Gold Tester Gun

The most popular SuperbMelt precious metal handheld xrf tester gun for gold, silver, platinum

Gold Tester Gun
Gold Tester Gun

The Superbmelt gold tester gun is specifically designed for performing a nondestructive reading or detection of elements present in materials. It is able to detect elements in solid, liquid and powder form.

The Superbmelt gold tester gun can identify elements present in gold, silver, stainless steel, cobalt alloys, bronze, zinc, zinc alloy, nickel alloy, etc.

The Superbmelt gold tester gun is used in industries such as; metal and scrap recycling, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, food processing, mining and exploration, precious metal and jewelry, etc.

The handheld gold tester gun works by measuring the fluorescence x-rays emitted from a sample when excited by a primary x-ray source. This process takes approximately 30 second, which means that analysis of materials is very fast.

The gold tester gun is portable, weighing only 1.58kg, which makes it easy to transport and use on various work sites.

High Accurate: Analysis results close to fire assay result.

Built-in battery, handheld design, convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

Measuring elements from sodium (Na) to uranium (U) between all the 72 elements

Why SuperbMelt Gold Tester Gun

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

    Any Question About SuperbMelt Handheld XRF Gold Tester Gun

    Gold Tester Gun Buying Guide

    Chapter 1:

    Why do You Need a Professional Gold Tester Gun?

    With the maximum level of volatility and high price of gold, you can’t afford the inaccuracies and time you spend in the traditional testing method to verify the actual value of items being sold, bought, and recycled. This is where you will need a professional gold tester gun, like an XRF gold tester.

    For regular use, pure gold is very soft to be worn. So, the jewelers combine gold with different based metals, such as zinc, nickel, silver, copper, and more. With this, gold gets the required durability. As a standard measure of the purity of the gold, the Karat symbol is used. Using the best x-ray gold tester, you can ensure the quality of the gold.

    The professional gold testers are high-tech gold quality analyzers that are designed and developed to meet the evolving industrial sector’s challenges. Using this, you can effectively streamline the cost, increase your production efficiency and lower the risk. If you are looking for a gold tester gun for sale, you can always get in touch with SuperbMelt.

    Using the tester, you can easily find out the precious metal content in coins, jewelry, and other valuable items. When you go for the next-generation x-ray gold testing machine, the machine will analyze gold value in a jiffy and maximum precision. Use such machines; you can conduct gold, silver, or any other metal analysis in real-time. However, for a better and accurate result, you need to buy the best gold tester gun.

    Even though it can be very challenging for you, here we have mentioned down all the required information that you need to get the best one. Keep reading to explore more.

    1.1, Do You Really Know That Precious Metals are Real?

    When you generally think of some precious metals, you probably think of the intricate cogs of a costly watch, expensive jeweler, and more. But some people manage to get precious metal in unimaginable places. For example, treasure seekers find rare coins under the earth using metal detectors, while some find precious metal-made jewelry at consignment boutiques or pawn shops.

    However, as such materials are valuable, counterfeiters, as well as jewelers, also use mixed metals or other substances to fake them. So, to detect the originality and quality of the precious metals, you can use a quality XRF analyzer.

    Counterfeit items and gold plating are some of the issues that most of the gold traders, jewelers, pawnshop owners are regularly facing. If you are running a business, you need accurate results to determine the exact value of the item. With a precious metal tester gun, you can quickly determine the gold content and other precious metals, for example, palladium, platinum, silver, and more in materials.

    You can use different techniques to know the purity of gold, but those methods can take time. However, using a gold tester, you can do it within a few seconds.

    1.2, Impure Gold Types that cannot be Identified by Simple Methods

    Different techniques, such as fire assay, chemical assay, and more, can be used to test the originality of different precious metals. But apart from that, you can also go for an XRF tester to test the precious metal with maximum accuracy.

    Today, precious metals are used for industrial use, investment purposes, and to make jewelry. Using a handheld gold testing machine, like a portable XRF spectrometer, you can quickly test the metals for content.

