Safety Notes Of Induction Smelting Furnace

1. IGBT Induction smelting furnace coil and water cooling cable in working are strictly prohibited to personnel contact. This is a normal phenomenon that water cooling pipe and cooling water have induced voltage, and also can not contact when working. So all these pats are wooden fence, prevent personnel near.

2. The Induction smelting furnace coil is electrified body, therefore, furnace building materials should not contain any conductive material, such as metal, graphite powder and the molten metal can’t contact the induction coil, otherwise it will bring danger to the furnace operation workers.

3. After Induction smelting furnace table is built up, it must be placed rubber insulation adhesive and drying of wood. When working, the rubber insulation adhesive should be placed on drying of wood, the operation worker should stand on the wood, hand wear insulated gloves (welder gloves), foot wear insulated shoe to make sure the safety. In the process of melting, people can’t stand around furnace to prevent the explosion accidents.

4. Water cooling cable and water pipe can’t be contacted with ground when working to keep it in good condition of insulation.

5. IGBT power supply and electric furnace no water leakage, once found, it must cut power and repair.

6. Furnace lining has certain service life. According to the life of furnace lining materials, even if not found lining defects, it also should be removed to prevent leakage phenomenon of furnace. If there is leakage of furnace, first close the IGBT power supply immediately, evacuate the surrounding people, then pour out the liquid metal in the furnace body to prevent the metal liquid water explosion.

7. Before starting up the Induction smelting furnace, must check whether the lining material has crack and other defects. One found, it’s not allowed to start up the machine, should be replaced lining material immediately.

8. IBGT power supply, pipe, furnace body and other electric equipment maintenance, should be confirmed that the power has already cut off.

10. Frozen furnace in melting again, furnace body should be about 30 degrees forward. IGBT power supply is gradually increased from 10. The molten metal around the induction coil should become melting before the full power operation.

11. IGBT power supply shell, capacitor box shell, furnace table, reducer, furnace feet all need to protect earth. Connecting with a diameter of 10mm iron bar, put the iron bar into the underground 3 meters deep and requires grounding resistance less than 10.

12. Grounding protection requirements: meet the electricity sector grounding protection requirements.

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