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SuperbMelt continuous electric rolling mill for one time production of gold, silver, platinum and palladium sheets for the jewelry industry.There are 5 to 6 sets of rollers pressed at the same time to achieve the required thickness of the material one time. This is very different from other electric rolling mills. It has obvious advantages in terms of efficiency and labor cost.

At present, this technology is still very little known in the jewelry manufacturing industry. It has an advanced PLC control device, and the touch screen operation is easier. With the functions of remote film feeding, infrared induction and automatic winding, it achieves a high level of automation, allowing the jewelry industry to achieve mass production while saving costs to a greater extent.

The electric rolling mill  is developed and produced by SuperbMelt for the medium and large jewelry industry. It can be used to make hollow tubes made of various materials such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, and aluminum, and then made into bracelets and rings. In the state of a block of a certain thickness, it is customized as a gold coin or a gold bar.

High Precision by jewelry relectric rolling mill

High Precision

The precision of the sheets produced by the continuous rolling machine is very high, the minimum can reach 0.5mm.

Infrared Sensor

It will automatically stop when it senses that there is no material, saving energy and protecting the machine

Automatic Winding by Electric Rolling Mill for Jewelry

Automatic winding

It can save manpower and avoid operating risks, and can also protect the smooth integrity of materials

Why SuperbMelt Electric Rolling Mill for Jewelry

Professional R&D Team:
Over 15 years R&D experience in gold machinery with a top engineer team supported
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

    Any Question About SuperbMelt Electric Rolling Mill for Jewelry

    Guide of SuperbMelt Electric Rolling Mill for Jewelry

    Chapter 1:

    What Products are Suitable for Jewelry Continuous Rolling Mill?

    The jewelry continuous sheet rolling machine is widely used in the jewelry production industry, suitable for a variety of metals, simple models, and various styles of jewelry. If you are a medium-to-large jewelry factory pursuing mass production and hoping to achieve high-efficiency production with low energy consumption, then this machine is definitely the best choice.

    Metallic Material 

    There are also many types of metals that can be used, especially suitable for metals with good ductility, such as gold, K gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. These materials are metals commonly used in jewelry making.

    Metal Size

    This continuous rolling mill is suitable for products that require high precision. The maximum material to be processed can reach 5mm, and the minimum thickness of the finished product can reach 0.5mm, which meets the size requirements of most jewelry production. In addition, the size of the incoming and outgoing materials can be adjusted according to the needs of customers, so as to adapt to the production of some personalized styles that are rare in the market.

    Finished Shape

    If you need a machine that focuses on making metal sheets and pursues high-efficiency batches, this one is very suitable. It has 5 rails and 6 rails to choose from, and it can be formed at one time to meet the needs of mass production. Manual feeding is not required, and one machine only needs one worker to complete all operations.

    Jewelry Type

    Our common jewelry styles include exquisitely carved gold and silver beads, pure gold or platinum diamond rings, and classic hollow bracelets, all of which need to go through the step of sheet press production. After the sheet is completed, the material can be made into hollow tubes by using a pipe welding machine , and then use a bracelet forming machine to turn into a bracelet or ring ,or use a hammer bead machine to divide the hollow tube into individual beads.
    Chapter 1:

    How Does the Jewelry Continuous Rolling Mill Work?

    The appearance of the electric tandem rolling mill is quite different from the ordinary electric rolling mill, but the working principle is basically the same. However automation level and efficiency of the electric rolling mill is higher. So how does it operate and what needs to be paid attention to when operating, please see the detailed description below:

    1,1 Working Principle

    The jewelry rolling machine generates friction between the roller and the metal workpiece when it rotates, so that the metal raw material is dragged into the gap between the two, and then the workpiece is shaped by extrusion and extension. The 5- and 6-track electric rolling mills are equivalent to adding several sets of finale on this basis, reducing the size in turn, so that the raw materials can be formed at one time. Its efficiency is 5 times that of ordinary electric rolling mills.

    1,2 Operating Procedures

    Step 1: Prepare Before Working

    • A staff member needs to be assigned to the post to check whether the automatic lubrication device is normal
    • Prepare the material, measure the thickness and width of the material to ensure that it can meet the range of use of the continuous rolling mill

    Step 2: Start Work

    • Turn on the main switch of the machine power supply, set the parameters, and fix the material at the feeding port
    • Use the remote control to feed the material into the machine in a jog manner

    Press the rolling button, the machine runs normally, and when the finished product comes out, it is fixed in the winding device to realize automatic winding.

    Step 3: End Work

    Turn off the power, take out the finished product to check the quality and measure whether the thickness is accurate

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