Jewelry Laser Welder

jewelry laser welder
jewelry laser welder

Laser welding is a non-contact process in which light energy is used to weld precious metals to themselves. After welding, it results in a seamless, undetectable work zone that is not discoloured in any way.

The spot welding process is a thermal conduction, that is, the laser radiation heats the surface of the metal and the surface heat diffuses to the interior through thermal conduction and melts the metal by controlling the width, energy, peak power, etc. Therefore, giving a high level automation and simple welding process.

Superbmelt mini laser welding machine is used for repairing damaged or broken jewelry in the jewelry making industry. It is not only used for repairing broken jewelry, it is also used for recreating unique jewelry designs.

Metals that can be welded using the jewelry laser welder are gold, stainless steel, platinum, aluminium, high strength steel, titanium, etc.

At Superbmelt, we are a desktop laser welding machine manufacturer that provides the highest quality of jewelry laser welders of excellent values to our clients.

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    Laser Welding Machine Buying Guide

    The most common assumption regarding jewelry is that these are crafted as a single ornament. However, many people are slowly catching up to the concept of custom design jewelry. Previously, people thought that custom jewelry is expensive. Now, laser welding equipment can help in producing cost-effective and fine pieces of jewelry. Superbmelt is your one-stop shop to find the best laser welding machine to help you capitalize on the new trends in jewelry.

    Contact us to find out the different options you can avail of for helping your jewelry sale or repair business to explore new opportunities for growth. Take a detailed look at the following guide to find out the different factors that can help you in buying jewelry laser welder and discovering its significance.

    Chapter 1:

    Do You Really Know That Jewelry is welded?

    The creation of a good piece of jewelry encompasses a wider breadth of topics that span basic assembly and the creation of handmade jewelry. Generally, jewelry is created by joining the different components or segments made of precious metals in a specific fashion. Some of the common elements in jewelry that are welded include prongs, heads, and cages. A jewelry laser welding machine can be a handy tool for jewelry welding with a wide range of functionalities. Readers can explore different pointers regarding the preparation of jewelry for the welding process.

    1.1, The Historical Development of Jewelry Welding

    Before starting a discussion on the best available laser welding machine for sale, especially for jewelry, it is important to reflect a bit on the history of jewelry welding. As a matter of fact, it is reasonable to wonder whether welding has recently become an important aspect of jewelry manufacturing.

    In the case of metalwork, the history of welding goes back to almost 1000 BC. Ancient civilizations discovered metals such as copper, iron, bronze, gold, and silver and shaped them with the help of metalwork. Many historical pieces of evidences suggest that the first pieces of jewelry welding were found in gold ornaments. People across various civilizations have been known to create and wear jewelry with higher recognition for their value in terms of the richness of metal used to make the jewelry and its quality.

    Advancements in the field of welding gradually started to gain the attention of people from all over the world. However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that people realized the value of welding in jewelry. With the development of the first-ever tool of its own kind for welding with an indirect arc followed by the perfection of arc welding between the 1800s and 1900s, welding was slowly gaining efficiency, precision, and stability.

    During the same period, another predecessor of the automated laser welding machine, i.e., gas welding machines, came into existence. Still, there was something missing, especially when it came to size and the need for precision in welding equipment for jewelry.

    At this point in time, laser technology came to the forefront. The laser has been able to find applications in the aerospace and medical sector since the 1970s. Therefore, the limited availability of an automatic laser welding machine made it a luxury in the jewelry manufacturing business. However, laser welding has become a necessity now for jewelry manufacturing. The earliest models of laser welders were massive stand-alone units that remained fixed to specific stations.

    The gradual evolution of laser welding technology has helped in bringing many new variants of laser welders that have similar functionalities to their larger counterparts with better flexibility and ease of portability. It is now easy to have a portable laser welder and carry it anywhere according to your requirements.

    However, the jewelry industry is quite hesitant to adopt new technology. One of the foremost reasons for the resistance of the jewelry industry to new technology refers to the traditional aspects embedded in the history of jewelry manufacturing. Master craftsmen pass on their skills and knowledge to apprentices through years of training, and technology is always perceived as a deterrent in conventional jewelry manufacturing.