    Detecting the purity of the different precious metals can be carried out in different ways.

    1. Naked eye

    A professional jeweler can detect the quality and authenticity of jewelry pieces just by looking at them using magnification glass. But you should not consider this as the best way to detect the material.

    1. Nitric acid test

    As per some experts, this is one of the most effective ways to determine the purity of gold or other precious metals. For the test, make a small scratch on your gold jewelry and then apply a few drops of nitric acid. If the gold is 100 percent real, there will be no reaction. However, nitric acid reacts when it comes into contact with zinc, copper, and silver. If you see the green color reaction, then the gold is not pure. However, the method is not safe and can cause damage to your precious metal.

    1. Magnet and weight testing

    It may be noted that original gold is quite heavy. When you drop it in a cup of water, and if it sinks, then gold is real. Duplicate gold will float on water. You can also conduct a magnet test. In general, metal will attract and stick to the magnet, but not gold. Well, gold jewelry pieces are generally made with other metals. So, a weight test can’t be considered a reliable method.

    1. By seeing the marking

    Gold jewelry comes with identifying marks that show the purity level of the gold, such as 20k or 24k. But don’t trust such a mark blindly as this can be faked.

    So, how to detect the originality of the metal? Well, you can trust SuperbMelt’s XRF Spectrometer for this. XRF analysis is non-destructive and will not damage your jewelry pieces. The device applies x-rays into the gold jewelry, triggering the atoms and making them fluoresce the energy back to the detector. Our tool utilizes fluorescence rays to evaluate the material chemistry of the jewelry.

    XRF analysis does not need sample dissolution and digestion. So, it allows essentially non-destructive analysis. Using this, you can easily avoid the possibilities for inaccuracies caused by incomplete dissolution. Go for the XRF analysis, and you can enjoy reliable results all the time. However, before buying the machine, we would suggest you check the XRF gold testing machine price so that you can make sure the machine comes under your budget.

    1.3, Identify and Avoid Fake Precious Metals

    Are you worried about the authenticity of your precious metals? If yes, understanding some facts can help you in identifying and avoiding fake precious metals. Let’s have a look at those facts.

    1. Real precious metals weigh more

    Real platinum, silver, or gold metals will weigh quite more than the other metal, for example, Mercury, and more than generally utilized to create a real-looking alternative.

    1. Precious metals come with hallmarks

    A hallmark is used as a sign to assure the buyers that the jewelry pieces they are buying are genuine and meet the minimum requirements related to precious metal contents. You will find hallmarks on the inside of the ring. In the case of the bracelet, they can be found near the clasp. Gold-made jewelry will come with a 24K or 124kt hallmark. In silver jewelry, you can see 925 hallmarks.

    1. Precious metals are not magnetic

    Platinum, silver, and gold are not magnetic. The next time you buy precious metal, go on and put it to the test. Just take the piece of jewelry and place a magnet on this. Now tilt the item to find if the magnet sticks to the object. If it attracts the magnet, then the precious metal is not pure.

    Get accurate result with the XRF analyzer

    While you can utilize all these methods to identify the precious metal, however, the traditional methods are now 100 percent accurate. This is where you can use our XRF precious metal analyzer.

    The machine is designed and developed to work highly accurately when it comes to validating the precious metal non-destructively, quickly, and precisely. The machine can be handy for recyclers, refiners, specialists, miners, and jewelry producers.

    As the precious metals’ prices increase with time, more jewelry stores are now getting involved in purchasing and selling such metals. With the high-quality XRF analyzer, you can quickly determine the content of the precious metal-made items. It will just take a few minutes to detect the metal.

    The machine can quickly identify the percentage of gold, platinum, palladium, or silver within 5 to 10 seconds. It displays the value of the hundredth of a decimal point; you can know the exact value.

