XRF Precious Metal Analyzer

The most popular SuperbMelt XRF Precious Metal Analyzer on the market

XRF precious metal analyzer
XRF precious metal analyzer

Superbmelt XRF precious metal analyzer XRA3800 is an analyzer best suited for testing and analyzing the elements in metals. The XRF metal analyzer by Superbmelt is also used to determine the conent of metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, Copper, Zinc and so on.

Superbmelt XRF gold tester for sale performs a non-destructive, fast and accurate analysis of metals. The XRF precious metal analyzer has inbuilt and easy to use software that makes it easy for use in industry of jewelry, refinery, gold mining, lab analysis, pawn, and other metal application.

It could test all kinds of material like jewelry chains, rings, gold bars, liquid, powder and mines rock. This XRF Gold Analyzer only takes about 30 seconds for qualitative analysis.

At Superbmelt, we are available to take your inquiries and orders. Contact us for the best and cost-effective precious metal analyzer.

XRF precious metal analyzer
Extremely Simple Operation: Only one sample for calibration.
XRF precious metal analyzer
High Accurate: Analysis results close to fire assay result.
XRF precious metal analyzer
Rapid Analysis: Only takes several seconds for qualitative analysis, and 1 to 2 minutes for quantitative analysis.

Why SuperbMelt XRF Precious Metal Analyzer

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

    Any Question About SuperbMelt XRF Precious Metal Analyzer

    1. Can simple methods identify the types of impure gold?

    You can find different types of precious metals in the market, and those are really valuable items. In fact, there are people who are ready to spend any amount to get them. But the question is that how to make sure that you have the real precious metal? It has been seen that as these metals are very popular, some jewelers have now started taking advantage of the situation and earning money by providing face precious metals.

    For example, some jewelers combine various materials or alloys to create low-grade or fake silver, platinum, gold, and more. Well, even though there are some simple methods using which you can detect fake gold, but you can’t trust those methods all the time. For example, a simple method of identifying a real gold piece is by checking the brightness. However, a counterfeit gold product can be made using tungsten. So, simple methods can’t identify fake gold.

    Some of the most common materials that are used to make fake gold are copper, palladium, zinc, and platinum. On the other hand, it is also not possible to detect fake gold jewelry pieces made of tungsten or copper. Now, you might be thinking about how can you detect fake gold without using simple methods? Don’t worry at all, and use SuperbMelt’s XRF precious metal analyzer for that. This advanced machine can detect different metals and elements within a few seconds. For a free quote and to learn how it works, please feel free to contact our experts now.

    2. What are the XRF precious metal analyzer on the market?

    Different studies have proved that XRF is an efficient and faster method to detect the purity value of the materials. Using this technique, you can get both qualitative as well as quantitative data about the elemental composition of the particular metal. Besides, a precious metal analyzer is very easy to use. Well, when it comes to buying an XRF gold testing machine, you will find two major types of machines. Based on your requirements, you can buy one and start testing your metals. Now, let’s have a look at those machines.

    1. Desktop XRF metal analyzer

    Under this category, SuperbMelt offers two models, i.e., SBP XRA 2000 and SPB XRA 3200. Both the models are very efficient and easy to use. In fact, you will get the result within 5 to 10 minutes. To operate these machines, there is no need to develop technical skills or knowledge. All you need to put a small piece of metal samples on the machine and click on the measurement start

    Option to begin the process. After a few seconds, the machine will display the purity value of the metal sample on the LCD screen. When it comes to carrying out a sophisticated purity analysis of different metals, you can always go for these models. Equipped with the latest technologies, these models will offer you a wide metal range, better sensitivity, and resolution. The machine can store the reports, and you can check them later whenever you want.

    On the other hand, you can use them to measure the coating thickness. As the models release powerful x-rays, they can easily measure multiple-layer coatings faster. They can be used in different industries, and you can also check light elements. Some major applications of the desktop precious metal analyzer are; petroleum, polymers, mineral beneficiation, mining, cement production, and more.

    1. Handheld XRF metal analyzer

    SuperbMelt’s handheld XRF gold analyzer is quite popular among users as a non-destructive analytical tool. When you are using this machine, there is no need to sending metal samples to the labs and wait for days to get the report. Use it and know the purity level instantly in the field.

    This small machine can detect various components of metals as well as alloys, for example, cobalt alloys, bronze zinc, silver, stainless steel, tungsten, and more. The handheld model functions by measuring secondary x-rays released by the sample metal when triggered by the primary x-ray source. Every element has a unique set of characteristic fluorescents. The machine reads them and shows you the value of different elements present in the metal.

