The Comparison Between Aluminum Shell Furnace And Steel Shell Furnace

ModelAluminium shell furnaceSteel shell furnaceRemark
Photosal shell induction furnacesteel shell induction furnace 
Melting capacity250kg ~ 5tons iron1ton ~ 60tons iron 
Outer shell constructionIt is constructed by 2 halves of thick aluminum alloy shells.The whole shell is welded as an integrated one. The material is steel.For long-term using, the steel shell has more advantage due to the firm shell.
Magnetic yokeThis type does not contain the magnetic yoke. The magnetic leakage is reduced based on the aluminum shellIt combines with the magnetic yoke which can gather the magnetic around the sensors.The magnetic yoke can improve the melting efficiency and save the electric consumption 5%-8% than the aluminum shell
Tilting SystemIt is controlled by the reduction box as the both sides on the picture. The furnace body is fixed by the reduction box in the airIt is controlled by the hydraulic system. The yellow part on the pic is the hydraulic cylinder to hold the furnace. The furnace body is put on the flat floor.The hydraulic system has more precise tilting control with fixed pouring position.

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