    On the contrary, modern jewelry manufacturers slowly realize the efficiency value they can get with laser welding equipment. So, it is reasonable to expect a bright future for jewelers with the advancements in laser welding for designing and manufacturing custom design jewelry.

    1.2, In Which Cases Should Jewelry be Welded?

    As evident from the history of welding in jewelry, manufacturers have been using jewelry welding to hone aesthetical finesse. It is important for users to know the exact cases where jewelry welding can help them. The answers in this section would point out casting and assembly operations.

    You may need a portable laser welding machine to resolve the issues of porosity found in raw casting or a finished piece of jewelry. The laser welder could help in correcting porosity in jewelry by adding metal to the porous area without affecting other parts of the jewelry.

    Laser welding machines can be reliable instruments for faster and easier repairing of cast jewelry pieces. Without the need for recasting by using laser welding machines, you can save considerable sums of money and time that would have been required for recasting to solve problems in jewelry.

    So, you can clearly note one of the most prominent causes to start looking for a mini laser welding machine! A laser jewelry welder could be the perfect addition to the jewelry manufacturing process with prominent benefits.

    Subsequently, it is also important to note that you could require welding for jewelry in the assembly stage of the jewelry manufacturing process. As a matter of fact, laser welding can match perfectly and easily with a wide range of assembly operations.

    Laser welding does not involve any solder, thereby presenting opportunities for a considerable amount of savings. In addition, a new laser welder for sale could keep away the halo effect that is commonly found in the case of soldering. Conventional methods for jewelry assembly included the need for stringing or wringing techniques for holding the different jewelry pieces together in the desired fashion before soldering.

    However, laser welding allows manufacturers to tack up the jewelry pieces quickly with precision, thereby providing a time advantage over traditional methods. As a result, you can expect almost perfect jewelry products with high quality by using laser welding machines.

    Manufacturers using jewelry laser welder in their manufacturing processes can easily achieve better improvements in production while reducing the possibilities of errors considerably.

    1.3, How to Produce jewelry to be Welded

    If you want to know more about laser welding machine price, then you must have a clear idea of the basics of jewelry welding. Welding has been one of the notable steps in the jewelry manufacturing process. So, a basic impression of the steps of the jewelry manufacturing process could help readers understand the preparation of jewelry for welding.

    The knowledge of basic steps in preparing jewelry could help you use laser welding equipment efficiently. Most important of all, you can also plan the costs of the manufacturing process with a clear impression of costs involved in the preparatory stages.

    The first process in preparing jewelry for welding is the development of a 3D jewelry model. After developing an initial sketch based on the idea of a designer, you have t create a digital model of the jewelry. Designers commonly use Computer-Aided Design or CAD software for creating the digital 3D model of the proposed jewelry design.

    Although the digital 3D model might not look so appealing, it establishes a promising input for the next stage. The 3D model will be used for creating a wax model of the design, and modern manufacturers use 3D printing machines for creating wax models made of resin.

    3D printing machines make the work of creating wax models easier and faster in comparison to the traditional molding techniques.

    The next step in preparing jewelry for welding involves casting the wax model into metal. The wax in the model is replaced with the metal of choice in the molten form, generally platinum, gold, and silver. The process is referred to as ‘lost wax’ casting.

    In the case of general jewelry manufacturing, the next step would involve assembly in which designers make aesthetic adjustments for improving the functionality of the jewelry. Designers can opt for any enameling work or other design before the setting process.

    Now, you would need a laser welding machine for setting all the pieces of jewelry prepared for the welding process. So, let us take a look at the different types of options you can find in the market presently for jewelry welding.

    Chapter 2:

    Tools on the Market for Welding Precious Metals

    What do you want for jewelry laser welding? You can choose a gold laser welding machine or any other type on the basis of precious metals that should be welded into valuable pieces of jewelry. The variations in physical properties of different precious metals require the selection of different laser welding machines accordingly. Superbmelt can help you find out the most reasonable alternative to help you in welding precious metals.

    2.1, What To Prepare Before Welding Jewelry

    The laser basically stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser welding machine employs a non-contact process that helps in using light energy for welding precious metals. Manufacturers must notice that the laser welding process uses localized heat that helps in bringing a seamless and perfect quality work without any discoloration.