    Besides, using this you will be able to enjoy a lot of advantages. For example, your precious metals will not be exposed to any harsh chemicals during the purity testing. Some other benefits are:

    • Fast analysis
    • Simultaneous analysis of different metallic elements
    • Testing can be done with minimal sample preparation
    • Inexpensive operation
    • Widely accepted precious metal testing method
    Chapter 2:

    What Types of XRF Analyzers are in the Market?

    Speaking about XRF- X-ray Fluorescence, this is one type of modern analytical technique that utilized the interaction of x-rays with the material to determine the composition of the elements. This technique is quite helpful for liquids, powders, and solids, and the process of analyzing the elements is non-destructive.

    It consists of specialist instruments to effectively analyze different materials by applying an x-ray beam to the items. The fluorescence part refers to the radiation that particular substances produce when they contact the x-ray beams. The analysis type is spectroscopic.

    • Spectroscopy analyses the interaction between matter, and material, along with the electromagnetic spectrum
    • The electromagnetic spectrum includes different wavelengths of visible light, radio waves as well as x-rays
    • Electromagnetic radiation is the energy that can take different forms, and it happens when the atoms absorb energy, which changes how their electrons react.

    Remember that all the things come with atoms, and they will give off electromagnetic radiation. Using the XRF analyzer, you can get quantitative and qualitative data about the metals. In the market, you will find two types of XRF testing machines.

    2.1, Desktop XRF Testing Machine

    Speaking about the desktop XRF analyzer, such machines are also known as the benchtop XRF machine. Such machines can easily detect simple elements and can carry out a sophisticated analysis. It has been proved that desktop XRF testing machines can offer a maximum level of sensitivity as well as resolution as they use a more robust source of x-ray.

    In terms of operation, these machines are very easy to use. With a compact size, you can safely use the machine without worrying about operating gasses and additional chemicals.

    Coming to the benefits of such machines, you can add the programmable stage to enjoy hands-free operation. With this, you can easily measure different points per sample, and there is no need to configure each measurement.

    On the other hand, it offers better efficiency to the business as the users can set the samples and check the result later without worrying about the machine. Besides, the machines come with multiple collimators and mapping functions. In fact, in specific applications, you will witness a great level of versatility.

    These machines are perfect for most coating thickness measurements. You can set the machines to effectively measure multiple-layer coatings. Talking about some other features, the machines are fast, sensitive, power-efficient, come with the latest software, support flexible configuration, and more.

    The desktop XRF testing machine is widely used in different industries, like petroleum, petrochemical, cement production, mineral beneficiation, mining, and more.

    2.2, Handheld XRF Testing Gun

    If you are looking for a portable XRF testing machine, a handled XRF testing gun will be a perfect option for you. Using this, you can test the materials on the sites, and you don’t have to take them to the lab for testing. They are like electric pistols or driller. Such guns, for example, can be utilized by geologists who want to carry out an on-site material analysis.

    Besides, the facility or production manager can also use these devices.
    One of the significant benefits of the handheld XRF testing gun is portability. As they are small in size, you can easily carry them wherever you want. On the other hand, they come with a powerful battery that can keep the device running for hours.

    These compact analyzers don’t require that the samples fit in a chamber. So, when it comes to testing weld analysis of big-size pipes, or alloy analysis, you can trust these machines. Besides, you can use it in different application fields such as steel smelting, iron smelting, precious metal, mining and exploration, boiler pressure vessel, shipbuilding, archeology, jewelry making, and more.

    2.3, Modern Techniques of Identifying Original Gold

    The originality of your gold jewelry or other precious metals can be detected by using different methods, like AAS- Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Fire Assay, Handheld XRF Analyzer, and Desktop Analyzer.

    Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

    This is generally conducted with the principle of optical radiation absorption. AAS utilizes wavelengths of light specifically absorbed by an element.

    Fire Assay

    Under this method, gold sample is melted completely. After that, all the impurities are removed, and then remaining content after it is cooled is measured. Well, such a method is time-consuming.

