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SuperbMelt electric induction metal melting furnace (SPB-HMF) for 50-250kg metals smelting

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SuperbMelt Electric Induction Furnace (SPB-HMF) comes from one of a leading induction furnace manufacturer in Asia. It is capable of melting any ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, copper, zinc, aluminium, steel and lead. Minimum and maximum weight requirement of 50Kg and 250kg respectively are considered suitable benefit from an output power rating of 45kw ~160kw.

The Electric Induction Furnace is incorporated with a Simens controls system (PLC). This gives accuracy, precision and better control to your melting process.

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Adopt hydraulic tilting type furnace to realize the pouring of metal liquid, stability and safety.

Electric Induction Furnace
The power supply with SIEMENS’s PLC control system is more intelligent for the whole melting process.
Electric Induction Furnace
The power supply has an omni-directional protection to ensure the safety of the machine and operator.

Why SuperbMelt Electric Induction Melting Equipment

2 Years Warranty:
One year longer than the warranty provided by other factories
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Superbmelt Electric Induction Furnace

    Electric induction furnace offers the best solution for dealers looking to smelt and melt both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Other than helping you understand how you can get the best electric induction furnace for your application, this piece aims to answer every possible question you might have prior to acquiring the machine.
    How Can Impurities Be Removed From Metals?

    There are many types of metals, but this question is still an important one. However, different metals have unique ways applicable to make them pure. Therefore, we will look at them one after another. But for the starters, we have distillation, liquation, poling, electrolysis, zone refining, etc.


    When discovered in nature, gold ore is combined with stones and many other metals such as lead and silver. Due to this natural state, gold does not usually have the aesthetic virtues it deserves, unless it is purified.

    The removal of gold impurities through melting is something that has existed for many years. In the modern days, the process can be done much faster with the help of an electric induction furnace from SuperbMelt. But let us take a keener look into how the process can be completed.

    To remove impurities from gold, place it in a crucible and then place that in an electric induction furnace. From there, heat the material to 1,100 degrees Celsius. With that, dross will get to the surface. For the best results, you need to remove the crucible from the furnace periodically and then skim the impurities from the surface of the molten gold.

    Before returning it for further heating, make sure to stir the gold. Repeat this process until no more impurities get to the surface. To get the best results, it is important that you try smaller quantities each time. Though the process will be slower, the result will be more than amazing. Also, you need to submerge the impure gold in a mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acids. This method is great because it dissolves the ore and then separates unrefined gold from impurities.

    With that, you will only be left with gold and water. This should give you something that is more than 95% pure. However, this method might not be 100% effective if there is a large quantity of silver in the mixture.


    Silver occurs naturally in the ore, but it is never pure. Therefore, a purification method must be applied to refine it and make it ready for use. Thankfully, its impurities are rather easy to remove as long as the right method, and material such as electric induction furnace is used. Also, there are precautions that must be taken to avoid possible accidents in the workspace.

    Before you commence, you need to weight the silver that you intend to refine. Place your impure silver in a crucible and heat to a temperature of not less than 1,000 degrees Celsius. Once you have done this, you will see that dross come to the surface of the molten silver. All you have to do is remove the crucible from the furnace and remove the impurities.

    Stir the molten silver and put it back so that it gets heated again. Repeat the process until you are sure that all impurities have been removed. If you want to purify large amounts of silver, then SuperbMelt recommends that you use their heavy-duty electric induction furnace to complete the process. If you follow the correct procedures, you will be left with silver that is more than 95% pure. Note that it might never hit 100% purity, but anything closer to that is worth it.


    At SuperbMelt, we pride in ensuring that you get all your smelting and melting solutions under one roof. Therefore, with our electric induction furnace, you can remove all impurities from copper. However, before you get started, you are strongly advised to weigh and find out the amount of copper you are trying to refine and purify.

    Once you have done that, take your copper and place it in a crucible and out that in the furnace. Turn on the machine and heat up to at least 1,100 degrees Celsius. Keep stirring as you heat so that impurities emerge on the surface of the molten copper. Remove the crucible from the induction furnace and chop off the impurities.

