Metal Powder Making Machine

Introduction of Metal Powder Making Machine

SuperbMelt metal powder making machine is used for atomizing metals into fine powder particles, such as gold,silver,copper and ect. It can realize powder production from 10 to 500 mesh, the larger the mesh, the finer the powder. This process involves the use of high-pressure water jets that break down molten metal streams into small droplets, which are then solidified to form uniform spherical particles.

This innovative technology provides a reliable and efficient way to produce metal powders with superior quality, consistency, and purity. The water atomization process is particularly useful in the production of fine powders, where traditional methods may result in uneven particle sizes and impurities.

SuperbMelt water metal atomizer is used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, electronics, medical, and automotive, to produce high-quality metal powders that are used in various applications, such as additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy, and surface coatings. The technology provides a sustainable and cost-effective way to produce metal powders, reducing waste and energy consumption while improving product quality.

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How to Make Metal Powder?

Metal powders can be produced by various methods, such as mechanical milling, chemical reduction, electrolysis, and atomization. Among these methods, atomization is a commonly used technique that involves the production of metal powders by spraying molten metal through a nozzle and then rapidly cooling the droplets to solidify them.

Water atomization is a specific type of atomization method that involves using high-pressure water jets to atomize the molten metal. This process has several advantages over other atomization methods.

First, it produces a finer and more uniform powder compared to other techniques.

Second, water atomized powders have a smoother surface and better flowability, which makes them easier to handle during processing.

Third, water atomized powders have a lower oxygen content and fewer impurities compared to other powders, which improves their performance in various applications.

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