Rolling Mill for Jewelry Making

Introduction of Rolling Mill for Jewelry Making

Rolling mill for jewelry making is a machine that can press the thickness of sheet metal through a one-shot rolling process. It is widely used in industries dealing with metals such as gold, silver and copper, such as jewelers, metal processing plants and craftsmen.

The continuous rolling mill consists of 5-6 sets of pressure rolls, which apply pressure to the metal and achieve its desired shape and thickness in one go. The roll gap can be adjusted between 5mm-0.5mm to produce various metal sheets for processing bracelets or rings.

This equipment has greatly improved the shortcomings of ordinary electric rolling mills that require two workers to repeatedly press and roll, and can complete sheet processing faster and more efficiently, saving more labor costs.

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How to Use a Rolling Mill for Jewelry Making

The continuous rolling mill has increased the level of automation to a greater extent, with 5 to 6 groups of pressing rolls working at the same time. Controlled by intelligent PLC, gold, silver, copper, tin and other metals within 5mm can be pressed at one time, so how are the sheets used for rings, bracelets and other jewelry produced through a continuous rolling mill?

  • Metal Material Measurement

To measure the size of metal materials, taking gold as an example, the thickness must be controlled within 5mm and the width within 60mm.

This step is to ensure the suitability of the material and avoid damage to the machine due to size errors.

  • Parameter Adjustment

Adjust the pressing speed, pressing gap, forward and reverse direction of rollers, etc. through PLC. Adjust according to the size required by the product.

  • Feed Preparation

The material is fixed at the feed port, and the material is sent into the press area through the remote control device. Remote operations can avoid operational risks.

  • Material Collection

Install the automatic winding device, and when the material is output from the discharge port, it can be fixed on the automatic winding device to realize the whole process of automatic winding without manual collection.

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