    Return the copper and repeat the procedure until no more impurities are coming to the surface of your copper. Note that you will end up with copper that is at least 95% pure. Though 100% of purity might almost be impossible to achieve, just keep repeating the procedure to get the highest possible level of purity. This is an important factor to note because the price and quality of material made from that copper depends on how pure the copper is.

    We have a wide range of induction furnaces that can be used to melt and smelt any type of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Therefore, you can always count on us regardless of your intended scale of production. We have from small, compact designed electric induction furnaces, to really huge ones for commercial applications. Do not hesitate to talk to our team at any time you want.

    Despite focusing on quality production and pleasurable application, we also want to see that you don’t spend a fortune to get our products. Whether you are a first-time user or a seasoned one, we have got something for your production needs.

    How to Melt Different Kinds of Metals Nowadays?

    In the past, people found it hard to melt various metals. They had to use primitive methods to melt metals, and they spent many days or even months to produce enough metals. Today, the world has advanced, and modern methods can be applied to ensure that metals are melted fast and efficiently. Since they require different amounts of heat to melt, there are different yet reliable methods that can be used to melt metals such as gold, copper, silver, platinum, and many more using electric induction furnace from SuperbMelt.

    Precious Metal Melting (Gold, Silver, Platinum)

    First, let us begin by looking at how you can melt gold. Electric induction furnace is one of the best machines that can be used to melt gold. To get started, you have to figure out the amount of gold you need to be melted. If you have anything more than 50 kg, then you will need a larger electric induction melting furnace.

    Place your gold in a crucible and place it in the induction furnace. Turn on the furnace and begin melting. Make sure that your temperature hits at least 1,100 degrees Celsius. This is the recommended temperature to heat sufficiently and get gold to its melting point. You can also use this method to smelt gold with the aim of removing impurities.

    Compared to other metals, silver has a rather lower melting point. Therefore, you want to do a lot of heating to achieve the bottom line. If you are trying to melt only a small amount of silver, then you will only need to use a small induction furnace. An electric one from SuperbMelt will give you the best application experience.

    We assume that you are heating without the need to remove impurities. Place your silver in a crucible and put it inside your induction melting furnace from one of the best induction melting furnace manufacturers. Power on the machine and let it heat the silver to a temperature of around 1,000 degrees Celsius. This is enough to give you the best result.

    You can use the same procedures mentioned above to melt copper in an induction furnace. However, this time around, you need to heat to a temperature of around 1,100 degrees Celsius to attain the melting point of the substance. If you intend to remove impurities, keep shaking while you heat and stop periodically to remove impurities that will be collected on top of the substance.

    Iron and Steel Melting

    If you intend to melt iron and steel, it is important that you find a way to apply a lot of it to the two substances. This is why we have always recommended an electric induction furnace from SuperbMelt. During the process, you need to put on the right protective gear to ensure that you don’t get hurt in case an accident occurs in the heating chamber.

    Place the iron or steel in the crucible of an induction furnace and switch it on, this time around, you want to heat to a temperature of 1,370 degrees Celsius. You need to ensure that this work is controlled since it requires the generation of very high temperatures. You are strongly advised to have on the right protective equipment such as gloves and glasses.

    Copper Melting

    Copper melting furnaces need to be strong, durable and designed to withstand heavy-duty. Such furnaces should come from reputable companies that are known to focus on ensuring the most pleasurable user-experience. For instance, whether you intend to invest in something that will serve you on a long-term basis, then SuperbMelt has you covered. The company has some of the best copper melting furnaces in China. Despite being perfectly crafted, they go at highly competitive prices. You need to check them out.

    How to Make Alloy by Melting?

    Normally, most alloys are made by mixing metals in the molten state. To make these alloys, the main ingredients have to be melted first. The other substances are then added later. The main challenge experienced in making alloys is that they do have different melting points. For instance, copper melts at 1,083 degrees Celsius zinc melts at 419 degrees Celsius, while gold melts at 1,064 degrees Celsius. Therefore, to melt and alloy them, they have to be heated beyond their melting points.At times, it can be hard to make alloys, especially when the metal in a smaller proportion is the one with the higher melting point. For instance, one light-alloy might contain 92% aluminum and has a melting point of 660 degrees Celsius, with only 8% copper that has a melting point of 1,083 degrees Celsius. To prepare such an alloy, it would not be desired to melt the few amounts of copper and then add nearly twelve times the weight of aluminum.

