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At Superbmelt, we provide a one stop solution for all gold minting lines. The gold minted bars and coins production often involves the following machines: Continuous casting machine, rolling mill, blanking machine, annealing furnace, polishing machine and the coin press. You can design custom patterns for your coin press as desired. 

The first step in the gold minting line is the use of the continuous casting machine to make gold strips. The raw material is placed in the furnace for melting, gold strips are cast and cooled immediately after melting. There is no delay in allowing metal strips to cool before proceeding to the next stage.

The second step involves the use of the rolling machine. The function of the rolling machine is to roll the precious metal strips into desired thickness and to achieve uniformity. Rolling the stripes over and over again helps to achieve the desired thickness and uniformity. 

The third step involves the use of the blanking machine to punch the shape of either round coins or bars for logo stamping. Coins can be round, square or octagon in shape weighing up to 1kg.

After shapes have been punched, the fourth step involves heating the gold or silver coins or bars in an annealing furnace to make them soft. The annealing furnace releases the bars after heating.

The fifth step is to use the polishing machine to polish the gold or silver coin. The polishing machine takes about 20 minutes to polish the bars or coins. Polishing leaves a glossy appearance of coins and bars.

The sixth step after polishing involves logo stamping using the hydraulic press. Ensure stamping dies are thoroughly clean before stamping. Choose the right pressure for logo press depending on the size of material and thickness. 

Superbmelt ingot casting machines provide a cost effective, fast, clean, non precious metal wastage and high quality coin minting production. All ingot casting machines provided by us are easy to use and can be handled by a single operator. 

Coins produced with our coin minting machines have no oxidation or porosity. This makes them long lasting and acceptable in the market. 

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