10kg Induction Furnace

10kg induction silver, gold smelting furnace kit supplies

More Details of 10kg Induction Furnace

The gold smelting equipment is used to smelt about 10kg to 12kg of metals. Metals applicable for smelting in this furnace are platinum, palladium, gold, silver, copper, steel and their alloys.

It is suitable for melting in jewelry industries and refineries that make use of high temperature metals.The induction heating system makes it possible to complete melting in about 2 to 5 minutes with 15kw of power. The water cooling unit makes overheating of the 10kg induction furnace impossible. It allows users to work continuously for long hours.

Superbmelt’s 10kg induction furnace is very easy to install, use and maintain.

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    Features of 10kg Induction Furnace

    Induction melting equipment is equipped with a full range protection to ensure the safety of the machine and the operator.

    Comparing with market messy circuit design, adopts advanced micro computer controlled power save over 30% consumption. More durable and stable.

    With tilting furnace design to prevents spillage which reduces the risk of operator damage from hot liquid metal splashes.

    Details of 10kg Induction Furnace

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