Electric Metal Melting Furnace

SuperbMelt electric induction metal melting furnace (SPB-MF) for 10-50kg metal smelting

electric induction metal melting furnace
electric induction metal melting furnace

SuperbMelt electric metal melting furnace (SPB-CMF) can melt both your ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Metals such as gold, silver, copper, zinc, aluminum and lead can be handled by this furnace. However, the weight of the previous metal must fall in the range 10-50kg.

The above features will not only save you time and energy. It also makes this furnace suitable for you if you operate a small foundry. Foundries such as copper foundry and iron foundry will find this product handy.

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  • The SuperbMelt electric metal melting furnace is designed with an induction technology with power rating of 15kw ~45kw.
  • With the electric induction melting furnace melting of your different kinds of metals just got easier. This powerful electric furnace can melt different kinds of metal.
  • Comparing with the KGPS, it has the capacity to reduce your power consumption by 15-30%. Thereby saving you energy and money which may perhaps be spent on utility.
  • The chain tilting and small design of this melting furnace comes with the flexibility to improves your work stability. It also reduces the amount of residue metals in the crucible.
  • The electric metal smelting furnace Simen control system also makes your melting process safer as the furnace becomes very easy and convenient to control.
  • This product is designed with an omni-directional warning system. It triggers when there is any slight change in your process input or output parameters. Parameters such as; over-voltage, over-current, over-heating, short circuit and water shortage can be greatly controlled.
The electric induction furnace guarantees you a secure and safer working environment with its omni-directional alarm warning system. With this electric metal melting equipment. You’ll never have to bother yourself with system malfunctions or process operating condition errors.

Power Supply Parameter Of Chain Tilting Electric Induction Furnace

Model CMF-15 CMF-25 CMF-35 CMF-45
MAX input power 15KW 25KW 35KW 45KW
MAX input current 23A 36A 51A 68A
Input voltage Three-phase 340V ~420V 50/60Hz
Oscillation frequency 1K~20KHz
Requirement of cooling water Hydraulic pressure ≥0.2Mpa ≥0.3Mpa
Flow rate ≥6L/Min ≥20L/Min
Temperature of water ≤45℃

Melting Capacity Parameter Of Tilting Melting Furnace

Model Fe, ss Cu, Au, Ag Al, Al-alloy
CMF-15 3kg 10kg 3kg
CMF-25 5kg 20kg 5kg
CMF-35 10kg 30kg 10kg
CMF-45 18kg 50kg 18kg
Remark: Above melting capacity sheet for general reference; Melting duration: When the crucible is hot,20~30min./workload; When the crucible is cold(first melt),40~50min./ workload.
electric induction metal melting furnace
The power supply has an omni-directional protection to ensure the safety of the machine and operator.
electric induction metal melting furnace
The motor of the small induction furnace drives the chain to realize the tilting, stability and safety.
electric induction metal melting furnace
The power supply with SIEMENS’s PLC control system is more intelligent for the whole melting process.

Why SuperbMelt Electric Metal Melting Furnace

2 Years Warranty:
One year longer than the warranty provided by other factories
High Quality:
Only choose famous brand main electric components for production
ISO CE SGS Approved:
Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

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