can your machine test?Our machine can test solid, liquid and powder precious metals.
      13. Will your X-Ray analyzer harm to body health.Certainly not. The X-Ray is weak and we design protecting function. If you open the chamber cover carelessly when the power is operating, the machine will switch off the X-Ray automatically.
    Chapter 4:

    How Does the Superbmelt Gold Analyzer Work?

    Superbmelt remains one of the prominent manufacturers of silver and gold testing equipment in the world. Its flagship XRF gold analyzer machine brand is a commonly used equipment in analyzing the quality of gold and those of other precious metals such as silver, copper, platinum, and palladium.

    Highlighted below are the principle behind the usage of Superbmelt XRF Gold Analyzer, its outstanding features and benefits.

    4.1, Introduction

    The Superbmelt gold analyzer is very popular in the market because of its various applications. It utilizes x-ray technology to provide fast, accurate, and non-destructive precious metal testing for gold storeowners, precious metal laboratories, metallurgical centers, jewelry retailers, universities, government quality assurance departments, jewelry manufacturers, and so on. For examples, it can be used:

    1. To detect and analyze the contents of precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.
    2. To detect other metals such as zinc, nickel, radium, tungsten, cadmium, and so on.
    3. To analyze the thickness of metal coating or plating.
    4. To measure metal solutions concentrations.

    The Superbmelt gold and silver testing machine is easy to operate and the results of the analysis can be simply printed from the equipment. The good thing about this equipment is that it has an analytical tolerance range is 0.01% to 0.3%.

    And the whole process only needs to put the precious metal to the test area and analyze it without destroying the original precious metal to avoid the loss of precious metals.

    4.2, The Features of Superbmelt gold analyzer

    The incomparable features that Superbmelt best gold tester possesses makes it a high-rated equipment all over the world. These sterling features include but are not limited to:

    1. Its portability: It can be carried from one place to another without any major hassles.
    2. Little space requirement: You do not need a lot of space or factory floor to install your Superbmelt gold analyzer. In fact, it can be operated on a single table!
    3. All-in-one and Wireless Access: The machine and the controlling computer are combined together, which is simple and concise. Its compact, portable, space-saving, streamline body designs with high quality make it an excellent value of long-life usage and low maintenance. Supporting Wifi allows it to be convenient for you to remote control.
    4. Accurate (Analysis Results Close to Fire Assay Results): Using unique optical technology and calculation method to ensure analysis results close to Fire Assay. Analytical tolerance range is 0.01% to 0.3%.
    5. Multilevel Protections from X-ray: Using unique design to seal x-ray in the chamber totally, making sure the operators’ safety. There are multilevel safety protection systems.
    6. USB Interface and DC 12V Power Supply: It is very convenient to connect external equipment with USB interface, such as printer, keyboard, and mouse. It can be charged with vehicle power supply and battery. It is available to use it outside.
    7. Completely Intelligent Analysis: The operation is very simple. And it doesn’t require the operator to have professional knowledge. The operator just needs to put the sample on the measurement window and click “measurement start” without choosing the working curve or calculate method. Then the intelligent analysis system will report the sample purity automatically.
    8. Less Standard Samples for Calibration: All XRF analyzers need a certain quantity of standard samples for calibration to ensure the accurate analysis. The Superbmelt gold carat checking machine only needs several samples for calibration and gives perfect results close to Fire Assay.
    9. No Restriction to Samples’ Size and Shape: With small X-ray spot, it can test samples of different size and shape, even when the sample is a pin. It also supplies average function so that customers can be easy to get big sample’s results, such as gold bar.
    10. Unique Parts Protection System: Having unique technology to protect important parts and keep their lives longer.
    11. Rapid Analysis: Only taking several seconds to get accurate results.
    12. Visible: There is a camera in the gold identification machine, so customers can see X-ray spot position from computer screen. And it is easy to print report with analysis point photo.
    13. Innovative Ideas: Many innovative ideas are integrated into hardware and software, so the silver testing equipment have many utility functions to meet different customers, requirements.