    Desktop Analyzer

    These machines work on the principle where the atoms when triggered by the energy source, produce x-ray photons wavelengths. The process is quite accurate, and there will be no loss of the material.

    Handheld Analyzer

    This device works based on the principle of releasing x-ray photons beam that hits the material’s atom. This method can be used in construction, mining, jewelry, aerospace, and more. The process of less labor-intensive and produces 100 percent accurate results. The handheld gold testing spectrometer price is comparatively cost-effective.

    Chapter 3:

    How does the SuperbMelt Gold Tester Gun Work?

    SuperbMelt has introduced the best quality gold tester gun or XRF analyzer. The device functions by perfectly measuring the secondary x-ray or fluorescent emitted from the sample when it is triggered by a primary x-ray source. The elements present in the samples generate x-rays with different characteristics.

    Such x-rays can be different from every single element. Analyzing those, the handheld XRF analyzer shows you the accurate result. This machine is perfect for both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

    XRF analysis steps

    1. Primary x-rays are generated by the XRF analyzer by pointing at the material surface.
    2. That x-ray makes the inner shell eject the electrons.
    3. After that, the outer-shell electrons try to fill up the space created by the ejected electrons, and during this process, secondary or fluorescent x-rays are produced.
    4. Those x-rays move into the detector and then transmit electronic pulses to the preamp.
    5. After that, preamp amplifies those signals and then further sends them to DSP- Digital Signal Processor.
    6. The DSP then digitizes the events and transmits the data to the CPU.
    7. The CPU processed the data and developed a comprehensive composition analysis.
    8. Now, those analyses, along with other grades or values, are displayed on the LCD screen.

    3.1, The Principle of SuperbMelt Gold Tester Gun

    There is an x-ray tube located inside the handheld XRF analyzer. The tube creates an x-ray beam that can trigger the electrons located in the inner shell of the atoms.

    The released x-ray beam interacts with the sample material’s atoms and displaces electrons from the atom’s inner shells.

    The displacement happens as there is a result in energy between the XRF analyzer’s x-ray beam and the binding energy. When electrons leave the place, that creates vacancies, and atoms become unstable. To correct the instability of other atoms, fill the space. Those atoms generally come to the lower orbit from the higher orbit. During this process, they leave some energy.

    The energy that atoms create while moving from the higher orbit to lower orbit can be utilized to identify the elements from which they produce. The fluorescent energies identified are related to the elements present in the material sample. To evaluate the number of elements, the proportion of the individual energies are calculated by the XRF spectrometer or analyzer. The entire process happens within a few seconds, and you will get the result faster.

    3.2, The Features of SuperbMelt Gold Tester Gun

    The XRF analyzer from SuperbMelt has some unique features to offer you accurate analysis. Some of the major features are:

    • The device uses an x-ray fluorescence analytical method. Such methods are environmentally friendly, multielement, highly accurate, non-destructive, and fast.
    • The device can easily measure various atomic elements from 12 to 92.
    • It comes with a highly customized system, standard 4G for storage data, CPU:1G, and system memory:1G.
    • As per the report, the supported content range is 99.99 percent PPM.
    • The entire process of detection and analysis can be completed within 60 seconds
    • What’s more? Our XRF analyzer comes equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS functionality.
    • The best thing about the device is you will get a 9000mAh of rechargeable battery inside the device. The battery can keep it running for around 11 to 12 hours. On the other hand, our XRF analyzer also has a 27000mAh of additional battery.
    • Our device works quite effectively to detect different elements in powder, liquid, and solid form.
    • You will get an optional SDD detector that will be very useful when you are analyzing light elements, for example, phosphorus, silicon, Sulphur, aluminum, and magnesium.
    • Our detector’s resolution can go up to 128eV.
    • The diameters of our analyzer collimator are 2.0 mm and 4.0mm. On the other hand, the device comes with six different filters that can switch automatically based on the testing conditions.
    • While using this, you don’t have to worry about the tested sample documentation as our handheld XRF analyzer comes with a powerful 500W high-resolution camera.
    • The side of the LCD screen is 5 inches, and it supports 1080x720p resolution.
    • Speaking about the minimum detection limit, in our XRF gun, it is 1 to 500ppm.
    • Our XRF analyzer is 100 percent safe to use. It will not cause radiation. It may be noted that the radiation level will be below the international safety standards. There is no telemetry sample.
    • The results of the application are easy and will match the best curve.
    • The analyzer comes with an advanced SPI data transmission, a digital multi-channel technology, and can effectively carry out quick analysis of the material sample. The USB is waterproof and can be connected to your laptop or computer for data transfer.
    • It can work perfectly under ≤90% of humidity level, and the supported operating temperature is +50-degree C to -20-degree C.
    • Speaking of its dimension, it is L244mm x W90mm x H330mm. The weight of the machine is 1.7kg.
    • The device comes with an intelligent warning indicator system. Yellow means the device doesn’t have any errors. Greenlight means the device is turned on, and while carrying out the test, it will flash red light.
    • Our portable XRF machine comes in a high-quality military-grade protection box that keeps the machine protected when you are not using it. Some other items that you will get in this box are two powerful lithium batteries, a radiation shield, PDA accessories, a 4G SD memory card, and a card reader.

