Vacuum Investment Mixer

Vacuum Gypsum Powder Mixer for Jewelry Casting Line

More Details of Vacuum Investment Mixer

The vacuum gypsum powder is used to make investment mold for jewelry casting. The vacuum investment mixer helps to eliminate problems such as wrinkled jewelry surface, dewax defects, cold shuts, etc.

The vacuum investment mixer has an upper and lower cylinder. The lower cylinder houses the investment flasks while the upper cylinder houses the water and investment. The mixing takes place in the upper chamber. In this upper chamber, mixing and pouring is done under vacuum, this prevents water drops and bubble formation in the mixture.

This vacuum investment mixer can hold maximum: 5 Pcs of 12.7* 25.4cm and one pc of 45*35cm.  

The vacuum investment mixer helps to save time during jewelry production and contributes to the jewelry high quality after production.

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    Features of Vacuum Investment Mixer


    Mixing and pouring can be done under vacuum status, which helps to save time and avoids water drops and bubbles. It realizes perfectly smooth of finished castings.


    Reduces exposure to potentially harmful silica dust particles because of reduced dust release from closed rooms. Consistent investment and control environment.


    Low scrap rate, ensures production efficiency and increases production. Reduce water droplets and bubbles so that the product is perfectly smooth.

    Details of Vacuum Investment Mixer

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