    The metal nearby the welding point does not metal, and the precision in the heat source of a regular or mini laser welder ensures that users could weld the nearby metal stones without any impact on the stone or other materials in the jewelry.

    Although the process of welding jewelry seems very easygoing and straightforward, users have to be careful in their preparations for welding jewelry. You need to have a clear idea of the preparatory stages in welding jewelry before you go looking for the best jewelry laser welding machine suppliers. So, let us find out some helpful tips to prepare before welding jewelry.

    Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

    The first and foremost pointer in preparing for jewelry welding is to clean the laser welder. You should try to clean the protective lens that is found in the laser chamber from where the beam comes out.

    It is also important to check the cross-hair alignment on a regular basis before laser welding. In addition, users should avoid programming their settings with the laser in a multi-purpose mode. Furthermore, welders must also keep in mind to wipe off the soot from the jewelry they are welding.

    You can be easily drawn to the proposition of using a laser beam welding machine due to its various benefits. However, it is important for you to practice laser welding properly, especially on a scrap item, before trying it out on jewelry.

    The next important pointer to prepare for welding jewelry refers to keeping a clean background. You should not have any form of objects in the vicinity of the platform where you are welding the jewelry.

    Make sure you have some floss bobbins at hand for easier wire storage and flexible access.

    Some experts also recommend that designers should remove stones from jewelry while using a laser spot welding machine. Although laser beam precision does not present any risks for damaging stones in jewelry, manufacturers can use Plasti-Tak as an alternative for safeguarding stones during the welding process. Similarly, experts also suggest the use of a highly polished sterling silver template during jewelry welding to safeguard the sensitive areas.

    With the help of regular practice and experience, you can master the art of preparing for welding jewelry easily. Furthermore, your practical trysts with jewelry welding can open you up to completely new methods to prepare for jewelry welding.

    2.2, Different Industries Apply Different Methods

    The primary applications of laser welding machines in different aspects of the jewelry industry reflect the diversity of the instrument. Laser welders can find prominent applications in the case of jewelry retail stores with distinct functionalities.

    With the jewelry industry under concern for this discussion, it is important to find out how retail stores use different methods of jewelry welding for various applications. If you are looking for a portable laser welding machine price, then you must also know about the breadth of its applications.

    The foremost reason to find a jewelry laser welder for sale is the application in the restoration and repair of antique jewelry. In most the cases, antique jewelry demand many hours of preparation, and complications are evident in the removal of stones along with heat-sensitive materials.

    A jewelry laser welder can help in creating a small heat zone and help with the majority of applications, including filigree repair and sizing without the removal of heat-sensitive stones. Therefore, retail antique jewelry stores could save a considerable amount of time for setup and reassembly time for the intricate pieces in antique jewelry.

    The next important application of welding in the jewelry industry also refers to the repairs in spring mechanisms. A laser spot welding machine helps in getting a very small heat zone and a very precise beam from the welder. As a result, the laser welder does not have any negative impact on the spring mechanism.

    Therefore, it can be helpful for welding spring rings, euro-wires, and lobster clasps easily while saving a considerable amount of time. At the same time, you can also find the applications of laser welding machines in watch repairs for their capabilities in repairing spring mechanisms.

    Laser welding methods also have applications in the jewelry industry for eyeglass repairs. Laser welders can help in faster and easier completion of eyeglass repairs, alongside offering the chance for repairing metals such as titanium. Therefore, you can clearly make the most of another promising income stream for your jewelry business with the help of laser welders.

    Another prominent application which you can find out among different methods of using automated laser welding machine refers to common jewelry repairs. It is easier to repair damaged chains with laser welding, and basic training of new personnel in retail jewelry stores can get the job done. Now, laser welding methods can help experienced jewelers in taking care of other difficult tasks with better concentration.

    2.3, Different Methods Are Needed For Different Metal Jewelry

    The type of jewelry metal is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns in selecting a laser beam welding machine. The type of jewelry metal has a considerable role in selecting the type of laser welding machinery. Laser welding is suitable in the case of jewelry crafted from hard metals, and in some cases, you need a portable laser welding machine for ease of movement.

    Furthermore, malleable metals such as gold will not present any difficulties as manufacturers don’t have to invest additional efforts. Although different types of metal jewelry require different welding methods, you can go for a single piece of equipment if they have the necessary features to achieve your desired goals in welding.