    3.3, The Benefits of SuperbMelt Gold Tester Gun

    • If you compare, you will find our XRF analyzer very lightweight, and that weight is just 1.7 kg. So, you will not face any discomfort while using it. On the other hand, it has a perfectly ergonomic designed handle that is quite comfortable to hold.
    • The device comes equipped with a large 5-inches HD LCD screen that supports a 360-degree rotation feature, and you clearly see the readings at night or during the daytime.
    • No matter what is the weather condition, our machine will work perfectly as it is dustproof and waterproof. So, use it confidently without worrying about the harsh environment.
    • Now, the best part. We have developed this XRF analyzer to detect almost all the elements, for example, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, Sulphur, titanium, chromium, zirconium, niobium, tin, iron, gold, palladium., ruthenium, silver, and more.
    • Thanks to its unique near optical path design, our handheld XRF analyzer can operate without helium. It can easily light elements such as silicon, Sulphur, aluminum, phosphorus, and magnesium.
    • Its 27000mAh battery can last up to 3 days. What’s more? You will get a car charger inside the box so that you can charge the device while driving to the project site.
    • There is no need to use any gasses, compressed air, or water before our XRF analyzer can be used.
    • The machine is very durable and needs little preventive maintenance to keep working smoothly.
    • Made with advanced technology, SuperbMelt’s XRF analyzer consumes less power and has an enhanced system resolution.
    • We have designed this machine to be used in different industries, for example, steel smelting, iron, precious metal, shipbuilding, food processing, metal scrap and recycling, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and more.
    • The machine comes with professionally developed software that makes it perfect for multiple industries.

    So, what are you waiting for? Just check the XRF gold testing machine price and place your order now. Our XRF analyzer has the exact features and performance that you were looking for. Besides, SuperbMelt will also offer you traceable calibration standards and some samples to set up the device quickly. And as always, our product specialists are there to help you with any doubts and issue you may have. Get in touch with us now to explore more about our handheld XRF analyzer.

    Chapter 4:

    How to Choose the Right Analyzer

    4.1, Why use XRF?

    Even though you can utilize different methods to identify the purity level of the precious metals, not all those methods can be considered 100 percent accurate. Besides, some methods can damage your precious metal. For example, a nitric acid test can harm gold jewelry. This is where you can go for an XRF analyzer.

    XRF is a non-destructive analysis method that is widely utilized to determine the material’s elemental compositions. The machine can evaluate sample’s chemistry by measuring the fluorescent x-ray released by sample. The method produces an accurate result and doesn’t damage the materials.

    4.2, Identify the Materials You Want to Analyze

    Before buying an XRF analyzer, first, you need to understand what type of materials you will be analyzed using the machine. Will they be unknown or known? Will they be powders, liquids, or solids? The reason behind this is different materials will have required different testing configurations.