    4.3, The benefits of Superbmelt gold analyzer

    Some of the great benefits of using Superbmelt gold analyzer are that it gives users:

    1. A rest of mind: The results you will obtain from the Superbmelt gold testing or silver testing machine are accurate and very reliable.
    2. Cost-efficiency: Because of its warranty, fully set parts and great technology, users of the Superbmelt gold jewelry testing machines do not necessarily need to spend a lot on acquiring accessories to the equipment. It can be used right away after purchase and does not require elaborate and expensive assemblage.
    3. Environmentally friendly: The Superbmelt gold analyzer is environmentally friendly, meaning that it doesn’t release any pollutants into the atmosphere.
    4. High protection: The equipment is protected against high and low voltage, current, radiation, and pressure.
    5. Durability: If properly maintained, the Superbmelt gold x-ray machine can last for a long time.

    4.4, Some advantages of the Superbmelt XRF Analyzers

    When compared with other XRF analyzers in the market, the Superbmelt XRF Analyzer comes with some advantages over the others. The following benefits of using Sueprbmelt XRF Analyzer set it apart from the other analyzers:

    ConditionSuperbmelt XRF Analyzer
    SpeedThe Superbmelt XRF Analyzer is fast and efficient. You can test your gold purity in as little as 5 seconds. In fact, you can complete any gold purity analysis between 5s and 120s. Not all XRF analyzers in the market can match the speed of Superbmelt XRF Analyzer
    Ease of UseThe Superbmelt Analyzer is very easy to use. You don’t actually need elaborate training before you can operate it. Although, it is advisable to have all the necessary training before you start using it
    CompactnessThe Supernmelt XRF Analyzer is compact and can be operated in a small space or area. This is in sharp contrast to bulky or huge machines that require large spaces before they can be installed. This makes Superbmelt XRF Analyzer useful in places such as in laboratory, jewelry shop, pawn shop, and so on
    Better PricingWhen compared with other gold-testing machines in the market, Superbmelt XRF Analyzer is moderately priced and affordable. This is why the machine is popular worldwide
    PrecisionThe Superbmelt XRF Analyzer has a high degree of precision when it comes to measuring the purity of gold. More so, it can be used to detect the purity in other precious metals such as silver, copper, and others
    Chapter 5:

    The Applications of the Superbmelt XRF Gold Analyzer

    This section describes, in detail, how Superbmelt XRF Gold Analyzer can be applied when it comes to analyzing gold purity. Chapter Four has revealed all the important information concerning the features and parameters of Superbmelt XRF Gold Testing Machine.

    So, how do you apply the equipment great qualities in testing your gold purity and doing other associated functions? You will get all the necessary answers from this chapter.

    5.1, How to apply the Superbmelt XRF gold analyzer

    It must be stated that Superbmelt XRF Gold Analyzer cannot directly determine the purity of gold by merely testing a point on its surface.

    Why not? There are some jewelries that are coated or platted with some other materials or precious elements. In that case, testing a particular point on their surfaces will not yield a correct estimation or calculation of gold purity.

    There are two unique approaches that can be utilized in testing gold purity in the scenario described above.

        • Melting gold before detection: In gold standard laboratory, it is important that a pure piece of gold is used. Therefore, a testing must be carried out to determine gold purity.In order to be sure that you are properly using Superbmelt XRF Gold Analyzer to test the purity of your gold or gold materials (jewelries, bangles, necklaces, trinkets, and so on), the first you have to do is to obtain the gold in the craft or jewelry in its purest form or state.How will you do this? You will have to, first of all, melt the gold in the craft or jewelry using any good gold-melting machine or furnace. After this process, you can then take a sample from the melted gold to test it purity using Superbmelt XRF Gold Analyzer.
        • Four cross-sectional testing:A jewelry store recycles gold jewelry but worries about the purity of gold in the jewelry. In this case, it is advisable that gold purity should be tested.Another useful method you can use to test the purity of your gold while applying Superbmelt XRF Gold Analyzer is to undergo four cross-sectional testing.What does this mean? It indicates that rather than testing the purity of gold from a point on the surface of the craft or jewelry, you will need to first cut the jewelry in four equal cross-sections.Take the four cross-sections and then test the purity of gold in them on Superbmelt XRF Gold Analyzer. You should take the average value of the four testing results to determine the approximate gold quality percentage.

          You can also drill the gold in order to test its purity. The gold particles that come of the drills can be tested for purity.

