Mini Vacuum Jewelry Casting Kit

Mini Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine for Gold and Silver Jewelry

More Details of Mini Vacuum Jewelry Casting Kit

The entire mini vacuum jewelry casting kit involves the powder mixer, heating furnace, mini casting machine, sand blasting chamber. The mini vacuum casting machine is used to melt up to 150g of precious metal. The melting temperature is 2600 degree celsius, this can conveniently melt gold, silver, high temperature precious metals such as platinum and palladium, etc.  

The mini vacuum casting kit has a gas chamber that releases pressurized inert gases which eliminates any form of shrinkage or porosity of cast jewelry. A wax mold tree is built, the powder mixer is used to mix gypsum and water in the appropriate consistency. This mixture makes its way into the heating furnace, which hardens the gypsum mixture and melts the wax.

The casting machine melts the precious metal and fills the empty gypsum mold. This mini vacuum jewelry casting kit is the fastest and the most reliable method of casting your jewelry.

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    Features of Gold Mini Vacuum Jewelry Casting Kit

    jewelry casting kit features

    The max. temperature can reach 2600℃, with quartz crucible, it can realize the casting of platinum, palladium.

    jewelry casting kit features

    PLC control system can realize intelligent automatic casting, and a full range alarm system ensure safety.

    jewelry casting kit features

    Comparing with traditional casting, it improves casting success and quality of jewelry under vacuum and pressurized.

    Details of Mini Vacuum Jewelry Casting Kit

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