Upsetting Mill for Gold Coin

Introduction of SuperbMelt Upsetting Mill for Gold Coin

An upsetting mill for gold coin is a tool used in coins working to create a raised rim or edge on a flat coin. This technique is commonly used in  the production of gold coins, where the raised edge serves as a security feature to prevent the  clipping or filing of the edges of the coin. The hydraulic process can also prevent the generation of burrs.

The upsetting mill works by compressing the edge of the disc or coin between two rollers, causing the metal to flow  upwards and form a raised rim. This process not only creates a physical  barrier that prevents tampering, but also gives the coin a more finished and aesthetically 

pleasing appearance.

In the context of gold coin production, an upsetting mill is an essential tool that is used in  conjunction with other machinery and techniques to produce high quality coins with consistent  dimensions and features. It is an important part of the manufacturing process that ensures the 

integrity and value of the final product.

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