    4.3, Choose a Detector Type: PIN or SDD

    In general, there are two major types of detectors used in the XRF analyzers. These are SDD and PIN. Speaking about PIN detectors, this is an older technology and less sensitive. However, SDD detectors are the most advanced one can detect light elements such as sulfur, silicon, aluminum and more. Besides, with SDD detectors, you can enjoy a faster testing speed.

    4.4, Select a Detector Size

    You can go for a standard SDD as well as a large-area SDD. Remember that for better analytical sensitivity, you can always trust large-area SDD. However, this can be a little costly for you.

    4.5, Choose an Anode Material

    Some XRF analyzer manufacturers coffer a complete life of XRF analyzers with different tube anode materials. Some of the most common materials are tungsten, silver, rhodium. For measuring light elements, you can go for tungsten. For measuring high-energy elements, using tungsten anode material will be a perfect option. If your budget is low, then go for silver anode material.

    4.6, Understanding the Specifications for Your Environment

    Before getting one, understand the environmental condition where you will be using the device. If it is hot, then you need to buy an XRF analyzer with a robust design. For example, you can trust handheld XRF analyzer offered by SuperbMelt.

    Chapter 5:

    FAQ Guide of Gold Tester Gun

    Are XRF gold tester gun safe to use?

    Yes, unlike the traditional methods, the XRF gold tester guns are very safe to use as such analysis doesn’t involve the use of any type of chemical, and it works based on an x-ray. This is a non-destructive material analysis method. Check the XRF gold tester price and buy it from SuperbMelt now.

    How long does it take to replace the test sample of SPS XR 5000?

    SuperbMelt’s XRF analyzer comes with a fast-SDD or SDD detector. Besides, using the advanced analyzer, the test sample of SPS XR 5000 can be easily replaced within just 4 seconds, offering you faster and accurate results.

    Can XRF gold tester gun detect gold?

    Yes, the device is designed and developed to detect gold. Besides, you can also use it for other materials, like iron, manganese, vanadium, niobium, titanium, chromium, and more. The machine will display 100 percent accurate results.

    What is the precision and accuracy of your instrument?

    The accuracy and precision of our handheld XRF gold testing machine are generally determined by the material you want to analyze. As per different results, the deviation can be between 10 to 30 ppm.

    How does an XRF gun work?

    The gold and silver tester gun, or you can say XRF gun, works by the advanced XRF analyzer and places the required material close to it. Then, you need to press the trigger. Now, wait for a few minutes. The device will analyze the reaction of the atom and display the value on the LCD. It is very easy to use.

    What is the principle of XRF?

    The principle of XRF analyzer is very easy to understand. Individual atoms that are present in the materials can react when they come into contact with internal energy sources. When this happens, they release X-ray photons or wavelength. The XRF gun then measures the number of photons from the sample to test the quality of the material.

    What elements can XRF detect?

    Our high-quality and advanced Handheld XRF Analyzer can detect different elements present in the material. They can easily detect silicon., magnesium, gold, platinum, tin, silver, rhodium, molybdenum, phosphorus, germanium, copper, nickel, zinc, cobalt, titanium, and more. To explore more about it, you can check the product page now.

    How do you use the XRF gold tester gun?

    The machine is quite easy and comfortable to use. All you need to point the gun towards the material that you want to analyze and then press the trigger. After a few seconds, the gun will display the measurement value. With faster analysis, you can get 100 percent accurate results. So, what are you waiting for? Get this non-destructive material testing machine now.

    What are the benefits of using a portable XRF gold tester gun?

    1. The machine is lightweight and compact in size. So, you can carry it anywhere you want.
    2. It comes with a 5-inch LCD screen that supports a 360-degree rotation.
    3. You can get the reading analysis within just 15 seconds. You will enjoy lab-quality results.
    4. The device comes equipped with a 2700mAh battery that can keep the device running for around three days.
    5. You can use this for different applications, such as food safety, agriculture, mining, gold jewelry, material identification, and more.