    It is easier to understand how different metal jewelry requires different methods by taking the two types of lasers into account. It is possible to operate laser welding equipment with pulsed or continuous laser, which varies in terms of thickness. So, the distinct functionalities of each type of laser are tailored for different metals used in fabricating jewelry.

    A pulsed laser is a suitable choice for welding titanium pacemakers, sheet metals, razor blades, and chain links in gold jewelry. In addition, the pulsed laser can also prevent the melting or deforming of the metal. Most important of all, a pulsed laser is ideal for thin and light metal jewelry.

    On the contrary, the continuous laser method is suitable for metal jewelry, which includes highly refractory metals. In comparison to pulsed laser, continuous laser welding presents higher costs alongside reducing the operating costs. However, the continuous laser method in jewelry laser welder is suitable for welding thick parts in metal jewelry.

    It is important to note that using the continuous laser method of laser welding on thin metal jewelry can lead to damage or deformation of the jewelry.

    2.4, Comparison of Jewelry Welding Methods

    One of the most common jewelry welding methods is the stick welding approach. It is basically a type of manual arc welding that can help with welding many metals. The ease of stick welding and the possibility of making it work with various metals ensure that stick welding is suitable for jewelry welding.

    Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

    The next important type of jewelry welding method refers to plasma arc welding. You can find a laser welding machine with a plasma arc offering you a method like tungsten arc welding. Plasma arc welding can help in welding projects at higher temperatures with finer and tighter welds. The arc welding method is the most commonly preferred method that you can find in the case of the majority of welders. The electric arc helps in creating fusion among the electrode and base material with the metal that is involved in the welding process.

    Another common type of jewelry welding method you may come across while thinking of laser welding machine cost refers to resistance welding. Resistance welding might seem too expensive and relies largely on the use of costly, delicate devices. So, welders are less likely to use the resistance welding method frequently. The method of resistance welding focuses on using sheets of extra metal for covering the parts that require welding.

    The importance of gas welding is also one of the prominent mentions among the discussions on jewelry laser welding machine as one of the methods for jewelry welding. The gas welding method is suitable for welding metal jewelry that cannot withstand the pressure of excessively high temperatures. Therefore, the gas welding method is preferred as the common choice for making or repairing jewelry. However, the gas welding method finds applications commonly in the case of repairing plastics and pipes.

    However, the lion’s share of the pie among methods used for welding jewelry goes to laser welding equipment. Laser welding has found recognition recently and is largely known for the speed of welding. So, it is a preferred choice for scenarios in which you want to achieve your work on time. Laser welding, also known as energy beam welding, can present higher accuracy in comparison to other techniques. On the other hand, certain laser welding machines can be very expensive for certain jewelry manufacturers and welders.

    A detailed overview of the various welding methods shows that jewellery laser welding machine price could depend considerably on the choice of welding method by manufacturers. However, a reflection on the different welding methods indicates that a particular method is not suitable for all metal jewelry. So, if you know your requirements carefully, then you can choose the ideal method that fits your case.

    Chapter 3:

    Why Do You Need a Laser Welder to Weld Your Jewelry?

    Have you rounded up on a final choice to weld your jewelry? If you are still confused about laser welding equipment, then you should try exploring laser jewelry welding machines. Laser welding machines are presently one of the most effective and promising choices for equipment to weld jewelry.

    Readers could explore the different reasons to use regular or automatic laser welding machine for identifying whether laser welding machines are indeed better than other welding methods for jewelry.

    3.1, Advantages of Laser Welding Method for Jewelry Compare to Other Methods

    Jewelry laser welding machine is a suitable choice for all types of traditional metals used in jewelry. It is possible to weld all the base metals, sterling silver, karat gold, palladium, titanium, and even platinum. Laser welding offers flexibility for welding platinum that was once a very difficult metal to work with within jewelry. In addition, laser welding can also help you weld different metals such as gold to platinum or sterling silver to gold. Laser welding machines can help mainly in welding metals alongside refractory metals.

    Furthermore, laser welding also helps in welding non-metallic parts such as glass and porcelain with metals. Most important of all, a regular or portable laser welding machine could help in welding jewelry parts with considerably distinct shapes.