    NOTE: The underlying principle behind all XRF Gold Analyzers is that they cannot penetrate gold to detect internal purity. In that case, efforts must be made to reach the gold itself, and the two methods described above are the best practices to achieve this.

    5.2, Some factors influencing the efficiency of Superbmelt gold analyzer

    It is not enough to only know the main principle behind Superbmelt XRF Gold Analyzer, you must also understand some important factors that can influence getting a correct estimate on gold purity. Pay attention to these essential processes while using Superbmelt XRF Gold Analyzer:

    1. Use a gold-melting machine that can obtain gold samples in their purest forms
    2. Equally cut the coated or plated gold jewelry in four equal sections so that you can get accurate average result for your gold purity
    3. Strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using the XRF Gold Analyzer
    4. Keep the gold-testing machine in the most suitable environment so that its functions will not be affected by any external factors
    5. Even though Superbmelt XRF Gold Analyzer is easy to operate and do not necessarily require elaborate training, it is still advisable to allow only professionals or experts who have deep knowledge of its operation to handle it. This will prevent a situation whereby improper use of the equipment will cause it to be damaged in no time.
    6. Always check every part of the Gold Analyzer before using it so as to make sure that everything is working perfectly.
    Chapter 6:

    A Gold Analyzer Buying Guide

    When you see a precious metal analyzer for sale, there are some important things you need to consider before making your final decisions. You may want to look at the following points: What is the average price of the gold-checking machine you want to buy? Is it durable and will last for a long time? How easy is it to maintain or service it? What are the other necessary factors you must pay attention to when purchasing a gold analyzer?

    You will find the appropriate answers to the questions above in this guide. It is not enough to have money that you can spend on purchasing a gold jewelry tester machine, but it is equally important to make sure you are not wasting your hard-earned money.

    Buying a wrong gold analyzer is comparable to throwing away one’s money. So, be patient and discover in this section all you need to know before buying that gold-checking machine.

    6.1, Price and Durability

    Gold-checking machines have different price tags. This may be due to their features, capabilities, and the unique brands of the manufacturers. When it comes to selecting a portable gold testing machine price, the final decision rests with you.

    You may want to consider the following essential points before spending any amount of money on a gold analyzer:

    1. Is the gold x ray machine price reasonable? You can find gold-checking machines with different prices. You should pick the one that goes with your budget. You don’t want to use all the money in your account to get a gold analyzer that you cannot maintain. Maintenance and servicing of gold carat testing machine price costs a lot of money. So, choose the most appropriate gold purity testing machine price.
    2. Does the price look competitive? Check out the competitive gold purity checking machine prices that are in the market. Choose the one that you are able to afford. Gold and silver testing machine price varies from one manufacturer to another.
    3. Will the gold analyzer get all the features and capabilities I need? What is the essence of buying a gold testing equipment that lacks some of the important features or technical capabilities that you mainly required? Go for a gold silver testing machine that will do the job of perfectly checking your gold quality. Remember: It is not always about the gold karat testing machine price, it is about the quality of job the machine can perform.
    4. Does it have some warranty? A good way to save on your expenses is to get a silver purity testing machine price that has at least one or two years’ warranty. This indicates that you are not required to pay for repairs or servicing when the precious metal testing equipment breaks down within a year or two.
    5. Manufacturing quality: Another thing you should consider is the quality of xrf gold testing machine suppliers. Do they have quality or standards for producing the machines? The fact is that not many manufacturers have standards for manufacturing analyzers before displaying xrf gold testing machine for sale.

    If you are making a money decision, it is very important you consider everything about the gold analyzer you are purchasing. Pay attention to its usefulness.

    It is not advisable to waste your money acquiring a gold analysis machine that would not be useful for you in the long run. After you have done all the necessary research, you can then settle for a particular xrf gold testing machine price.

    6.2, Maintenance and Servicing

    Gold-checking machines are specialized tools and equipment. As a result of this, they require constant maintenance or servicing. Here is the good news: If you have obtained one or two years’ warranties from the manufacturers, you are not expected to spend any amount of money on maintaining the equipment during the warranty year (s).

    You can actually save some money on this arrangement if you have purchased your equipment from a good manufacturer that caters to the needs of its many customers.

    Hence, after the expiration of your warranties, the maintenance and servicing of your gold-checking machine become your sole responsibilities. If your manufacturer is as supportive as Superbmelt, they can help you find experienced professional that will take care of your gold analyzer maintenance.