    How accurate is an XRF gun?

    The XRF gold testing machine is developed to offer an accurate, fast, and nondestructive method to analyze the metals’ composition and purity. In general, heavier elements will be a little more accurate than lighter elements. So, 0.01 to 100 percent of accuracy range can be higher than 1ppm to100ppm of accuracy. The accuracy of the difference between XRF value and assay for the gold can be around 0.2 to 0.5 percent. On the other hand, for the minerals, it can be around 20 percent of the lab assay. However, you can enhance the accuracy level by adjusting the instrument’s response time for a particular material. It can be said that this is a perfect method to analyze the purity of precious metals.

    Is XRF a surface technique?

    No, this is an elemental analysis technique. This technique can easily quantify different elements in sample. The x-ray photons released in the sample have a certain energy value, and while they are on the way to the XRF analyzer, they get absorbed by different atoms present in the sample.

    Why can XRF detect light elements?

    You can detect lightweight elements using our handheld XRF analyzer. The device will work perfectly. The reason behind this is light elements have a lower energy level that can struggle to escape from the sample. Previously such items can’t be measured as signals were very weak to ascertain the concentration. Now, using an advanced XRF analyzer, it is possible to detect the elements.

    What is an XRF instrument?

    Speaking about the XRF instrument, the instrument works based on x-ray technology and widely used for non-destructive, accurate, and faster chemical analysis of fluids, rocks, metals, sediments, and minerals. The machine can offer you accurate information about the elements that are present in the sample.

    How does XRF measure thickness?

    Nowadays, metal manufacturing companies can use coating thickness measurement machines to make sure that their products are good in quality. The XRF analyzer is the best technique that effectively measures the fluorescent x-ray emitted from the samples when it is triggered by an x-ray source. To measure the thickness of the coating, signal’s strength is taken into consideration. The count rate is used for such measurement.

    What are the purity ranges of gold jewelry?

    In the market, you will find gold with different purity levels, such as 24k, 18k, 10k, and 14k. Each level has its own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to choosing the most durable one, you can go for10k. 24k gold is very soft and malleable.

    What are the purity ranges of silver jewelry?

    The purity levels of silver material are 80 percent, 83.5 percent, 92.5 percent, and 99.9 percent. The silver jewelry that has a .925 mark is called sterling silver jewelry and is the most common allow and widely used to produce stunning silver items.

    What are the purity ranges of platinum jewelry?

    In case of platinum jewelry, you can find 95percent (950 Pt) or 90 percent (900 Pt) pure platinum. This material is a naturally durable material. However, it is malleable. To form jewelry pieces, they need to be combined with other platinum group metals.

    What are the purity ranges of palladium jewelry?

    Palladium is a precious and pure metal. This is a part of the platinum group metals and comes with some similar qualities to platinum. Remember that platinum is not man-made. Like platinum, this material also used an allowance of 950 or 95 percent purity. The material can also be combined with gold to craft while gold jewelry.

    What are the characteristics of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy?

    If you are looking for a perfect and high-quality gold tester gun, you can always go for our x-ray XRF spectrometer. Why? Well, it has some great characteristics, like highly precise and accurate analysis and result, faster analysis, and it is the best machine to carry out a non-destructive analysis of different solid materials, powder materials, and liquid. So, check the gold tester gun for sale option at SuperbMelt and place your order now.

    What is the working principle of XRF gold tester gun?

    As discussed above, the samples are triggered by x-ray radiation released by the XRF gun. This propelled the electrons located from the inner electron shell to move out. The X-ray detector then converts the energy level intensity into multiple electrical pulses. In general, normally proportional counters, which are accurate, economical, and reliable, are sued in XRF analyzers. The detector measures the fluorescence reedition level and shows the value.

    Does the use of the instrument require any special maintenance?

