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Automator Dot Peen Marking Machine - How to Mark Your Metals

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The dot peen marking machine is an electromechanical device used for engraving letters, logos, numbers, etc, on metal surfaces. They work like integrated CNC metal engraving machines but they have inbuilt touchscreen with software. Thus, there is no need for an external computer.

The dot peen marking system requires no air compressor, simply plug into a power supply. It is suitable for marking and engraving metals used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, international transportation, manufacturing, medicine, etc.

This state of the art device helps you to achieve identification tasks on time. Superbmelt’s dot peen marker can help you to make permanent marks for nameplate engraving, logo marking, metal part serial numbers and other product marks. This tool is reliable and easy to use.

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    Details of Dot Peen Marking Systems

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