Jewelry Rolling Mill Machine

Introduction of Jewelry Rolling Mill Machine

Jewelry rolling machine is used to reduce the thickness of metal sheets or wires while making the metal surface smooth and uniform. It is usually widely used in jewelry manufacturing and processing industries.

It works primarily by means of two cylindrical pressure rollers made of hardened steel. Apply pressure and adjust the nip to reduce the thickness as the metal material is placed into the rollers. Different product requirements can use different horsepower of pressure, from 7.5p-50p, to achieve the required thickness and effect of metal.

The double-headed jewelry rolling machine can make various specifications of precious metal sheets or wires such as gold, silver and platinum, which are then used to make jewelry products, like hollow bangle, rings, chains, etc.

There are various types of jewelry rolling machines on the market, from manual rolling mill to electric double head rolling mill and even continuous jewelry rolling machine. The choice of machine depends on the factory capacity and the level of precision of the finished product.

Factories with large production capacity and diversified jewelry products can consider Superbmelt wire and sheet rolling machine, which has a double-head design, can pressing wire and sheet as the same time, and has higher work efficiency.

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How to Use a Rolling Mill for Jewelry Making?

Jewelry rolling mill machines are important to jewelry manufacturers as they help in the precise pressing of metal sheets and wire. Here are the steps to making jewelry with an electric rolling mill:

  • Before Working:

The electric rolling mill should be placed in a dry, spacious, well-ventilated place with powering supply. It is also necessary to keep the workbench area clean, so that the rollers can be better maintained.

  • Preparation:

Determine the properties and dimensions of the pressed metal, in the case of harder metals it is recommended to anneal it to soften it to be more ductile before pressing the sheet or wire. This prevents the metal from cracking or breaking or even destroying the rolling mill during rolling.

  • At Working:

Adjust the rolls on the wire and sheet rolling mill to the desired thickness and shape. Two workers work together to place the metal block or strip between the rollers and adjust the roller gap to hold it in place.

Press the start switch and quickly feed the metal into the roller. It is important to apply even pressure and avoid forcing the metal through the rollers as this could damage the machine or the metal.

After the metal has passed through the roller, it is removed and inspected for any marks or blemishes. Then adjust the gap and continue rolling repeatedly with thinner dimensions.

  • After Working

After the desired thickness and shape is achieved, stop the equipment then clean the rollers and machine to prevent debris or residue from building up.

By following these steps, you can effectively use an electric roller machine for jewelry making and achieve precise and professional results.

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