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automatic wax injector machine
finished products of automatic wax injector machine

The automatic wax injector machine is used to make various types of jewelry wax molds, such as bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings, etc., also the mold of clocks and watches can be made.

It can be directly used to cast gold, silver, copper, platinum and other materials. As well as be made into a style that can be set with diamonds, and can be used with a wax setting machine to achieve rapid mass production.

SuperbMelt automatic jewellery wax injector machine adopts a fully automatic intelligent chip induction wax injection system to achieve a high level of automation and greatly improve production efficiency. The wax tank has a large capacity and can work continuously, saving time and human resources. Made in a vacuum environment, it is safe and environmentally friendly while also ensuring the quality of the finished wax mold.

Vacuum Melting

It can avoid air bubbles and form a high-precision and high-quality wax molds.

wax tank of wax injector machine

Large Capacity

The wax tank has a large capacity, reducing the number of openings, saving time and labor

Intelligent Chip Identification

Fully intelligent chip identification and the use of automatic conveyor belt, high degree of automation.

2 years warranty

The warranty for our machine is one year longer than the warranty provided by other factories.

Strong service team

We will give response within 24 hours against your problem by our professional engineer.


Why SuperbMelt Automatic Wax Injector Machine

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

    Any Question About SuperbMelt Automatic Wax Injector Machine

    FAQ Guide of SuperbMelt Automatic Wax Injector Machine

    1. What Types of Wax Raw Materials are Suitable?

    The temperature of most waxes on the market is more than 70 degrees, except for white wax, which is more than 100 degrees, and the maximum temperature of our automatic wax injector machine is 90 degrees, so most of the wax raw materials can be realized.

    2. How to Control the Temperature and Pressure of Wax Injection?

    The temperature is set according to the melting point of the wax raw material, and the pressure depends on the product design and precision requirements. For complex and detailed products, the pressure needs to be increased to achieve high quality requirements.

    3. How to Clean Up the Residual Wax?

    The small cylinder in the middle of the wax tank will recover the residual wax on the nozzle by vacuum, and then discharge it uniformly.

    4. What Size Wax Pattern is Suitable?

    The mold suitable for the machine is between 116*116*96cm, as long as the jewelry design does not exceed the maximum range of the film, it can be realized.

    5. How many Wax Molds of Rings can be Injected into a 9kg Tank?

    Judging by the size and weight of the ring, taking a 1g ring as an example, you can inject about 8000-9000 pieces in a tank.

    6. Can it Work Continuously?

    The equipment is equipped with an air cooling system to ensure the continuous operation of the wax molding machine.

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      Guide of SuperbMelt Automatic Wax Injector Machine

      Chapter 1:

      Comparison Between Automatic Wax Injection and Traditional Wax Injection

      In traditional wax injection, the wax is manually injected into the mold using a hand-held injector gun, whereas in automatic wax injection, the wax is injected using a machine that automatically feeds and injects the wax into the mold.


      Automatic wax injection is generally considered to be more precise than traditional wax injection because the machine can control the wax flow rate and injection pressure more accurately.


      Wax injection machine for jewelry is generally faster than traditional wax injection because the machine can adjust wax melting and wax injection speed, can inject wax into the mold more quickly and consistently.

      Production Volume

      Automatic wax injection is more suitable for high volume production runs, while traditional wax injection is better suited for small to medium volume production.

      Labor Intensity

      Traditional wax injection requires skilled labor to operate the injector gun and ensure consistent injection, while automatic wax injection requires less labor because using full intelligent chip identification, automatic conveyor belt and other devices.


      The cost of automatic wax injector machines is generally higher than the cost of traditional wax molding machine. However, the savings in labor and increased production efficiency can make up for the higher initial investment in the long run.

      Process Steps

      The traditional wax injection process needs to be completed manually, such as mold clamping, wax injection, pressure holding, mold opening, core pulling and top mold, etc. However, using the automatic wax injector machine only needs to set the parameters through the plc control system to automatically complete all the processes, which is simpler and more convenient.
      Chapter 2:

      How to Use SuperbMelt Automatic Wax Injector Machine?

      Early Preparation

      Connect the power supply/air compressor/vacuum pump.
      • When Unifying the Mold:
      When the mold is of the same size, you can use the method of manually setting parameters, and manually input the parameters corresponding to the finished product requirements, including pressure, wax injection speed, etc. into the machine, and then prepare for batch wax injection.
      • When the Mold is Different:
      Each mold will have a parameter chip. If the molds are of different sizes and styles, this method can be used, so there is no need to manually enter the parameters, and the machine will automatically recognize them directly.

      Wax Injection Process

      Step 1: Open the lid of the wax tank, pour in the wax pellets or blocks that need to be melted, and then lock the lid.

      Step 2: Turn on the temperature control system, adjust the temperature of the wax cylinder to 80-85 degrees Celsius and melt it for 1-2 hours.

      Step 3: Adjust filter’s pressure: 0.4-0.5Mpa.

      Step 4: Open temperature control system to adjust wax cylinder/ wax mouth/ runner at 72-75 degrees Celsius.

      Step 5: Press the power buttom, then click ‘Orgin’ key.

      Step 6: Check if the lights in three areas are lit: depressed cylinder/feeding cylinder/pisher cylinder area.

      Step 7: Choose ‘IC Mode’ or ‘No IC Mode’.

      Step 8: Measure the size of the rubber mold and adjust the distance between the front and back of the clamp / the up and down position of the wax nozzle( Clamp JOG/ Nozzle JOG).

      Step 9: Input Injection pressure/ Fixture pressure/Injection time/Vacuum time. For small items, the cooling time is not needed to be set.

      Step 10: Set the rubber mold on the sensing area, and click ‘Write’, then the data is saved on chip.(If choose ‘No IC Mode’, don’t click it).

      Step 11: Click on the screen to inject wax.

      Chapter 3:

      What Technologies Are by Automatic Wax Injector Machines?

      Fully Automatic Intelligent Identification Chip

      For each mold, parameters need to be entered manually when the wax is injected for the first time. After that, the machine can automatically identify the chip of the mold, and after reading the parameters of each chip, it will automatically complete the wax injection; if there is the same mold, you can directly read and copy the chip parameters directly on the machine.

      Fully Automatic Intelligent Identification Chip of wax injector

      Automatic Transfer and Clamping Device

      The machine has a high level of automation, and the installed conveyor belts can be directly and uniformly transported without manual placement, which greatly saves time and ensures the safety of workers.

      Within the applicable mold range, different sizes can be automatically identified and centered by the fixture, and then aligned with the nozzle, which is simple and quick.

      automatic transfer system of wax injector

      PLC Control System

      All parameters required by the product can be controlled through the PLC screen, such as process temperature, pressure holding time, number of injection molds, etc. can be set directly, the operation is more convenient, and no complicated equipment training is required.

      plc control system of wax injector machine

      Vacuum Technology

      Not all wax mold products need vacuuming, such as trinkets, rings, earrings, etc., and the vacuuming technology of the machine can meet some high-precision products or medium and large handicrafts. Vacuuming can make the wax model more complete and delicate, and the details will be better.

      high quality jewelry made by automatic wax injector machine

      Automatic Cooling System

      After the mold is injected with wax, it will be released from the fixture and then pushed out to enter a cooling area. The mold will be cooled quickly by air cooling, which can ensure that the wax mold will not be damaged when the film is removed, and the finished product will be more perfect.

      automatic cooling system of jewelry wax injector

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