    Such machines can be used in different industries like oil, gas, precious metal recycling, mining, construction, jewelry stores, and more. Use this gold carat analyzer machine and witness an unmatchable metal identification process. Visit SuperbMelt, and check the gold XRF testing machine price and place your order now.

    3. How does the SuperbMelt XRF precious metal analyzer work?

    Well, the working process of the XRF precious metal analyzer offered by SuperbMelt is very easy to understand. In general, the machine creates powerful x-ray beams. Those beams, when they come in contact with the metal, they affect the electrons locate in the inner shells of atoms. After that, they interact with the sample metal’s atom, and the process also displaces the electrons.

    As a result, the displacement creates vacancies, making the atoms very unstable. Now, to fill the vacancies, atoms from the upper orbits rush towards the lower orbits. When they move from one place to another, that develops a fluorescence process, producing energy. Now, the XRF precious metal analyzer’s testing unit absorbs the energy and evaluates that to find the type of element used in the metal.

    The secondary x-ray sends the electronic pulse to the preamp of the machine. Now, the system amplifies the signals, and that moves to the Digital Signal Processor. The DSP then digitizes the process, and the data is sent to the CPU. The CPU will now carry out a detailed analysis and sides the result.

    The process is very fast, and it will take around 45 to 10 seconds. If you are in search of the best XRF analyzer for precious metals, you can always trust SuperbMelt for the best product. Visit our official site now and check out the models. We bring you a non-destructive method to analyze the purity of your precious metals.

    4. What is XRF precious metal testing?

    In simple words, XRF precious metal testing is the process of accurately determine the concentration and presence of precious metal. Besides, this method can trace different alloying and light elements within just 4 to 10 seconds. As a result, you can instantly get the purity level of the metal and detect whether the gold is real or not. The testing uses an XRF gold testing machine to inundate the metal samples with a powerful x-ray beam. For the best machines to carry out XRF testing, have a look at the models available at the official site of SuperbMelt.

    5. How accurate is XRF analysis?

    Made of advanced technologies, SuperbMelt’s XRF precious metal analyzer is created to offer 100 percent accurate results. This is the simplest way to check the purity of precious metals, the elemental composition of alloys, and various geochemical materials. You can always trust an XRF analyzer for an accurate result. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in your mind.

    As per the XRF testing rules, heavier elements will be less accurate than lighter elements. Besides, the level of accuracy in the range to 100 percent’s 0.1 percent will be a litter higher than the 1ppm to 1000ppm of accuracy range. Besides, the accuracy level will also vary based on the types of materials you are testing.

    For example, if you compare metals and plastic, the accuracy level in the case of metals will be much better. But there is no need to worry about this while using SuperbMelt’s precious metal analyzer, as you can improve the accuracy by changing the response limit for a sample. Our machines have advanced detector types. So, forget about the traditional metal analysis methods and use this now. The machines are affordable.

    6. How do you identify precious metals?

    There are different types of methods that you can use to detect precious metals. For example, the acid test, the magnet test, water test, marking test, and more. But, in most cases, you will find those methods ineffective. Besides, acid tests can damage your precious metal. If you are looking for the safest method to test your precious metals, you won’t find a better option than using an XRF precious metal analyzer. In fact, this method has become very popular in different industries.

    7. What is the easiest way to test gold?

    The easiest and fastest way to test the purity of the gold is to use an XRF detector. The method is safe to use, and it doesn’t involve any gases and chemicals. The machine utilizes a powerful x-ray in a highly controlled environment. One of the major reasons behind the popularity of this method is its non-destructive approach. Get the best XRF gold testing machine now and test the purity of the gold within a few seconds.

    8. How do you really know that gold is real?

    Gold is one of the most sought-after and valuable commodities that you can find on this planet. Because of its high value, different inexpensive jewelry pieces can be developed to look expensive, and you will feel that they contain gold, even if the gold is 100 percent fake. If you have gold items and want to know whether it is real or not, you can use the below-mentioned methods. Let’s have a look at those methods.

    1. Check for the hallmark

    One of the best ways to tell if the gold that you have is real or not is to look for a hallmark. Speaking about the hallmark, it is a tiny stamp that indicated the karat value of the gold. Well, the measurements will vary based on different locations. For example, in the United States of America, the hallmark is a fraction of 24. You can find hallmarks like 12K, 18K, etc., on the jewelry.

