Jewellery vacuum pressurized casting machinery for gold and silver

Jewellery Casting Machinery Description

The vacuum pressurized jewellery casting machinery is under vacuum with argon pressure to protect your precious jewelry from oxidation. It achieves high density, high compactness, with almost no air bubble and reaches basically non-shrinkage cavity casting.

Has an accurate digital temperature control system with the temperature control errors of ±2°C.
Any precise jewelry and metal artworks could be perfectly done by Superb vacuum pressurized casting machine.

Jewellery casting machinery is equipped with a omni-bearing of alarm system to stop the melting and casting process in the machine immediately to avoid any loss. Jewellery casting machinery’s alarm system keeps your system away from any kind of harm to machine that may occur due to clocking of one process. It greatly improves to the efficiency of the system.

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