5kg Induction Furnace

3-6kg gold smelting pot kit

More Details of 5kg Induction Furnace

The H5 gold melting furnace is designed to melt up to 3kg to 6kg of metal. Metals applicable to this furnace are gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze and their alloys.

The overall time required for melting is 4 minutes. The fast melting process is achieved through induction heating. The induction heating system makes it possible for the furnace to use up its own energy within the furnace.

It is used by research institutes, laboratories, jewelry manufacturers, foundries, miners, etc. The melting temperature is 1800 degree celsius, requiring 15kw of power to achieve that temperature.

The 5kg induction furnace is easy to install, use and maintain. Its compact design makes it easy to transport even if it requires moving to different work sites.

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    Features of 5kg Induction Furnace

    Gold Melting Equipment with pump inbuilt

    SuperbMelt gold smelting equipment built-in water pump, connected to the tap water can be cooled directly

    Gold Melting Equipment Power protection

    Gold melting pot is equipped with all-round protection to ensure the safety of the machine and the operator

    5kg gold melting furnace for sale

    Comparing with traditional melting, SPB-H5 reduces the loss of precious metal, safe work, save operation cost

    Details of 5kg Induction Furnace

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