Wax 3D Printer

Introduction of SuperbMelt Wax 3D Printer

SuperbMelt wax 3D printer is a high-precision 3D printer that uses printing materials with a wax content of 50%. It is commonly used to create intricate wax models like jewelry casting, dental molding and other precision molding industries.

Different from other printers, Wax 3D printer is equipped with an additional oxygen generator, which has higher printing efficiency, and the material has high wax content, which can achieve 100% burnout effect when casting, so it can produce excellent precision and details resolution model.

The device has a compact appearance and is equipped with a touch screen interface, which is very suitable for jewelry customization and designer studios. One of its main strengths is the ability to produce high-quality wax patterns that allow the final product to be perfectly designed. Some precision parts and jewelry manufacturing factories that need mass production will also choose it, which is more cost-effective.

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How to 3D Print Jewelry?

  • Design Jewelry Models

Use 3D modeling software like Tinkercad, Blender or Rhino to create jewelry designs or download pre-made designs directly online.

  • Choose Material

Choose the type of 3D printing material you want for your jewelry, such as resin or wax.

  • Set Up Parameter

pour an appropriate amount of printing material into the material tank and set parameters according to product requirements, such as layer height and printing speed.

  • Print Jewelry Mold

Load the 3D model into the printer software and start printing.


The printed jewelry wax model is taken out of the printer, cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner, and then dried using a curing oven.

  •  Jewelry Casting

Check the final product for any defects or errors before entering the casting process, then can use SuperbMelt jewelry casting machine to achieve more efficient production.

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