    If that is the case, the metal would have to be heated so much to convince the large amounts of aluminum in order to dissolve. This will lead to gases being absorbed so that unsoundness is created. That is a low-quality alloy that might not attract the modern market.

    If you are dealing with experts, then the exact melting point of an alloy can be figured out arithmetically. Though it is more of an approximation, the method is always close to accurate. The best formulas can be used to that a perfect allow is achieved at the end of the process. If you get in touch with us at SuperbMelt, we can always help you create an alloy of the best quality.

    Before you make an alloy, you need to comprehend the properties of metals that you need to use. This will help you figure out how to handle them so that you get a perfect alloy. SuperbMelt, you will have the chance to talk to experts who have worked with clients of all walks, including India, China, the US, etc. If you visit our website, you will talk to an agent who will answer all your queries regarding how to make an alloy of various ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

    How to Choose The Right Melting Furnace?

    If you are looking to invest in the right melting furnace, there are important factors that you have to put into consideration. We have listed some of them below to keep you on the right track as you work on building and establishing your business.

    According To Gold Capacity

    If you are planning to buy the right electric induction furnace, then you have got to have the capacity in mind. For instance, there are melting machines that are created to melt 5 kg of metal, 10 kg of metals, 30 kg, and as high as 500 kg. Therefore, it is important that you make this decision with regard to the scale of production that you have in mind.

    However, it is advisable that if you intend to do a large scale production, you consider going for an induction furnace with a large capacity. If you don’t plan to do a lot of production, then you can still do with one with a smaller capacity. It is also accurate to note that most goldsmiths prefer using the mini gold smelter due to the additional advantages that it comes with.

    According To Consumer’s Business Model

    For jewelry shops, goldsmith, and small gold miners, we would advise that they consider using the mini gold melting machine. Other than its portable size, it comes with a wide range of additional features. It can melt gold very fast. However, if you need something that can withstand heavy application, then you could achieve that with improved chain tilting and melting furnace. If you have more than 50kg of gold to be melted, then we at SuperbMelt recommend that you consider using a hydraulic tilting melting furnace. If you do not like that, then you can still use a motor tilting melting furnace.

    Personal Budget

    As a business person, it is important that you do things as your budget. Make sure that you can control the money that comes in and out of your business. Therefore, as you try to acquire the best electric induction machine, start by coming up with a properly formulated budget. With your budget, you will be able to gauge what the business can afford at a given time. There is a wide range of melting machines, but their productivity and ease of application heavily depend on their cost. However, it is unwise to buy something that your business might not need. For example, if something that is very expensive and consumes a lot of power.

    Consider Durability

    As an investor, saving means looking at the long-term cost or expenditure your business might incur to remain afloat. For instance, if your business needs to buy a new induction melting furnace, then it got to be something that lasts. This should not mean sacrificing quality for affordability. Though the two factors are equally important, one is heavier than the other. In our case, we are trying to save the business from spending more in the future by buying the machine that is durable enough. Therefore, it is crucial to spend a little more and get an induction furnace that will not tax the business due to regular glitches that need money to fix.


    A machine only adds value to the company if it can be used easily. For example, it is vital to choose that electric induction furnace that people will not struggle to use and provide quality services. At Superbmelt, though we tend to focus on modern technologies, we make sure that our products come with straightforward features that anyone can use. This is because the learning curve is a duration that might take time. Instead of learning how to use a given machine, production should be going on. This is why our company tries as much as possible to only create machines that are less complicated, but sophisticated enough to meet the modern demand.

    The reputation of the Company

    Today, there are many companies out there claiming to have the best induction machines to melt and smelt gold and many other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Otherwise, as far as reputation is concerned, most of them are not worth your money. Some manufacture substandard machines that will not meet your needs. A good business person should only buy products from reputable dealers such as SuperbMel. Before they bring their products to the market, they put them under rigorous tests to ensure that they meet all industrial standards as demanded by modern users. To know whether a given company is good or not, go to their official website and take a look at the reviews left by their current and past customers. You can do the same to learn more about SuperbMelt.