    No. If you are using a handheld XRF analyzer of SuperbMelt, you don’t have to worry about the special maintenance requirements. Just make sure that you are using and storing it properly during and after use. The machine is durable and can last long. By choosing an XRF gold testing machine for sale, you can easily get the best machine under your budget.

    Chapter 6:


    There is no doubt that an XRF analyzer can help you in detecting the purity of the materials within a few seconds. You will get more time to invest in other words. However, before buying one, you may need to consider some points.

    For example, if you want to confirm the metal’s quality for the jewelry pieces or to know the alloy the grades, then you will definitely what to explore the most crucial elements in those metals. You will not want to face loss of profit, excess downtime, equipment failures, and lowered reputation.

    Material mix-ups can be a very costly affair for you. So, use our XRF analyzer and prevent such issues. This is the fastest and non-destructive way to test the composition of different metals and alloys.

    Our handheld XRF analyzer demonstrates maximum flexibility when it comes to testing and measuring different alloy components with different shapes and sizes, how you would like you to suggest some factors to consider while buying this machine.


    If you are planning to buy the Fischer XRF analyzer, then you should consider the Fischer XRF gold testing machine price first. However, price is an important factor to consider. The cost of an XRF analyzer can vary as different applications will require different hardware and calibrations.

    Most of the handheld XRF analyzer is configured for light elements in different alloys that need a sensitive detector than the machine that is calibrated for allows where there is no need to test the lightweight elements. Even though the machines can be a little costly, in the long run, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. SuperbMelt’s gold testing gun price is affordable.

    Don’t forget to check the durability

    In general, handheld XRF analyzers are widely used in harsh and busy working environments. Besides, they are also used in working environments that contain a higher level of moisture, dust, and dirt.

    So, if you are planning to buy a handheld XRF machine, then make sure that it is reliable and rugged to sustain harsh environmental conditions. While buying, you need to look for some important features, such as IP54 certification, detector protection, tough yet lightweight, better design, and more. If the analyzer has a perfect design, it will not slip from your hand.

    Understand the maintenance

    Well, XRF analyzer’s maintenance is quite simple and will be like you are taking preventive maintenance. Use the machine very carefully, and after every use, clean the water and dust from the XRF analyzer.

    While you are not using the machine, you need to store it in the military box that you will get with it when buying. SuperbMelt’s handheld XRF analyzer comes with a military protection box that features shock absorption, compression, and waterproof.

    What about the servicing?

    After purchase and use it for a few days, the machine will require servicing. With regular servicing, you can extend the working duration of your XRF analyzer. Besides, this way, you can prevent the issues and keep the machine calibrated. You can ensure the maximum performance of the device.

    When you give us the XRF analyzer for servicing, our highly experienced technicians will make sure that the device is running properly, and they will resolve all the problems.

    Besides, we will replace the internal board and will also update the machine’s calibration as well as software. So, when it comes to buying the best XRF analyzer, you can always trust SuperbMelt.

    Consider the environmental impacts

    While buying one, you should consider the specification of the machine. You need to make sure that the machine is environmental-friendly. For example, SuperbMelt’s XRF gold tester gun comes with different safety protections. It doesn’t produce any radiation. In fact, the radiation level will be lower than the international safety standard. Now, speaking about some other considerations:

    1. Drop test

    While using, tools or equipment can get dropped accidentally. But one drop should not be a major issue for you. Choose a machine that has been tested for multiple drops, and you can save money by avoiding costly repairs.

    1. IP rating

    The IP rating shows water and dust resistant ability of the machine. A good IP rating means the XRF analyzer can sustain rugged industrial conditions.

    1. Operating temperature

    You need to make sure that the machine can easily work smoothly in hot environments and will never fail to show accurate results.

    Go for SuperbMelt handheld XRF analyzer that is rugged, lightweight, and can operate in various fields. Equipped with advanced technology, the machine produces 100 percent results. What’s more? It will work perfectly at ≤90% of humidity level. Don’t think much and place your order now.

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