4K 3D Resin Printer

Introduction of SuperbMelt 4K 3D Resin Printer

SuperbMelt 4K 3D Resin Printer is a high-quality, easy-to-use 3D printer specially developed for jewelers and designer jewelry. It uses the latest DLP technology to create a variety of detailed and precise 3D resin models with a resolution of up to 3840*2160 pixels by stereolithography. The printer is a vertical design with a strong and durable frame, which makes the printing process more stable and ensures the integrity of the finished product.

Compared with ordinary desktop printers, 4K 3D resin printers can realize large models such as crafts or multiple small jewelry models at the same time, like rings, pendants, etc., because it has a larger build volume, 192 x 108x 120 mm. It is compatible with a variety of materials, including standard resin or white wax resin, etc., and customers can flexibly choose materials according to different application finished products.

Simple operation is realized through the touch screen, and the built-in functions are more intelligent, such as automatic leveling and automatic recovery, making printing easier and more convenient.

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Is Buying a 3D Printer Worth It ?

Whether investing in a 3D printer is worthwhile depending on the needs and objectives you have. Here are some item to think about:

  • Purpose

If you have a specific use case, such as prototyping or custom jewelry, it might be worth buying a 4K 3D printer. Because it has ultra-high resolution, it can realize some complex and delicate product making, and it is a precision that cannot be achieved by other methods.

  • Ability Level

Compared with some traditional model making, 3D printing process is simpler. If you are a novice in the jewelry industry, or a small and medium-sized design studio, it will be more suitable. SuperbMelt will also provide professional training, so that you can put into production faster.

  • Material Type

Consider the product quality you need to choose printing materials, and 4k 3D printers are more flexible in the use of materials, including various types of photosensitive resins and white wax. Compared with other printers, its usability and cost performance are higher.

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