    Available Workspace

    It is important that you buy an induction furnace that best suits the nature of your workspace. If you are a large gold miner, then there is a good chance you have unlimited space. Therefore, you are free to invest in a large machine that will produce refined gold within the shortest time possible. The small jewelry shops, on the other hand, have limited spaces to do some melting or smelting. In such cases, they should only try to focus their attention on buying compact designed induction furnaces. These ones are still highly reliable, but not very demanding when it comes to space. Think about this important aspect before you contact your preferred manufacturing company.

    Cost of maintenance

    Good induction melting furnace manufacturers will always sell you products that are highly convenient and less likely to break down. However, since all machines break down at some point, they should not be hard to fix. Unfortunately, not all manufacturing companies are able to meet these standards. This explains why you should be careful who you are buying from. Good induction machines should be ones that are easy to fix and do not cost a lot of money either. Note that if your machine is one that needs fixing every now and again, then it won’t be making you any money.

    How Can I Reduce The Power Consumption Of My Induction Furnace?

    To reduce the high power rates, operators are strongly urged to optimize maintenance and operating practices. They are also encouraged to evaluate the generator systems. It is said that most metal casters, especially the novices, are used to affordable and plentiful electrical power. However, most of them are not used to, or rather ready to withstand the high costs of electrical power that as almost become quite common.Thankfully, there are things that can be done to reduce the power consumption of your induction furnace. For instance, you can make significant changes to operating procedures, maximize equipment utilization, enhance the charging speed if there is that functionality, avoiding overfilling, using clan scrap, removing slag a lot faster, and measuring the overall temperature used after each application.

    By the time you are pouring content into the furnace, not that it is not already being used for melting. Actually, if the tapping process takes too long, you might need to reheat the metal, but that is a huge waste of electricity. To fix this, make sure that your tapping process is brief. Make sure that it is completed as soon as possible.

    How Do You Melt Gold Dust?

    An induction furnace is an electrical furnace that involves the application of heat through induction heating of metal. Induction furnace comes in a wide range of capacities, from less than a kilo to a hundred tones. These machines are used to melt iron and steel, aluminum, copper, and precious metals.To use a metal furnace induction, you are supposed to find the right equipment. This can be done in terms of the amount of gold, workspace, usability, and budget.

    Once you have the right equipment, but the gold dust in a crucible, place inside the furnace and then power on your equipment. It is vital that you heat to the right temperature so that you convert your gold to its molten state. While heating, you need to ensure that you keep checking your gold to ascertain that you remove all impurities (if that is one of your aims). Put on the right protective equipment since accidents might occur while heating the gold dust.

    How Do You Melt Scrap Metal?

    To melt scrap metal, you want to begin by separating all of the scraps as per the types. This is very important since different metals will melt at different temperatures. With this knowledge, you will be able to regulate the temperature accordingly while melting your scrap metal.Once that is done, make sure to put all metals of a certain type in a crucible that is large enough to contain all of them. Next, you should pour a thin layer of baking soda over the pieces.

    Now place the crucible in an induction furnace and power it on. Since you have separated the metals, you will be sure of the right amounts of temperature to supply them with. While doing this, make sure that you have your gloves on to prevent potential accidents from taking place.

    The same procedure will be carried out for each type of scrap metal until all of them have been melted. Note that you can talk to an expert to assist if anything in this bit does not sound clear enough.

    How Do You Power an Induction Furnace?

    An induction furnace features a nonconductive crucible that holds the charge of metal that needs to be melted and is surrounded by a coil of copper wire. There is a powerful alternating current that flows through the wire. It is the coil that brings about a magnetic field that reverses rapidly and goes through the metal.Most current induction furnaces come with power switches that are strategically placed to that you find them easily. But the positioning might vary depending on the manufacturing company of your choice. Note that the machines have different operating frequencies that could range from 50 Hz all the way to 400 Hz for the most powerful ones.