    Therefore, you can use laser technology for creating complicated welds by joining dissimilar materials as well as areas that would have been difficult to reach by using conventional welding techniques.

    The most important reason to focus on the laser welding method above other methods refers to laser welding machine cost. Although you will put in a hefty investment with laser jewelry welding equipment, they can provide exceptional results in terms of speed. With the reduced costs of preparations for welding jewelry, laser welding also enables faster jewelry welding by heating the metal to higher temperatures with higher speed.

    At the same time, the laser welding method also avoids the risks evident in deformation. The laser welding technology is specifically effective for achieving porosity in the finished metal jewelry products.

    The next prominent reason for choosing a gold laser welding machine points out to the high accuracy. The higher accuracy in laser welding has been possible due to localized application of heat, thereby leading to exceptionally finer and cleaner welding that is almost invisible. As a result, they are ideally fit for projects that involve welding small jewelry parts.

    Laser welding also enables possibilities for better aesthetic appeal in jewelry welding due to the higher precision and accuracy. Furthermore, the facility for splitting up the laser beam into different beams can help in laser welding with better accuracy.

    Since jewelry laser welder for sale operates on a non-contact basis, without any contact, laser welding machines can take away the risks of wear and tear on the welding machine. In addition, welders don’t have to change the electrodes or tools in laser welding machines. As a result, you can save a considerable amount of money as well as contribute promisingly in terms of waste reduction.

    Modern jewelry laser welding machine suppliers are also looking into possibilities for providing orders to the machine through digital channels. Now, you could easily control the quality of the welding process directly through a computer.

    Most important of all, the higher level of automation allowed in digital laser welding processes could help in better detection and resolution of any issues with quality in the jewelry.

    A laser spot welding machine is also helpful for achieving improved strength in welds. Laser welding does not require the use of filler material and can ensure a perfect weld quality alongside clean processing. In addition, laser welding also offers flexibility for achieving consistent and repeatable welds. The versatility in laser welding can support the use of the same laser for cutting and drilling, thereby ensuring promising unit cost reductions.

    3.2, With Laser Welding, You Don’t Need to Spend Extra Time Preparing For Work in Advance

    When you are looking at the possibilities of portable laser welding machine price, you might have uncovered many details about their advantages. Laser welding machines help in welding jewelry faster than conventional welding techniques. At the same time, the precision advantages in laser welding capture the attention of many jewelers towards it.

    However, the most prominent advantage with a laser welding machine comes as a result of the time factor. Welders don’t have to invest additional time in preparing for the jewelry welding work before the process.

    Just a few simple precautions are enough to get started with laser jewelry welding. For example, cleaning up the background and the laser welder alongside using the shielding equipment for stones and other sensitive areas in the piece of jewelry is enough to start with laser welding.

    In comparison to other methods of jewelry welding, you can begin laser welding by adjusting the settings of the laser weld according to your requirements.

    Furthermore, the precision of laser beams allows welders to avoid any concerns of stabilizing the jewelry piece being welded. In addition, laser welding also relieves many other concerns such as color matching or karat comparison before welding.

    You don’t have to worry about the placement of jewelry pieces in an accurate fashion to obtain the desired product with laser welding. The highly localized beam and heat direction can help you achieve better accuracy, quality, and perfection of laser welds in jewelry.

    Chapter 4:

    How to Choose a Laser Welding Machine?

    4.1, What should be Paid Attention to When Purchasing Jewelry by Welding Machine?

    While buying a jewelry laser welder may seem to be an easy task, it can actually be tricky at times. With a wide range of options available, choosing the right one can be confusing and time-consuming. If you want to save your time and energy while enhancing the productivity of your business, considering the vital aspects can help you make the right choice. To make your task simple and easy, here are some of the most significant aspects that you need to take into account when purchasing the jewelry welding machine.

    Consider the Size of Production

    Different businesses have different scales of production. While some businesses may be involved in large scale production, others have a relatively small scale production. The size of production plays a vital role in deciding the machine you will purchase. In case you have a lot of production, make sure to choose a machine that can handle the tasks efficiently. If you have a small scale production, look for one that suits your need. Irrespective of your production size, Superbmelt is the right place to shop your welding machine.

