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Mini Laser Welder for Gold/Silver/Platinum Jewelry Welding

More Details of Portable Laser Welding Machine

The mini laser welding machine is a portable size welding machine used to weld noble metals together in the jewelry making industry and medical industry. Any material with high heat conductivity can be laser welded whether for an automobile or small jewelry item.

The beam of light released by the portable laser welding machine is concentrated and can be easily controlled by the user. This is possible by holding two parts of the jewelry at the same time viewing the process with the microscope.

Superbmelt mini portable laser welding machines are used to repair or weld base metals, karat gold, sterling silver, platinum, palladium, etc. When compared to other methods of welding, the mini laser welding machine price is affordable for all categories of users.

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    Features of Portable Laser Welding Machine


    Laser welding has fast speed, large depth, precise positioning, and small material deformation


    It can weld refractory materials such as titanium, quartz, etc., and can weld heterogeneous materials with good results.


    Micro welding is possible. It can be used in the assembly welding of micro and small workpieces in mass automated production.

    Details of Portable Laser Welding Machine


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