Customized Electric Melting Equipment For 100kg Copper And 50kg Iron

Electric Melting Equipment Instruction

According to our customers requirement from Bangladesh, our company designed one set of electric melting equipment which contains one power supply with two sets of manual tilting type furnace. Two furnaces can share one power supply to meet the need to melting ferrous and non-ferrous metal purpose through changing the connection of cooling cable. Follows is the parameter the whole system.


Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment, 110kw

Medium Frequency Electric Melting Equipment, 110kw

Model number: MF-110kw

Oscillation frequency: 1-20Khz

Input power: 110kw max,

Max input current:168A, adjustable,

Input voltage: 3-phase 380V-480V

Cooling water requirements: Hydraulic pressure?0.3 Mpa,flow rate?20L/min; ?45C

All necessary spare parts and two water connecting cables



1 set


Tilting Melting Furnace(Manual Tilting type)

Tilting Melting Furnace(Manual Tilting type)

can work with either of above Power Supply

one C/W graphite crucible suitable for melting AL and Copper
the other C/W with magnesia crucible suitable for melting steel
-Tilting through manual tilting system


2 set


T Capacitor box


T Capacitor box:

Work with 110KW Generator box:

(suitable for melting steel )

With 3pcs capacitance inside




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