    Consider the Features

    It is a common practice that most people look for the essential features when buying a machine. The same goes for laser beam welding machine. Purchasing a machine that has the latest features can provide you with the best returns on investment. Look for features such as pump source, pulse width, wavelength, output power, cooling system, power consumption, and applications. Also, consider choosing between manual and automatic machines as per your budget and requirements.

    Consider the Price

    Price is one of the most significant aspects that cannot be overlooked. While considering the laser welding machine cost, remember that the machine available at a lower price is not always the best option. The welding machines that come with advanced features and technologies usually cost a bit more. Though it may cost you some extra, it is worth the investment as it can offer you ample benefits in the long run. Deciding on a budget can help you find the right machine for your company.

    The Reputation of the Manufacturing Company

    With the increasing demand for welding machines, several jewelry laser welding machine suppliers have entered the market. Choosing the right company can be quite challenging in the competitive market setting. However, investing some time in researching about the companies can help in shortlisting them and finally selecting the best one. Make sure to look for the reputation of the company. For this, you can check the client and customer reviews and get valuable insights. Superbmelt has earned a distinguished reputation for delivering the best welding machines to clients.


    Purchasing a welding machine is a big investment. You would definitely want to ensure that the machine lasts for long years. Make sure to consider the durability of the machine and choose one that can easily stand the test of time. Superbmelt offers high-quality products that are manufactured using premium-grade materials to ensure that they keep functioning for long years without getting damaged.

    Environment Friendliness

    Businesses are currently looking for eco-friendly products and technologies to reduce the adverse impacts on the environment and ensure sustainability. At Superbmelt, we are well aware of this fact and place environmental friendliness as a top priority. Our products are designed to deliver optimum outputs without affecting the environment.

    Maintenance Cost

    Buying a gold laser welding machine that requires maintenance frequently can add up your expenses and increase the overall cost. If you want to save more, it is important to look for machines that have a lower maintenance cost. The machines at Superbmelt have less maintenance requires and higher durability, thereby allowing you to save more.

    4.2, What Kind of Jewelry Laser Welding Machine is Suitable for your Needs?

    Every business has its unique requirements. It is important to understand the core needs of your company to select the most appropriate automated laser welding machine. While there a wide variety of options available in the market, a handheld fiber laser welding machine is the best option to go with. Superbmelt can provide you with high-quality handheld welding machines. Take a look at the prominent benefits of choosing the handled laser welding machines over the other available options.

    The handheld fiber laser welding machine is built with modern technology and a user-friendly design to provide you with optimum convenience. Being easy to use, it can help in significantly lowering your labor cost. The easy application also enables novice users to easily use it without any difficulty.

    Moreover, the small body shape and compact design ensure that it will occupy less space, thereby increasing the functionality of your working area. The machine also comes with a continuous laser mode that helps in enabling smooth welding transition without leaving any fish scales on your precious jewelry. In addition, the handheld laser welding machine requires very little maintenance and allows you to save more.

    4.3, What Parts are the Core of Laser Welding and How to Maintain Them?

    The laser welding machine is made up of various important parts that are essential for its functioning. Here are some of the most important parts of a laser welding machine that demand proper maintenance. The fiber optic cable serves as a key element that enables the laser to reach the welding area. The fiber comes in various diameters that depend on the laser technology or model you choose.

    Focus optic is another significant part of the jewelry laser welding machine. It is responsible for perfect imaging of the fiber’s end section. Adjusting and perfecting the spot size for different applications is also possible with the help of focus optics.

    Pulse Width and Pulse Power are other vital aspects of the laser machine. The density of peak power helps in regulating the weld penetration, and the peak power is measured in terms of a watt.

    Chapter 5:


    A laser welding machine is an excellent piece of equipment for jewelers that will enable them to craft jewelry in unique designs and deliver customized final products to their customers. While it is a recent innovation in the industry, it is getting highly popular among the firms at a rapid pace. When planning to buy a new laser welding machine, it is important to understand the key benefits that it can provide you with.

    Moreover, you must also consider the important factors in order to make the best choice of laser welding machines. Made with the latest technologies, it can help you in welding jewelry in much less time than usual. It not only allows you to save time but also enhances productivity and boosts your overall profits.