    You should pick your frequency based on the metal that you are working on. It is recommended that if you are dealing with a high amount of metal, you consider using higher frequencies as you will get the job done much faster. In some cases, if only a small volume of metal needs to be smelted, then you will have to use an induction furnace that can generate very high frequencies.

    How Do You Safely Melt Metal?

    Some people want to melt metal at home, while others prefer having the job done in an industrial setting, with rather larger electric induction furnaces. Either way, there are precautions that should be taken into consideration to ensure a smooth flow of the application process. To get the job done nice and safe, make sure that you have a good workplace without anything that might be affected by the heat generated by the furnace.Your crucible should be clean and without any impurities available. Before you get started, you need to put on the right safety gear. Make sure that you have protective gloves on, glasses, and an overall. That way, your body will not be reached in case an accident happens, and the molten metal splashes onto your body. Also, to ensure that the melting process is completed safely, try to keep regulating the temperature so that you do not waste energy or rather produce something substandard. This means that you should be available throughout the melting process.

    How Does a Melting Furnace Work?

    A melting furnace is a machine that is used to heat metals until they liquefy. Normally, a thermal process is employed to alter the internal and surface characteristics of metals by elevating their temperatures carefully. Talking about metals, most often, this leads to improved ductility at the expense of strength and hardness. To achieve this, there is a need for an industrial furnace that can generate and maintain elevated temperatures that could get the metal to its melting point.An induction furnace, in the same context, uses coil heating elements that are embedded with crucible or could be integrated into the walls of the main heating chamber. These are the features that help convert the electrical energy into heat energy, which gets radiated through the material being melted. These are powerful machines that come in different forms and designs. You could get a smaller one, or a bigger machine that is capable of melting metals that weigh up to 50 kg. If you need to heat metals of higher amounts than 50 kg, then it is recommendable that you use other technologies of induction machines instead.

    How Does an Electric Induction Furnace Work?

    An induction furnace features a nonconductive crucible that holds the charge of metal that needs to be melted and is surrounded by a coil of copper wire. There is a powerful alternating current that flows through the wire. It is the coil that brings about a magnetic field that reverses rapidly and goes through the metal.Most current induction furnaces come with power switches that are strategically placed to that you find them easily. But the positioning might vary depending on the manufacturing company of your choice. Note that the machines have different operating frequencies that could range from 50 Hz all the way to 400 Hz for the most powerful ones.

    You should pick your frequency based on the metal that you are working on. It is recommended that if you are dealing with a high amount of metal, you consider using higher frequencies as you will get the job done much faster. In some cases, if only a small volume of metal needs to be smelted, then you will have to use an induction furnace that can generate very high frequencies.

    How Efficient is Induction Heating?

    There are many ways in which this method of heating metals is efficient. For instance, it ensures that there is minimal waste of power. If you have an induction machine and are using it to melt metals, then you won’t have to pay hefty electricity bills. This is why SuperbMelt has always insisted that industries use the machine for their melting and smelting needs.The other way in which this machine is efficient is that it works so fast. You start heating, and before you know it, the work is entirely done with. Therefore, you will always save by melting huge amounts of metals in a single day. Other than being fast, an induction furnace can operate 24 hours nonstop. This is because it comes with an elaborate cooling system that lets it do all the work without getting overheated.

    It s always believed that an industrial application should be one that does not emit harmful elements into the environment, and this is where an induction furnace comes in handy. With it, you will operate the whole day without interfering with the environment in any kind of way.

    How Fast Does Gold Melt?

    Most metals require very high temperatures to melt, and gold is no exemption. To make gold liquefy, you will have to heat it to a temperature of 1084 degrees Celsius. Now, this is a very high temperature that you might work so hard to attain. Thankfully, with an induction furnace, you can easily achieve this milestone.Now, gold can either melt fast or slow. It all depends on the machine you are using and the amount of gold you are melting. If you are using an induction furnace, trying to melt 10 kg of gold, then you will be done in four minutes or less. However, if you are using an induction furnace to melt 50 kg of gold, the process will take a little longer. It is accurate to state that those using other methods to melt gold might have to wait even longer.

