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SuperbMelt has developed many production solutions for the jewelry industry, such as gold coins, gold nuggets, hollow bracelets, rings, etc., which can achieve mass production and greatly save costs.

video of hollow beads making line

Hollow Bead Making Machine

Hollow Bead Making Machine More Detals of Hollow Bead Making Machine This video shows the production process of jewelry gold beads. We start with block metal. The first step is to pass through a rolling mill. After several rolling processes, they are rolled into thin slices until the thickness reaches the required thickness. Then enter …

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jewelry chain making machine

How to Make Jewelry Chain

How to Make Jewelry Chain Get Price of Jewelry Chain Making Machines Facebook Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Any Question About SuperbMelt Gold and Silver Smelter Superbmelt’s professional technical team and sales team are at your service (7/24hours service) Get A Quotation Now

video of gold ingot casting

Vacuum Nugget/Bullion Making Machine

Gold Ingot Casting Vacuum Nugget/Bullion Making Machine for Gold and Silver More Details of Gold Ingot Casting Machine At Superbmelt, we provide the best and cost effective solution for all gold and silver bars production. The silver and gold ingot casting involves the following machines: Vacuum granulating machine, vacuum bullion casting machine, series number marking …

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video of gold coin minting line

Gold Coins and Minted Bars Making Machines Manufacturer

Coin Minting Machine Gold Coins and Minted Bars Making Machines Manufacturer More Details of Coin Minting Machine At Superbmelt, we provide a one stop solution for all gold minting lines. The gold minted bars and coins production often involves the following machines: Continuous casting machine, rolling mill, blanking machine, annealing furnace, polishing machine and the …

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