Portable Metal Engraving Machine

Introduction of Portable Metal Engraving Machine

Individual designs, text, and images can be precisely engraved onto metal surfaces using the SuperbMelt Portable Laser Engraving machine for metal. In contrast to human traditional engraving, it use laser technology to accurately and consistently etch the design onto the metal surface.

A strong laser beam is focused onto the metal surface to vaporize the metal and leave a lasting impression. The procedure is quick and effective, making it the best method for projects engrave names, brands, etc. on jewelry.

Portable jewelry laser marking machine is compact and lightweight, available from 20-50w, with a handle design that can be easily moved, and work in different place. It is widely used in metals, such as gold, silver, copper and so on.

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How Does Laser Engraving Machine Work?

  • Preparation

Place the material to be engraved on the machine’s work surface to get ready. The engraving design is created on a computer or imported.

  • Laser Beam Adjust

A laser source produces a powerful beam that is focused on the material’s surface. The laser beam can be adjusted for various intensities and speeds depending on the desired engraving depth and speed.

  • Engraving

A laser beam is moved over the material’s surface, melting or vaporizing the substance to create the design. To produce the desired pattern or design, a controller regulates the laser beam’s direction and intensity.

  • Finishing

After the engraving is finished, take the object out of the machine and clear the surface of any dirt or debris.

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