Platinum Melting Furnace

The Most Popular SuperbMelt 1-4kg platinum (Au, Ag, Cu, Al etc) melting equipment on the market

SuperbMelt platinum melting furnace (SPB-B) is a totally ingenious technological creation which is designed with the aim of providing superior melting action on precious metals like platinum, gold, palladium or alloys of these metals.

This platinum smelting furnace can reach a temperature of about 2600℃ (It is about 900℃ higher than the platinum melting point.) in no time. This is suitable for melting metals (which may be in any form such as solid, dust, scrap, ingot or powder) weighing between 1kg and 4kg in a record time of less than 5 minutes.

SuperbMelt platinum melting furnace is your best bet if you run a scrap metal refinery business or an old jewelry refining plant. This furnace is just the machine you need to boost your production and overall efficiency.

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Platinum melting furnace is equipped with all-round protection to ensure the safety of the machine and the operator.

Using a quartz crucible, with max temperature of 2600℃, which can be used for all metals(Pt, Au, Ag, Cu etc) smelting.

Comparing with market messy circuit design, adopts advanced micro computer controlled power save over 30% consumption. More durable and stable.

Why SuperbMelt Platinum Smelting Furnace

2 Years Warranty:

One year longer than the warranty provided by other factories

High Quality:

Only choose famous brand main electric components for production

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We will give response within 24 hours against your problem by our professional engineer

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