The Induction Melting Machine’s Advantage In Jewelry Making

Advantages Of Induction Melting Machine In Jewelry Making

Reminding of our jewelry, most women firstly go into the mind should be gold. We’ll talk about induction melting machines in jewelry processing now. First of all, ore processing, refining, followed by purification, and finally the manufacture of jewelry.

Now let us know about some advantages about the induction jewelry furnace:

1. Energy-saving: saving 30% than the tube type,saving 20%than the SCR.

2. Stable performance: complete protection including current, voltage,water pressure,phase loss
etc. protection .

3. Heating speed: no oxide layer, small deformation.

4. Small size: light weight, easy to install.

5. The sensor is isolated by transformer for security.

6. Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise and no dust.

7. Adaptability: can heat samples of various kinds of artifacts.

8. The temperature and heating time can be precisely controlled, high processing quality.

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Induction Melting Machine for gold

Induction Melting Machine for gold

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