    On the other hand, in Europe, you will see .000 to 1.000. The purest gold is 1.000. If there is no hallmark, then you can consider the jewelry as a fake one. However, don’t always trust this method to identify fake gold, as some jewelers are now using fake hallmarks.

    1. Check for the letter mark

    In some cases, you may find letters on your jewelry, such as GEP, GF, or GP. That means the jewelry pieces are not real. GF means the jewelry is god-filled, and GP means you are using a gold-plated jewelry piece. So, always check for these marks while buying gold jewelry pieces.

    1. Nitric acid test

    For this test, find a place on your jewelry pieces where you can make a tiny scratch. Well, you can do that under a clasp. Make scratch that can go through the top layer. Now, apply a few drops of nitric acid to that mark. If you see milky or green shade, then the gold is fake. If there is no reaction, then you are using a jewelry piece made of pure gold. However, you should remember that nitric acid is very harmful to health, and you should take all the safety precautions during this process. For example, don’t forget to wear goggles or gloves.

    1. Check the density of the item

    In general, the gold’s density is around 19.3 grams per mL. The close the gold jewelry is to this value, the more gold it has. To evaluate the density, you will have to use a scale that can measure in grams, and you need to use a container having markings in mL. First, you need to weigh the item and write down the weight in grams. Now, fill the container with water. Now, drop the item into the container and write down how many mL of water the item displaced. Do that with another piece of jewelry. If the metal has other alloys, it will displace more water.

    1. Utilize a strong magnet

    As gold is non-magnetic, you can test whether the gold is fake or not using a magnet. Most kitchen magnets are not powerful enough for this test; you can buy a magnet from a hardware store. If the item gets attracted to the magnet, then the item is fake.

    Well, all these methods are simple but not always effective. Some methods can damage your product. So, is there any effective and non-destructive way to test the purity of gold? Well, this is where you can use the XRF precious metal analyzer of SuperbMelt. Made of advanced metal analysis techniques, this machine can detect the purity value of gold and other precious metals.

    9. How can I tell if my 24K gold is real?

    For this, you can always use a gold analyzer. SuperbMelt’s XRF analyzer can test and display the value of elements present in the metal within 4 to 10 seconds. Besides, it can also detect the layer’s thickness. As a result, you can now buy pure metal.

    10. What is difference between XRF and XRD?

    In general, XRF means x-ray fluorescence, and XRD means x-ray diffraction. The working principles of XRF and XRD are very different. XRF analyzes the various elements producing in metal, but it doesn’t tell how those elements are combined. But XRF analysis method can tell every detail about the materials’ crystallography. Talking about crystallography, this is the structure of atoms in crystalline solids.

    Both the XRD and XRF are non-destructive metal analysis methods but XRD, instead of elements, detects single crystals. The process of element detection is also the same. There are machines that combine both XRF and XRD testing methods. However, SuperbMelt’s XRF machine gold only supports XRF technology, and it works much better than other models available in the market.

    11. What is the principle of XRF?

    The effect of XRF is based on the excitation of atoms. The machine produces a primary x-ray that hits the inner shell electron located inside the atoms. They trigger them, and electrons move from the place, creating an open position. That open position is then filled by the electrons from a further outer shell. During this process, radiation is produced. The machine then analyzes the energy of this radiation to detect what atoms are present in the metal.

    As different atoms are there in the sample, they will produce different x-rays having different levels of energy. A semi-conductor detector then analyzes the x-rays and tells the value. This method of analyzing different materials for their purity is very simple and fast. You can save time and increase your productivity by using an XRF gold testing machine from SuperbMelt. Visit our official site now and place your order.

    12. What does XRF mean?

    XRF is a popular non-destructive analytical method that is widely used to determine the metal’s elemental composition. The machine evaluates the chemistry of a metal sample by studying the fluorescent X-ray produced by the metal. You can create the secondary x-ray by triggering the atoms using a primary x-ray. This method reveals the accurate value of the elements used in the metal. Besides, it is an ideal method for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

    13. Are XRF analyzers safe?

    Yes, many studies have proved that XRF analysis is safe, and the machines are also very safe to use. All you need to point your handheld XRF gold tester towards the metal and press the trigger to start the process. Within a few seconds, you will get 100 percent accurate results. These machines are designed and developed in such a way that your body parts will not be exposed to radiation. But before using it, it is advisable to carefully follow all the instructions mentioned in the product box.