    Being fairly prices, you can easily afford the welding machine irrespective of your firm size.

    If you are looking for precision in your welding works, the laser machine is a must-have. With modern features, high durability, and affordable price, the laser welding machine is worth an investment. In comparison to the traditional approaches, laser welding machines can offer you plenty of benefits.

    Superbmelt can provide you with the latest models of welding machines at competitive prices and enhance the revenues of your business. We understand your exact requirements and provide you with the products that perfectly suit your purpose.

    Chapter 6:

    FAQ Guide

    Does Welding Consume Precious Metals?

    Most people have a perception that welding can consume precious metals as high heat is involved in the welding process. However, it is a matter of the fact that precious metals such as gold and silver undergo welding for designing beautiful jewelry pieces. Welding actually does not consume the metal when the right setting, technology, and adjustment are used. Moreover, with the availability of advanced laser welding machine, it ensures a high degree of reliability on the outcomes of the process.

    Does Welding Require Additional Metal?

    Leveraging a laser welding machine does not necessitate any additional metals for the purpose of welding. The fabrication process can be ideally used for joining metals effectively. Welding enables you to easily join quality metals together and enhance the beauty of your valuable jewelry collections.

    How Strong is Laser Welding?

    Laser welding is a manufacturing process that offers high accuracy and a higher quality finish. It also ensures providing a reliable and stronger weld with a better depth to width ratio. The laser has the ability to easily penetrate into a number of materials, including metals. In comparison to the traditional welding methods, laser welding offers higher strength in much less time.

    Which Types of Laser Can be used In Jewelry Welding?

    When looking for a laser machine for jewelry welding, you can find a number of options to choose from. Among the different types of welding machines, gas lasers, diode lasers, and solid-state lasers are the most widely used ones. Depending on your specific application, you can select the right type of laser machine for jewelry welding.

    Can You Weld with a Laser?

    Yes, it is possible to weld the metals and precious jewelry with the laser. Laser bear welding has evolved as the latest welding technique that is extensively being used for joining metal pieces and thermoplastics using the laser. A high concentrated heat source is provided by the beam that enables deep and narrow welds with high welding rates. Having appropriate knowledge about the application can help you in using the laser in the best possible way.

    Where is laser welding used?

    Laser welding has a diverse range of applications in various industries. The most common application of laser welding is to join pieces of thermoplastics and metals. It is also widely being used in various industrial applications owing to its high accuracy, low distortion, and high speed. Recently, it has become popular in the jewelry industry to design and shape unique jewelry pieces as per the requirement of the customers. It even finds use in other industries such as aerospace, automobile, electronic, medical, and engineering.

    Can you laser weld aluminum?

    Laser beam welding is one of the popular techniques used for welding aluminum efficiently. However, you just need to ensure that you have the right equipment to carry out the task. With the use of the right laser welding machine, you can get fast and clean welds without any difficulty. To ensure better outcomes, it is important to thoroughly clean the aluminum before welding and remove any oxide present.

    How Much is a Laser Welder Price?

    Laser welding technology has recently been introduced in the jewelry industry and therefore has a high cost involved. The jewellery laser welding machine price is somewhere around $25,000. While this cost frightens a number of jewelers, it is actually worth the cost and can provide you with better returns. If you are on the lookout for a budget-friendly and high-quality welding machine, Superbmelt is the perfect destination for you and you can get in best Laser Welder Price.

    What is The Principle of Laser Beam Welding?

    Laser beam welding refers to the fusion joining process that involves the production of coalescence of materials through the heat obtained from a concentrated coherent beam of light. The laser beam has high energy content and low beam divergence that helps in the creation of heat when striking the surface.

    What Can Material Be Laser Welded?

    A wide range of materials can be easily welded using laser welding machines. It is mainly used for joining thermostatic items and metals. Some of the most popular materials that can be welded with the laser welding machines are copper beryllium, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, platinum, titanium, Ni-chrome, nitinol, Kovar, and Inconel.

    Does Welding Weaken Metal?

    Welding can result in the weakening of steel, especially when high temperature is used during the welding process. The weakening of metal is more common in the case of cold-rolled steel. During the welding process, the heat-affected zones are likely to weaken the metals the most.

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