    In general, if you want your equipment to last for a long time, take the following precautions while using it:

    1. Never expose our XRF gold analyzer to the elements/weathers: In other words, do not put the equipment in any place where rains, snow, dust, excessive heat can reach it. Too much exposure to the rains, snow, and sunshine can destroy some sensitive parts of your best gold testing machine.
    2. Strictly follow the user’s manual: The user’s manual given by the equipment’s manufacturer has all the list of instructions that you must follow while using the equipment. If you strictly follow them, you are going to prolong the length of its usage.
    3. Do not use parts that are not compatible: It is not advisable for you to use any gold analyzer parts that are not compatible the equipment itself. For example, if you are using Superbmelt XRF gold analyzer, it is better you continue to use the parts produced by the same manufacturer. Any mistake using parts from other manufacturers may destroy the gold-checking machine itself.
    4. Self-maintenance: Do not engage in self-maintenance if you do not have the expert knowledge to do so. Tampering with the structure of silver purity testing machine you know nothing of may destroy it within a short period of time.
    Chapter 7:

    Ethical and Environmental Issues When Using A Gold Analyzer

    This section describes some ethical, environmental, and operational issues concerning gold assaying machines:

    7.1, Some ethical issues when using a gold analyzer

    Each manufacturer of gold analyzers have some ethical issues that must be considered while using their products. Outlined below are the most common ethical considerations while using your gold-checking machines:

    1. Do not use your gold analyzers for criminal purposes: If you are caught, you are not only destroying your company’s name but also putting the manufacturer of the portable xrf machines into troubles.
    2. Never falsify the values of gold purity: Never change the values of gold purity determined by your gold-checking machines. If you are caught doing so, you are going to be prosecuted and you may end up implicating the gold analyzer manufacturers.
    3. Follow the due processes: Do not change the procedures for using the gold analyzer; it is advisable that you strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions so that you can get a good result in your gold-purity testing.
    4. Never operate your gold-checking machines in a wrong setting: For human safety, only operate your gold analyzers in a good setting or environment. This will minimize any possible of injuries or dangers.
    5. Keep the gold analyzers in the hands of experts: Even though Superbmelt gold analyzers are easy to operate, it is still advisable to let the experts operate them. By doing this, you prevent unqualified operators from damaging the gold-checking machines
    6. Seek help for maintenance: When your portable x ray fluorescence analyzer break down, do not repair them yourselves if you do not have the expertise. Seek help from the manufacturer.

    7.2, The environmental impacts of gold analyzers

    Superbmelt XRF gold analyzer is a typical example of a gold-checking machine that has positive environmental impacts.

    So, when purchasing a jewelry testing equipment, look for the one that is:

    1. Environmentally friendly
    2. Noiseless
    3. Not producing unnecessary heat and smokes
    4. Not producing x-ray damaging to the skin, eyes, and other parts of human body
    5. Recyclable
    6. Portable gold testing machine

    7.3, The best conditions for using a gold analyzer

    A gold testing equipment for sale works best when it is placed in a good condition. Here are some of the best conditions for using a gold testing device:

    1. When it is properly connected to the power source
    2. When it is clean
    3. When it is smoothly operated according the manufacturer’s guidelines
    4. When an expert is in charge of its operations
    5. When it is maintained or serviced from time to time
    6. When it is kept or located in a safe environment

    There are other great conditions for a gold-checking machine to work perfectly. You can ask the manufacturer of your machine to inform you about other necessary conditions for running your gold-analyzing machines.

    Chapter 8:


    After reading this helpful guide, you may have discovered some important facts about gold-testing machines. The idea of having a self-explanatory guide like this is to make the process of buying, using, and maintaining or servicing your XRF Gold Analyzer easier.

    There are other important pieces of information that you should be aware of:

    1. Buy a gold purity testing machine that is only useful for your purpose
    2. You should always remember that gold quality testing machines come in different prices based on the different functions they can perform. So, choose the gold testing machine price that suits your budget. You cannot risk your hard-earned money on a single xrf gold analyzer price
    3. Do not buy a gold quality checking machine from a manufacturer that doesn’t offer any warranty
    4. When bought, put your x ray fluorescence machine to a good use so that it can last for a long time
    5. If you eventually need to service it, consult your manufacturer or use the service of a reliable expert

    This guide has provided all the necessary information you need to know about how to successfully use a silver and gold testing machine, whether it is an electric/electronic gold tester or not.

