Chain Tilting Melting Furnace

small induction furnace small induction furnace
small induction furnace small induction furnace
small induction furnace small induction furnace

Chain Tilting Electric Induction Furnace

The machine is designed for 5kg – 30kg non-ferrous metal melting, especially for precious metal melting like gold and silver.

The ingenious construction brings the convenience for the tilting controller.The machine set the tilting joystick with tilting speed adjustment.The graphite crucible replacement could be well finished within 1 min.

The power utilize advanced IGBT technology to realize energy saving and speedy melting. It ranges from 15kw to 90kw. The Simens PLC control is optional to meet your strict requirement.

MF15 10kg Gold Chain Tilting Electric Induction Furnace Working Onsite

Power Supply Parameter Of Chain Tilting Electric Induction Furnace

Model CMF-15 CMF-25 CMF-35 CMF-45
MAX input power 15KW 25KW 35KW 45KW
MAX input current 23A 36A 51A 68A
Input voltage Three-phase 340V ~420V 50/60Hz
Oscillation frequency 1K~20KHz
Requirement of cooling water Hydraulic pressure ≥0.2Mpa ≥0.3Mpa
Flow rate ≥6L/Min ≥20L/Min
Temperature of water ≤45℃

Melting Capacity Parameter Of Tilting Melting Furnace

Model Fe, ss Cu, Au, Ag Al, Al-alloy
CMF-15 3kg 10kg 3kg
CMF-25 5kg 20kg 5kg
CMF-35 10kg 30kg 10kg
CMF-45 18kg 50kg 18kg
Remark: Above melting capacity sheet for general reference; Melting duration: When the crucible is hot,20~30min./workload; When the crucible is cold(first melt),40~50min./ workload.

The Highly Qualified Chain Tilting Electric Induction Furnace

  • Lower power consumption, the IGBT technology saves 15-30% energy than KGPS,100% full load.
  • Installation and maintenance are convenient, it can be finished by video or our manual guide. So it reduces the cost which you need pay for the engineers abroad for installation.
  • The occupied land for the gold melting furnace is less than 1 square meter.
  • The crucible replacement is very easy for different metal material.
  • 24 hours constant working will meet your long time melting.
  • Low pollution, low noise.
  • Gold melting induction furnace with multi-protective functions to over-voltage, over-current, less water, over-heating with low fault rate and is safe and reliable.

Power protection warning


PLC control Panel of Tilting Metal Melting Furnace (optional)

PLC operation panel of medium frequency power supply

Link here to know more about the PLC


Standard configuration of Tilting Metal Melting Furnace


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