    This explains why SuperbMelt strongly advises that you always consider an induction furnace for your melting needs. If you are not sure of the price and other important details about the company, we urge you to check out their official website to learn more.

    How Hot Can Induction Heating Get?
    Induction heating is a modern melting or smelting method used on ferrous and nonferrous metals. It has been used for many years since it is able to generate high temperatures to heat metals and get them to their molten or liquid state. With that, it is clear that induction heating can get extremely high, and most of the time, if an accident occurs in the heating chamber, it can be highly destructive.Operators of induction machines are strongly advised to always ensure that they have safe clothes. Depending on the metal you are heating, and induction furnace can generate enough heat to ensure that it gets to its liquid state. Users are free to adjust the temperature to their most preferred levels. However, they need to take care not to waste energy. These machines come in different designs, and as long as there is an adequate source of heat, you can always get the most desired results.
    Is Smelting Bad for The Environment?

    This is a good question, but the most direct answer is that it depends on how the process is done. To begin with, smelting is a process of heating metals with the aim of removing impurities. It could also be referred to as a refinery process. Therefore, if you are looking to protect the environment, which is a good thing, you have to make sure that the right procedures are employed.In this piece, and due to the fact that technology has advanced, you are strongly urged to use the induction method. It is a method that will ensure that you do not interfere with the environment through the emission of adverse elements. Just find the best manufacturing company, (in this case SuperbMelt) and strike a deal with them.

    Conclusively, the smelting process should not interfere with the environment, given that things have really advanced in the past few years.

    What Are The Advantages of Using Electric Heating Over Other Forms of Heating?

    There is a wide range of them. First, with electric heating, you will be getting the work done much faster compared to when other methods are used. Also, you will not be interfering with the environment if you make good use of electric heating. However, if you are the type that leaves the furnace running for a long time without melting or smelting anything, then that is not good.The other benefit of electric heating is that you will not be interfering with the environment. Induction furnaces let you operate 24 hours nonstop, so you can do a lot of production in a single day compared to when other heating methods are used. The other good thing with electric heating is that your machine will remain intact for a long time, so you will not have to fix it on a regular basis.

    What Can You Use as a Crucible?
    Crucible is an important section that keeps the materials for melting in the furnace. Therefore, they are mostly designed to withstand very high temperatures that they are usually subjected to. That said, the best material that should be used to make crucible must be one with an extremely higher melting point compared to that of the material you intend to melt. Also, the materials should have stable strengths, even when they are crazily hot.For furnace crucibles, they do come in a wide range of constructions. They include clay-graphite, silicon-carbide, and the list continues. These are the few materials with an impressive level of ability to withstand very high temperatures. Most of the time, you will be advised to choose silicon-carbide since it has an extra advantage of being highly durable, so you will use it for a very long time.
    What Is An Induction Heater Used For?
    An induction heater is used to heat metals and other materials so that they attain their melting points. An induction heater comes in different types and designs. If you need to get one, make sure to begin by finding out the nature of the application for which you need it. There are those created for large scale melting purposes, as well as those that can only be used for small scale applications. They can rely on electric power, or some could depend on hydraulic systems to deliver the work that you need to be done.
    What Is An Induction Furnace Principle?
    The principle of induction melting is that a high voltage electrical source from a primary coil induces a low voltage, high current in the metal, or secondary coil. Induction heating is simply a method of transferring heat energy. This is the principle of the machine that lets it work as desired by the users. If any of the parts are interfered with, then the machine stops to work properly.
    What Is the Difference between Electric Arc Furnace and Induction Furnace?
    The induction furnace gets heated very fast and boasts its higher thermal efficiency. The heat is generated in the furnace (liquid steel), so the heating speed is high. In the arc furnace, the heat of the arc after the material is cleared must be transferred to the molten steel through the slag, which is indirect heating.
    In the past, people found it hard to melt various metals. They had to use primitive methods to melt metals, and they spent many days or even months to produce enough metals. Today, the world has advanced and modern methods that can be applied to ensure that metals are melted fast and efficiently. Since they require different amounts of heat to melt, there are different yet reliable methods that can be used to melt metals such as gold, copper, silver, platinum, and many more using electric induction furnace from SuperbMelt.
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