Gold Granulation

Vacuum granulating machine for gold, silver grain casting

More Details of Gold Granulation

The vacuum gold granulation is a machine designed to cast precious metals into granules or grains. The raw material is placed in the melting chamber, the furnace is then sealed. The vacuum gold granulation makes use of induction heating in a protective environment for melting and granulating.

The gold granulation process begins once the precious metal reaches its melting point within two minutes. After granulation is complete, the grains are poured into the water tank passing through a multi-hollowed crucible that serves as a flow breaker.

The precious metal granules are well formed into spherical shapes without oxidation loss under vacuum. With the use of a vacuum granulator, granules are smooth, shiny and they have high density. The vacuum gold granulation is a fast and safe process of gold granulation.

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    Features of Gold Granulation

    vacuum granulator for gold silver and copper

    It adopts fully vacuum and inert gas melting and granulating, the machine can automatically stir in melting and the finished products have no oxidization, producing equal particles, good color and good sphere.

    vacuum granulator for gold silver and copper granule

    The whole process is carried out in airtight gold, and there is no flame in the whole process to ensure safety. Heating coil with low-voltage design, insulted heating, safe, and table.

    Details of Gold Granulation


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