    Superbmelt, a long-term manufacturer and supplier of gold analyzers have clients all over the world. The company understands the importance of providing the most appropriate information about its products to it customers worldwide. This guide is an attempt to provide customers with adequate instructions and assistance they will every required in running their gold analyzers.

    If you have any questions after reading this comprehensive guide, do not hesitate to ask. You can get all our contact details via our website. Feel free to email, call, or visit us. Superbmelt is considered a very friendly supplier because we put the interests of our customers first.

    Chapter 9:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many elements can the XRA2000 analyzer analysis?

    XRA2000 can give quantitative analysis of Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Cu. Zn and Ni will calculate in Cu. It can qualitative analyze Fe,Co,Zr,Mo,Zn,Ni,Ru,Rh,Cd,Os,Ir,w,etc., exceed 20 elements.

    What is the time setting for analysis?

    According to XRF technology, longer time realize better result. Usually we set 120 seconds for analysis. You could decide the testing time following based on your experience.

    What is the initialization used for?

    Initialization is used to adjust the peak value to 0. It is the same as the scale. When we use the scale, we need to adjust to 0 first, then we can weigh any weight of the goods. Since each element has its signature, each spectrum will show a different position on the X-axis of the software. So we need to fix the reference spectrum to 0, then the spectral position of the other elements will be fixed. Here, we set the Au spectrum to 0. Then the software will know where the Cu spectrum is and where the Ag spectrum is, and so on. Initialization is a process of automatically adjusting the Au peak value to zero. If the Au peak is not 0, the machine will display an incorrect report.

    What jewelries could do the Initialization?

    Software requires to use pure gold for initialization.

    How often do we do calibration?

    Calibration is not required and does not need to be done often. Calibration is only performed if the test results are inaccurate.

    What are standard samples?

    Standard samples are used for calibration to build up the working curve.

    What is the solution if the results are not satisfactory?

    The XRA2000 is an advanced technology based on XRF (x-ray fluorescence) with a test error of less than ±0.3%. When the test results are not satisfactory: First, check the peak of Au. If the peak distance is 0, initialization is performed. Second, check the placement of the sample to see if it is in the correct position of the test window. Third, check the jewelry samples. As mentioned above, the XRA2000 can analyze well-sampled samples. If the sample is uneven and uneven, you need to polish the surface of the jewelry sample.

    Could XRA2000 analyze plating jewelry?

    XRA2000 could analyze plating jewelry. The plating surface should not be too thick due to the penetration of X-ray. For different element thicknesses, ranging from 5-15 microns, we can also adjust the machine to test different thickness according to requirements.

    How long should we warm up the machine at the beginning of using every day?

    We suggest 15-30 minutes for warming up every day.

    Is your machine accurate?

    There is no doubt that our machines are accurate. But it has a lot to do with the sample itself. The tester must ensure that the sample is not plated or otherwise chemically pickled. If the sample is small, you can polish it. If the sample is large, you can flatten it, or cut it, and then test its parts.

    How long is your warranty?

    Our warranty is one year. Light could hold 5 years warranty. Usually customer use the machine for many years with no quality problems.

    What kinds of precious metals can your machine test?

    Our machine can test solid, liquid and powder precious metals.

    Will your X-Ray analyzer harm to body health.

    Certainly not. The X-Ray is weak and we design protecting function. If you open the chamber cover carelessly when the power is operating, the machine will switch off the X-Ray automatically.

    Can machine test the fake gold?

    As we know, the XRF analyzer is testing the point of the material surface to read gold purity. There are two quickest ways to avoid fake gold inside when you buy from market. 1st way is to melt and mix it evenly with induction melting furnace. Then use our gold analyzer to test the purity. 2nd way is to drill different parts of the material like four corners, middle and back for machine analyzing. It could avoid to buy fake gold well.

    Can it detect the exact percentage of the gold? Like 18kg is 75% gold?

    Yes, our gold analyzer could test the gold percentage in your material. It will show Au, Ag, Pd and Cu (other metals will add in Cu element). The machine equips with one printer to print the report to show customer.

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