Wax Burnout Furnace

Rotating Burnout Furnace for Lost Wax Casting

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The rotating wax burnout furnace is used in the jewelry making industry to dry up the mixture of investment and water, at the same time melting out the wax to create space in the dried investment and water. The space is later filled with molten metal to take the shape of the melted wax model.

The investment flask should be moist, not wet, when placed in the wax burnout oven. The moisture in the flask turns to steam during the burnout and helps to push the wax away from the wall of the pattern cavity.

The wax burnout furnace is an important tool in the lost wax jewelry making process. The use and maintenance is easy. It also helps to speed up the jewelry casting process as burn out takes about 20 minutes with the wax burnout furnace.

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