Handheld XRF Gold Analyzer

Handheld XRF Analyzer for Gold/Silver Purity Testing

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Handheld XRF gold analyzer is used to perform non-destructive analysis of elements present in any material from magnesium to uranium. Handheld XRF gold analyzers can be used onsite for immediate, lab quality results.

The handheld analyzer is commonly used in applications such as scrap sorting, alloy grade identification, quality control in metal manufacturing, mining, etc. The handheld xrf gold analyzer uses a large screen, high resolution LCD  to test and provide a quick analysis of materials within seconds.

The handheld XRF gold analyzer works by emitting x-rays that hit the sample. This causes elements in the sample to fluoresce and travel back to the analyzer’s x-ray detector. The analyzer counts them and makes mathematical calculations to generate results almost immediately.

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    Features of Handheld XRF Gold Analyzer


    The handheld XRF analyzer is a non-destructive analytical tool that is used to detect the elements present in materials. It works by measuring the fluorescent x-rays emitted.


    The handheld XRF gold analyzer can identify the components of metals and alloys such as gold, silver, stainless steel, cobalt alloys, bronze, zinc, zinc alloy, nickel alloys, tungsten alloys, etc.


    Hand-held and portable design, with a built-in large lithium battery of 27000mAh, which can power the XRF gold analyzer for three consecutive days.

    Details of Handheld XRF Gold Analyzer


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