Automatic Wax Injector Machine

Introduction of Automatic Wax Injector Machine

SuperbMelt automatic wax injector machine is for wax mold making of gold, silver, copper, platinum and other jewelry, various styles can be realized, such as bracelets with diamond holes, rings, smooth handicrafts, etc.

Automatic wax injection machine adopts fully automatic intelligent identification technology, each film with a parameter chip can be accurately identified, and then quickly inject wax. It is very suitable for medium and large jewelry processing factories that need to produce large quantities and multiple styles.

The design of the machine has reached a high level of automation, and the large-capacity wax bath can ensure one-time mass production, and the vacuum design ensures the smoothness and quality of the finished product.

The automatic cooling system can make the wax model put into production quickly, which improves the production efficiency and ensures that the wax model will not be damaged when it is disassembled.

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How does Wax Injector Machine Realize Fully Automatic Operation?

Automatic wax injector machine has two ways to automatically complete batch wax injection for different styles and the same style.

  • Same Style Molds

When injecting wax into the same batch of wax models with the same style and size, you only need to inject wax into a wax model with a parameter chip for the first time, and save the parameters of the first wax model. Then the subsequent wax models do not need to add parameter chips again. It can achieve higher efficiency and faster production.

  • Different Wax Molds

When the same batch of wax models has various styles and sizes, you can put the corresponding parameter chip on each wax model, and then put it directly into the conveyor belt. The wax injecor machine can adjust the required pressure, time, etc. through the chip of each wax model.

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