Hollow Bead Making Machine

More Detals of Hollow Bead Making Machine

This video shows the production process of jewelry gold beads. We start with block metal. The first step is to pass through a rolling mill. After several rolling processes, they are rolled into thin slices until the thickness reaches the required thickness. Then enter the second step, using split machine Cut the metal sheet into strip shape, then put the metal strip into the pipe welding machine, roll the metal strip into a metal tube, after welding the gap, enter the fourth step, use a pipe drawing machine to pull the metal tube into the required Diameter so that we can hammer out the beads we need. The fifth step is to put the metal tube into the ball-making machine to obtain hollow jewelry beads. Finally, to the sixth step, use the hollow ball diamond cutting machine to cut beads of various patterns.

This is the whole process. Compared with the traditional solution, this set of equipment is convenient, fast and saves a lot of labor cost, and can help you make the jewelry hollow ball you want. Moreover, this set of Gold beads making line has accumulated SuperMelt’s many years of production experience in the jewelry machinery industry. These machines are slowly improving the quality. Now, the entire process of making beads is very smooth and stable, which can avoid many technical problems and help you solve the problem. If you have been looking for a reliable production line for jewelry beads. Please contact SuperbMelt now, we are mass production on the factory floor.


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