    14. What are the limitations of XRF?

    Every element in the periodic table shows characteristic radiation when excited with an x-ray. When it comes to x-ray fluorescence technology, the radiation will be on the order of 0.01 – 10 nanometers. The x-ray is supplied through an x-ray tube. This method ionizes the component atoms, and they eject electrons from the atomic layers, producing secondary X-rays.

    To measure this, a high-resolution and powerful optical detector, as well as signal processor, is required. These systems convert the energy into an easy-to-understand graphical representation. Well, some studies have informed that this technology can ignore different interfering factors during testing. For example, peak intensities will represent a linear relationship with the elemental concentration of the metal. But a deviation can arise due to matrix effects.  

    An X-ray may be enhanced or lowered by the material surrounding the metal sample. So, this thing can raise a question on the accuracy of the XRF method. But this is very normal and should not be a major reason behind not using an XRF gold analyzer. All you need to follow the instructions mentioned in the box, and you can use it properly.

    15. How is gold purity tested?

    Nowadays, gold purity is tested using an XRF machine as such machines offer the fastest and non -destructive way to test metal’s purity. Well, you can use traditional methods of testing gold’s purity, but they are not 100 percent effective and can leave marks on the precious metals. So, take a wise decision and use an XRF gold testing machine now. Call us now to know the gold purity analyzer price.

    16. What are the benefits of using a portable XRF machine?

    • The machine is designed to test and analysis of different metals to determine their composition of the metal.
    • This single machine is enough to test various metals, for example, iridium, osmium, chromium, nickel, zinc, iron, platinum, gold, and more.
    • Within just 10 seconds, you will get the result.
    • The product uses Microsoft Windows software programs and is super easy to use. Besides, you don’t have to use standard samples for calibration to use this product.
    • You can carry a portable XRF machine wherever you go, and it can run more than 48 hours once fully charged.
    • The best part is that it offers you a non-destructive metal analysis method.  

    17. How do you check whether the metal is gold or not?

    The best and effective method to check whether the metal is gold or not is to use an XRF analyzer. This machine can easily detect gold along with other precious metals, for instance, niobium, chromium, and more. To buy the best quality machine, you can always trust SuperbMelt.

    18. How can you tell if gold is real without markings?

    Now you can easily tell the purity of the gold without markings just by using a precious metal analyzer. And for that, you can use an analyzer equipped with modern XRF technology. If you are looking for a reliable platform to buy a powerful XRF analyzer for precious metals, don’t look here and there and opt for SuperbMelt.

    19. How do you test precious metals for purity?

    • Scratch and Acid Test

    Here you can use a touchstone and make a scratch on the piece of jewelry or metal. After that, you apply different types of acid to know the karats. This method is very common but not 100 percent accurate besides, as you will be using harmful acids that can burn your body parts.

    • Gold electronic tester

    The machine utilizes the electrical conductivity principle to test the gold’s concentration, but the accuracy level is very low.

    • Lab analysis

    This method is carried out using expensive and large machines. But this method requires extensive sample preparation. Such machines are not portable, and to use them, you will have to develop a higher level of technical skills.

    • Portable XRF metal analyzer

    An XRF precious metal analyzer is very easy to use and can accurately measure more than 20 different elements. The method is non-destructive in nature, and you can test the metal without any sample preparation. Portable XRF analyzers offer accurate, fast elemental analysis, and you can also know the karat amounts within a few seconds.

    20. What is XRF calibration?

    While using a DXL XRF analyzer, you will come across the term “calibration.” This is the process under which the users confirm that the measurements are true by testing against a standard. In general, calibration is conducted on the instrument before it gets packed and shipped out to the manufacturer’s store.

    Even though handheld XRF metal testers are very rugged since they are used in harsh environments, this tool can degrade, and you need to recalibrate the machine again after using it a few times. Before you can use the machine, you should check and determine by comparing that with the standard the accuracy of your instrument regularly. Besides, you should always follow the recalibration recommendation offered by the manufacturer for recalibration.

    21. What are the purity ranges of gold jewelry?

    Some common gold purity ranges are 10K, 18k, 24k, and 14k. Always remember that the strength, durability, and malleability of the gold will vary based on the gold’s purity level. For instance, for the maximum level of durability, you can go for 10K gold. However, the level of gold will be below. However, 24K gold is very soft and but this is pure. To check the gold jewelry’s purity range, you can utilize our XRF precious metal analyzer.

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